where is Stevie G DJing tonight?
oh yea... Bali.


Blair Boards...

an electronic conversation with my old friend Jason Farrell had some faded memories drift to the surface...
Jason just finished shooting some SNOWBOARD VIDEOS for SIGNAL


our conversation had us each laughing on alternate coasts about a short period where we worked for Bob Blair making snowboards in his Poolesville barn
here is a GWADZILLA ARCHIVE from 2004
ah... the BLAIR BOARD! where factory seconds come first!

I will have to read this post later
not sure what I said or why...

always wondered why there was not more documentation on the TOKE TEAM
Gwadzilla mention of the TOKE TEAM


Blair Boards: A Project More Scary than the Blair Witch
Not sure how this all happened...
the chronology is not clear in my head, but I will see what memories rise to the surface. ..

it may have been a period in my life where I was still working hard on find an alternate way to work that did not really feel like work. so rather than making good money in an office (at this point I had never had an office job, that did not happen till my early 30s). I joined forces with Jason Farrell and went to the Blair Farm in Poolesville Maryland to work in a barn making snowboards.

Before any of this goes any further there should be a little background...
Bob Blair is an old school skater/snowboarder with some serious talent for catching air. He talks slow and he rides fast. Not sure where the money comes from, but the Blair boys have some serious money.....money to burn....and they all burn baby burn. Bob has a sorted past, but who doesn't. I have heard tales of his old school past, most of which have hit local folk lore status, all of which are true, some may be blown out of proportion, but the core of the message is still true. Bob rode with a colorful cast of characters that called themselves The Toke Team. These guys were the like Hells Angels on Skateboards. It was all about living large and crashing hard. Adrenalin junkies long before the word EXTREME came into vogue. Each individual member was more like a cartoon character than a real person, these guys would have made a great white Fat Albert and the Gang, but none of them were fat. (Wiggy, Tobin, Puker, Hayman, Bob Blair aka The Blur...to name a few...was Micro an official member?.) This is enough background...fill in the blank...use your imagination....on with the story.

Somewhere in the early/middle 90s I heard that Bob was looking for some people to work his new snowboarding manufacturing plant. Okay, it was a crusty old barn with a used snowboard press and a handful of tools. For some reason Jason Farrell and I decided to take on this project. Before you know it we were commuting from our perspective Mount Pleasant group houses in downtown DC to rural Poolesville Maryland in Jason's '67 Cadillac limo to work in Bob Blair's sweat shop. We were the 'jack of all trades, masters of none.' OSHA and EPA had nothing on this place. There were no goggles, no earplugs, no respirators, and no ventilation. It was dream that never left the drool covered pillow case or the unchanged sheets. I recall our favorite part of the snowboard building process was gluing the rails. The glue was a two step process, glue and accelerator; ZIP KICKER. Man, put those two together and you could turn Einstein and Edison into Beavis and Butthead. Man, oh, Man! That stuff could change our moods. Jason would be all grumpy about us working yet another week without getting a paycheck living off his Exxon card and my maxed out Visa card and I would say...."lets go glue some rails" And bam, smiles...giggles...and infantile humor. It was a short lived work scenario. We were not model employees and Bob was far from a model employer.....the product was shoddy and the industry was booming. There seemed to be no place for the Blair Board with its original, yet ghetto graphics adorning an irregular and imperfect product.
We arrived late and left early each day. When we were not making boards we were jumping on the trampoline, taking turns on the brakeless two stroke dirtbike, cutting wood with the chainsaw, or throwing rocks for Jason's housemate Russell's brindle Pit Bull Jake-Dog. It was an episode of denial. Not time well spent. An interesting time, but not the most productive time. Jake-Dog did manage to get laid for his first and only time ever. Jake got a piece and then threw up. We logged a number of hours and never got paid for them (always clocking out before we went on our white trash adventures.) Bob has his blurred vision and an unintelligible rational for never giving us all of our money. We each walked our separate directions angry and bitter. In the end I try to keep my heart rate down by rationalizing things....I should have known better than to think that anything productive would have come from working under someone as sketchy as bob blair. I can only blame myself.

It was a colorful time, not an entirely productive time, yet colorful just the same. The memories are BLURRED as are any memories of Bob Blair. His farm with its 200plus year old house and the parties that were thrown there can be summed up in one word; Decadent. Well, make that two words Drunken and Decadent. Okay, use three or four, sure, use as many as you want. His farm became known as "The Compound." A variety of B-Town skaters lived there. The Compound did infact become Waco East with Bob Blair as the long haired messiah. Those that lived there could draw a more accurate picture than I can. That farm was just a chapter in the history of the local skaters and the local skate scene. A scene that has disbanded, yet still has chapters written all over the country and perhaps all over the world.

Thrasher Magazine
There has to be some history of The Toke Team somewhere...
the Annadale Ramp in the early 80's and then the steal coated ramp at Cedarcrest in Manasas VA are a large part of East Coast Skate History
Ramptech is a completely different company that I also worked for. Mike Mapp, aka Micro, was an amped and angry skater with a vision. Skating was dormant, yet he believed. Mike could have been doing custom home building, yet he wanted to build skateboard ramps. In this case a person's dreams came true. But the format was completely differnent. Mike was driven and dedicated. He knew there were things that he could not do, he occassionally listened to advice and occassionally used it. And BAM! It all paid off.
I think I will try to give Mike a call.

looking for more GWADZILLA RANTS?

Winter Weight... the numbers on the thermometer drop while the numbers on the scale rise

Winter Weight... the numbers on the thermometer drop while the numbers on the scale rise

ah... the combination of sedentary days and over indulgent nights through the course of the winter makes for unpleasant site come spring
I know... as this has been my routine for the past many adult years
always starting spring big and slow on the bike

riding less and eating more
not just eating more... but eating more of the wrong things

just stepped off the scale
not liking what I see

time to be proactive
must control these things
these things are not out of my control
that second ice cream sandwich last night was out of line
then the third... oh man... just wrong

I would like to go bellow 220 rather than above 230
need to make that happen
nature taking its course would take me in the wrong direction


STATE QUARTERS... what are the odds? what are the chances?

what are the odds?
what are the chances?

Fifty Coins from Fifty States!

for Christmas Santa brought my older son Dean one of those maps where you can collect each coin from each state
it is a great little gift that inspires the young mind in so many ways
this is also the same gift that Dean noticed the same wrapping paper from Santa as one of his gifts from his parents
opps... we are new to the rules of playing Santa

a few days after Christmas I was over at a friend's house and he was showing me proudly his jar of coins from the year that he is planning to cash in
without hesitation I started to dig through the mess of metal for the various state quarters
in no time at all I had roughly 45 different coins and doubles of many
this all done without trying to do things with any great efficient methodology
this has me wondering

in the course of a year does each and ever coin pass through the hands of each and every person who handles money on a regular basis?

I bought the coins and a few double that I thought Dean had not acquired
now I need to get one of those fancy maps for myself
I will let Dean go through the process with minimal assistance
this is a project where there will be more learned if things happen slowly
if the board is filled in one sitting very little is learned
it is the revisiting of the map that will get him to learn the states on each coast and then the states in between

time to ride... power down the electronics and suit up to ride

time to ride... power down the electronics and suit up to ride

enough BLOGGER
time for bike

rode the last two days
will ride again today after I walk the dog
and I load these images and finish this Scrabble game on FACEBOOK


MTV Generation...

I am not sure where I fit in with what would be called the MTV Generation...

there was a time before cable television
growing we were a little late to cable tv

cable came late to our neighborhood
we may have been late to get it once it was available
we were not allowed to watch television anyway
videos were more Friday Night Videos and Solid Gold
there was some late late night stuff... Uncle Wiggley's or something to that effect
the coolest of the cool were on that show... but it was not always on my radar
most of the videos we saw we only saw when we were out dancing in the clubs
we would stare at the small hanging television screens as we danced at Cagney's, Whispers, Carmichael's, and Poseurs

when we got cable by the time I was in cable MTV was in full swing
at this time MTV was still pretty much a music channel
there was that crappy show that we could not get enough of win Ken Ober called REMOTE CONTROL and then the first season of THE REAL WORLD which I did not watch much of because I was living in the real world

more and more shows entered the all music channel
the all music channel started playing less and less music
they jammed poison and whitesnake down our ear drums and had us singing along to TLC
everybody was a gansta rapper
and I grew a little older
I was older than their target market
which was obvious because I just did not get it
as cool as Jackass or Bam may be... it is not for me... an occassional taste is more than enough
that Celebrity Death Match clay-mation wrestling show always tripped me out

I wonder who if LETTERS TO CLEO would be a good match against VERUCA SALT

oh man....
I just had a ugly electronic mess
both YOUTUBE PAGES were open and the videos would not pause
I had to cancel the close out the page
it was pretty close to a force quit
alone both are sweet and poppy
on top of each other they made a musical mess

I am quite positive that Missy of Tuscadero would hate to have her band mentioned in the same sentence of either of these bands

Tuscadero on the Wiki Page

sorry... listening to the RADIO on iTunes: Big R Radio- 90's Alternative
while playing SCRABBLE after a shower after a solid solo road ride

the band that refused to die!

random ramblings on DC music as inspired by hearing that The Slickee Boys played a show in DC and another show in Baltimore this week past...

The Slickee Boys!
The Band that Refused to Die
The Slickee Boys on the WIKI Page

when I was a teenager back in the mid 80's music was a pretty big deal
music was a pretty big deal to me and it seemed that music was a pretty big deal in the small insulated world around me
the radio sucked even if WHFS was on the same street as the Bethesda Sunshine House in downtown Bethesda (Maryland) right across from the Psychedeli... The Psuchedeli being one of the may places that banned Bad Brains... not sure if the Psycedeli did all ages shows... I do know I never saw a show there
when the Sunshine House was an actual house it employed both Henry Rollins and Ian MacKaye
this was when the Sunshine House was an actual House.... then when the bright yellow building with surfboard wax coating the sidewalk was torn down in the name of progress and the business moved down the block to the Triangle Towers
the same building as WHFS:102.3 Homegrown Radio
Sunshine House in its new and improved modern digs employed Jason Farrell and maybe even Spike Jonze before it closed that location and sevearl of its other fast growth suburban mall locations
the Ocean City location remained until sold
not sure if it remains today... but would be shocked if it were gone
the business history of the Sunshine House is not the direction of this tangent... music is
but the music was part of the culture
and this culture was intertwined with other aspects of life

although I was not at the epicenter of the DC Hardcore thing
I had an idea of some of what was going on
this was an era of XEROX flyers pasted on walls and stapled to telephone poles
information traveled by word of mouth rather than via Ethernet cables
conversation was the only wireless option... the cell phone had not yet been conceived
much information traveled by word of mouth
word of mouth and dubbed cassette tapes

being a teen had its limits
there were limits to my information
there were limits to my freedom... how far I could travel and how late I could stay out dictated much of my actions
live performances often included opening acts then a mad dash to get home to make curfew
maybe staying a few songs past midnight to get a sample of the headline act so that it could be said that "I saw them... "
matinees later became a popular option in an era of the community center shows
while in the summers there was Fort Reno
most music information was shared between friends
books and tapes were loaned
these things traveled between friends
older brothers and sisters passed things down giving those with older siblings an edge on what is cool

I am not positive... but I seem to recall that The Slickee Boys open and closed the Fort Reno season
they seemed like the house band of that mid-late 80's era
they were the band from DC that was putting the city on the map
sure DC had its harDCore and Go-Go scenes... but that music had not made its way onto MTV!
The Slickee Boys came out with When I go to the Beach
this was in fact THE VIDEO AGE!

as a teen I thought that these party bands The Slickee Boys and The Killer Bees were a bunch of old guys in bar bands
they did not seem punk... wacky? sure... wacky in a hawaian shirt sort of way
not really punk... the guitar sound was more like The Ventures than The Sex Pistols
they got props... they were local
but they were not playing music that spoke to me

Root Boy Slim and Danny Gatton were more names than sounds
familiar with them again because of local pride
in the same way we grab for Robert Gordon, Charlie Bird, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Nils Lofgrin and so many others
so many bands that played the Psychedeli rather than the old 930 Club
9353... The Velvet Monkeys... and so many other bands that filled a space between the older rockers and the younger rockers
playing a form of rock and roll that was not punk so it fell into the "new wave" category which may have been a poisonous word to the musician in the same way that "indy rocker" may effect a musician of a few years back
mountain bikers and snowboarders hate the rubber stamp term "extreme" for this same reason... the rubber stamp of society trying to explain something in a word

enough on this...
my ramblings are not going to come full circle
you get what you get and you can take it from there

City Paper article that contains some information on The Sunshine House
photos of the Slickee Boys in Baltimore on some guy named Chip's FLICKR page

The Slickee Boys: The Brain that Refused to Die on YOUTUBE

The Slickee Boys
and then on MYSPACE
When I go to the Beach...
freaky ROOT BOY SLIM Comedy Show I had never heard of

here is a 30 Years of DC music reunion show from 2008... CHECK OUT JAY MOGLIA OF RAMBLING SHADOWS!

before there was FUGAZI there was Minor Threat
Minor Threat on YOUTUBE
MINOR THREAT CLIP from Another State of Mind (I think) a movie about Social Distortion tour


the links alone should let you travel these thoughts


Whitegrass has a snow report!

Whitegrass has a snow report!
and well...
it is not good
no snow at Whitegrass


gwadzilla on WHITEGRASS

in like a lion... out like a lamb

in like a lion and out like a lamb...

just in from a 25-30 mile road ride on the Jamis Nova with the riser bars
still rocking the cross tires... will leave the knobbies on until they wear out

had a gap in the day while Lisa took the boys to get their hair cut
went out hard and came snailing home
over dressed and under ate
as if I were a wrestler trying to make weight
bonked hard
guess that is what is called "bonk training"

left the house with nothing in my stomach just a water bottle in my pack
no coffee... no red bull... no gel... no power bar
the water bottle out of reach... water carried for desperation... just in case
nothing but the midnight snack from the night before and the morning coffee that long since served its purpose
suited up for a day I had not yet seen light of
felt dressed appropriately when I stepped out the door with the bike over my shoulder
out the alley and onto the street
not more than a few minutes of pushing the pedals and I felt that I was over dressed in some ways and under dressed in others

knicker pants over shorts was enough while two pairs of socks under the well worn mountain bike shoes was not
made an effort to wiggle the toes to avoid numbness
hands were fine with a standard pair of full finger gloves
the gortex shell over the various under layers was way too much
I knew I was going to sweat
which was fine since I felt that I was overdue for a good sweat

it was shockingly sparse bicycle-wise on Beach Drive in Rock Creek Park considering the warm winter weekend day
less riders on the road was good because I got passed less... everyone hates to get passed
head on I saw a slew of serious riders who were all smiles from what must have been a serious ride
THC was ahead of a pack that was filled with some familiar faces and some unfamiliar faces in familiar jerseys

there were very few cars on the road
I really hate to get passed
I hate getting passed by cars and by bikes
the roadies can be as much of a nuisance as the cars
the fast close pass without warning is an obnoxious action with some high risk potential
each pass stirs up a different set of emotions

buzzing the tower is for chumps
it is not the chump that gets buzzed
it is the chump that does the buzzing
I got buzzed by some chumps
some chumps in cars and some chumps on bikes

I got over it
but at the moment it pissed me off

rolled home exhausted but feeling I should have stayed out for more
but then realized... I need to get home to FACEBOOK

good day on the bike
need to get out a bit more
climbed on the scale to day and did not like the direction the numbers are going

Flobots-No Handlebars on YOUTUBE


it seems that I have reached my quota

it seems that I have reached my quota
it is as if I have reached the end of the Internet
no... I am not going to take this as a sign that I should call it quits
but it is an interesting concept
how long can I keep this up?

let me try to load an image...
maybe that ERROR came in error

nope... got the same error
I have exceeded my quota
I have hit my high water mark
ah... too tired to try and resolve this
had considered hot linking images from elsewhere
but I need to actually resolve this
duck tape on a blog would just bring more issues my way in a matter of time

I have been crossing my fingers that this error is for my yearly storage
but I fear it is for my over all storage
will have to read the fine print

cold today... yesterday was not as cold...

cold today... yesterday was not as cold...



Photo Quota?

oh man...

too early in the morning to trouble shoot this issue
need more coffee before I worry about this!


ice skating options for Monday...


need to get the kids out of the house...
need to consider an activity

the neighbors took their boys skiing
it was an option
but I was not ready
it would have been more than I was ready for to gather their gear
guess I need to gather their gear for skaing as well

this afternoon I want to be on the ice somewhere...
but where?

Fort Dupont? no free skate... not an option
Sculpture Garden? a tad too cold
Cabin John? an option... but not as close
Balston? I think we missed the public skate option

Heidi... Heidi... Heidi

some random cyclists on Beach Drive...

saw this on FACEBOOK... had to steal it to share it

1985 in front of the Roy Rogers in Georgetown
not my photo... not my crew
a tad more fashionable than my most fashionable hour
snagged it from here
hope Avie does not mind my sharing it... that is Avie far right

definitely an epic photograph

grant went to a birthday party with mom... so dean and dad went for a bicycle ride

Sunday's Day
the weekends are often dictated by the social and athletic schedules of our children
Saturday passed with Dean's basketball game in the am and then Christmas tree sales in the afternoon then closing with the family going out to dinner at Cactus Cantina

Sunday arrived with a similar loose structure
come mid-day Grant went to a kid's birthday party with mom which gave Dean and I the opportunity to do as we pleased
the options were endless... do something or do nothing
nothing was not really a good option... doing something would take some effort..
requests for a previously viewed movie at home or Nintendo DS were denied
we needed to get out of the house
we need to get out of the zip code

there had been some initial talk about me taking Dean with me to the New Target complex to go to Bed Bath and Beyond to get some stuff piggybacked with a trip across the street from the new box store complex to Sticky Fingers Bakery
the morning had started with ice and cold but the afternoon sun had melted things and the world was moderately warm
so... I ditched the errand of home improvement that demanded the use of the car and turned our afternoon into a bicycle adventure

Dean was stoked on the notion of going to Sticky Fingers I was stoked at the notion of getting him out on the bike... the cold months make bicycles rides less frequent for adults and children
Dean had his heart set on a cinnamon bun... with no knowledge or concern for the Vegan nature of this establishment

I prepped the bikes as Dean suited up... the effort to get socks and shoes on a seven year old can be a process that needs frequent instruction
the task of filling the water bottles may have overloaded the task list
Dean's Redline Raid had a front flat... so I pulled out the GT BMX bike we have on loan

the bike swaps and the airing up the tires was all done before Dean was suited up and out of the house ready to ride

we meandered through Mount Pleasant on into Columbia Heights
I used my bike and my body as a moving pick... always keeping Dean safe in my shadow
as we rode I issued instructions on where to be and what to look for
Dean added valuable information like noticing the brake lights on the parked car may be an indicator that this car may be about to pull out
these are the exact things I am trying to impart on him... an ultra alert sense of the city
the streets are dangerous
things are dangerous due to soccer moms and over achieving dads driving around in auto pilot unaware of the variables around them more focused on their Blackberrys or their cell phones
never noticing the hazards that they are creating
never realizing their contribution to the worst case scenario

there are other issues... hoods and thieves are issues as well
I feel if I sent my boys with their friends to the local elementary school on their bikes they would come home crying and bike-less
we were reminded of this sort of risk when we ran into a neighbor who recounted the tale of her four year old son's bicycle being stolen off a Mount Pleasant porch as she and her son stopped in at a friend's house to drop off holiday cookies
in under five minutes that bicycle changed hands... quite a Christmas gift
I wonder if that stolen bicycle will be placed under a stolen Christmas Tree?
this story was told to us at the tail end of our ride... I saw the hungry eyes in the hood
Christmas shoppers all around... some of them with Sticky Fingers... we locked up our bikes as we ate our snack at Sticky Fingers
it was our intention to leave with the bicycles we arrived with

on similar such visits to this strip at the junction of Columbia Heights and Mount Pleasant I witnessed men and young men checking out the unlocked kid's bikes
that sort of "casing things out" glance and second pass
then they noticed me with one eye through my camera looking for passing cyclists and the other eye on my kids bikes leaned on the store wall
as lisa and the boys shopped inside

I tried to keep a balance between "kid's pace" and "adult pace"
we had no agenda except for trying to beat the setting sun and the dropping temperature
there were multiple water breaks by Dean's request which work well as photo breaks for me
but not every request was granted
it was cold and it is best to keep moving

after Dean finished all but one bite of his vegan cinnamon bun we took to the streets... well... actually the sidewalk
we meandered down the sidewalk weaving around the clusters of holiday shoppers
Dean trailed behind me following my path at my pace
I watched at each intersection that it was clear... never considering the option of a close call... never assuming that the traffic crossing our path was aware of our approach

we traversed the sidewalk along side of 14th Street then cut through the neighborhood just in time to link up with 16th Street before the bridge
the lion with its holiday decoration grabbed our attention
another short break before our pedal up hill to Carter Baron

Dean was a trooper who never complained about the endless shallow climb
as we approached Carter Baron Dean let out an exclamation... "this is where I play soccer!"
we weaved down a path that loops the fields at Carter Baron then took to the street for a long winding downhill
Dean took the hill with caution

at seven most of Dean's bicycle experience is in the alley or parking lots and parks
the streets are less frequent
it is more common for the longer rides to involve the trail-a-bike
so this long winding road section was something new
it pleased me that Dean opted for caution over wrecklessness
I snapped some photos as we moved

it was a great reward...
the path I picked would involve pretty much an easy ride except for the 16th Street climb
the road by Carter Baron took us down into Rock Creek Park to Beach Drive where the street is closed to car traffic on weekends over by the Park Police Station
Dean was a bit turned around in where we were but was estatic when he pieced it together

it was a good day
we ran into some friends and more than that we got to hang out one on one
the ride ended with a climb out of the park up Porter Street
again Dean impressed me with his ability to muscle the climb without complaint
there was a pause where he leaned against the chain link fence half way up the hill
I accepted that it is a big hill for a little person on a little bike with a little gear

we got home before the temperature dropped
bikes were put away and Dean met up with some kids from the block
the kids played for a bit at our house and were then called home for dinner
it was dark and it was cold when I went out to walk the dog
for some reason the boys were interested in joining me
we all strapped on Petzel headlamps and took to the woods with hats, gloves, and jackets
Grant brought his toy binoculars which we used to see if we could get a better look at the ZOO LIGHTS
but no... the magnification was more toy than tool
when we returned home dinner was on the table

it was a good day

it is not the cell phone ban... it is a combination of enforcing the cell phone ban and respecting the cell phone ban

it is not the cell phone ban...
it is a combination of enforcing the cell phone ban and respecting the cell phone ban

FORT COLLINS — A 9-year-old's death, allegedly caused by a distracted cellphone user, is behind a new push to force Coloradans to put their cellphones away while driving.


Washington DC has a cell phone ban...
that ban has not changed behavior

Officer Friendly is as chatty as the Starbucks fueled soccer mom
no one is looking forward
no one is thinking ahead
everyone is just chatting away talking about nothing
these lamos should get a blog

snagged that image from this random FLICKR page
thanks J

some jobs need to be more than just a job...

some jobs need to be more than just a job...

some jobs need to be a calling
some jobs need to be quasi-vocational

there are times when I feel that those making the decisions for the bicycle in Washington DC are not as passionate about the issues as I am
there are times when I feel that those making the decisions about the bicycle in Washington do not see the bicycle as much of a priority as I do

no... I am not car free
but I do see much room for change
and change is not happening fast enough

Boston Globe article about Boston's SPOKES WOMAN!

my job is just a job...
it is not a calling... it is nothing near a vocation

bright idea...



I am just about goofy enough to do this!



The Hollywood Shuffle by Robert Townsend

we have come a long way baby...

Spike Lee is best known for his early works where he drew color characters who depicted what it was like to be a Black American in the mid to late 80's in the urban United States

a lesser known comedian that told similar commentaries was Robert Townsend
Robert Townsend's epic The Hollywood Shuffle should defintely go on your NETFLIXS LIST
if you have seen it before see it again
it you have never seen it... get out your note books
this film is as much a documentary as the classic The Gods Must Be Crazy

google that shit yourself!

Gwadzilla is full after a family outing to Catus Cantina


thought this was FACEBOOK


US Public Service Academy!

US Public Service Academy!

this is the type of program that needs to be part of our system
and personally... this is the beginning
this would be the graduate school version of the base program that should exist

there should be regional programs for post high school kids to serve themselves and society
internships and basic jobs

teach people skills and give people opportunities while making our country a better place to live


Change Dot Org

some babbling on FACEBOOK

this is a comment rant about music I threw on a FACEBOOK status update...

I started in on a response... clumsy fingers sent this page back to SCRABBLE... maybe it was my subconscious

growing up in the DC area the notions of the DC scene trickled down to form my ideas and opinions

there was some East vs. West thoughts
and of course we were pro-East which made us anti-west

DC takes its music seriously
we are a culture ... Read Moreof people with sticks up their ass
we are a tad uptight

the film AMERICAN HARDCORE touched on the society's contribution to the identity of the bands

DC bands were not formed from teen run aways squatting in some abandoned houses

Kenny from Marginal Man was interviewed not because of his status in the scene... but as a metaphor for who these people were
these children were the spawn of parents who were something

most of the parents were educated contributors to on of the various intellectual machines of Washington DC

so my musical tastes may touch on the LA thing or the PUNK thing from across the pond
DC was never really the hometown for the mohawk

continued in another comment...

is it possible.... I maxed out that comment...

in short...
I was more into Minor Threat than Stiff Little Finger, which is not to say I did not like/love/listen to UK Subs or The Damned...

so... Dischord records has a stronger presence in my collection than Epitaph or SST
even if Black Flag DAMAGE was one of my favorite records

that is enough now
I am tired of typing

American Hardcore
Dischord Records
DOA (sexpistols one and only us tour)

and then an epic film that I saw on VHS a hundred and one times

New York Times review
if you have not seen it... NETFLIXS!

I guess I could just ask...
but I fear that it is a situation where I should already know
anyone know what band LIBERTYBIKES was/is in?


art in the District... 51DC

art in the District... 51DC

at the rock and roll hotel


gray day today



on the move...

rainy morning here in dc

rainy morning here in dc
snowing in other parts of the country
nothing but rain here
not cold enough to snow
but cold and wet enough to be miserable

it is not uncommon for Christmas in DC to be preempted by a week of rain and cold
white Christmases are few and far between
in these parts
similarly you don't get may shooting stars

white Christmases and shooting stars are for other parts of the country than washington dc
we are too serious for such stuff
too busy to notice such things
snow is considered a hassle
and well
no one ever thinks to take a second and look at the stars in the sky
those are activities for vacation
dc is a place for work
we take life very seriously here in washington dc

it is not uncommon for the sky to be black and starless with rain coming down at five o'clock around Christmas in this town
those hours of the day can often be depressing
so can this time of year

this morning was slow
rainy cold mornings can often be slow

Lisa and Dean tend to be ready before Grant and myself
on rainy days the gap between our readiness increases

today was no different

once finally dressed I finished my morning coffee as I walked the dog

unknowing of the weather I stepped out in just a fleece
running behind schedule I accepted that it was closer to rain than mist and that I risked getting a bit wet
without enough time for to run back into the house to grab something water proof I moved forward

a few red light runners passed and then I crossed the street

it pleased me that the upcoming car slowed and gave me safe distance
usually people keep pace and cut it close

very few people give the pedestrian the basic respect that they deserve

I started the basic loop across the street in Rock Creek Park with my black dog Brutus
after a few wet steps I considered making it a short walk
then after a few more steps I figured the dog could use more than a minute to stretch his legs
walking in the rain is good for the soul... if dressed correctly... my walk was to be short I knew I would only get a little wet
as I walked this all too familar loop I day dreamed about running a program to resuscitate these trails
infertile soil at the center of the trail to guide the hikers to stay on the beaten path
fertile soil flanking this center strip

as I cross sections I envision terraced steps in a natural way
while other areas would due well to have irrigation gardens
tiger lilies and daffodils seem like a hearty choice
it is a short humble trail that gets a good deal of foot traffic from people in the neighborhood
the trails will not repair themselves

I walk more and I day dream more
I think of how things were.... how things are.... how things are developing... and how things can be

I finished back from a 15-20 walk in the woods with my black dog brutus to see Lisa and the boys pulling away and headed off to school
I headed in and got dressed for a short wet fenderless ride into work
in no time I was suited up in appropriate attire for riding my bicycle a few miles into work
my dress was not over kill
I knew that there would be some wetness...
some wetness that I would except

shoes would get wet which had me packing an extra pair of socks

the ride in the rain can be a dangerous one

riding a bicycle in the city is often a series of near misses

the rainy day is even more so

for some reason bad driver get worse
the people with braille dashboards go even faster
as if driven by fear

in my short commute I had too many near misses to recount

more than average

the blinking lights on my back, the halogen headlamp on my helmet, and the reflectors on my bike
none of these things made me any more visible because no one is looking
the people in the cars and trucks... even the people on foot
no one is looking out for the bicycle
that is why the bicyclist needs to look out for themselves

riding the bicycle is like crossing the street with my kids

it is my obligation to think for all the parties around me

does that car see me? would the car slow down or stop if it had to? can I make it through safely without expecting that car to slow or stop because I know they have no intention of slowing or stopping?

arrived at work a little cold, a little wet, but very much alive

all pretty much within a little bit of the other

also about inauguration...


Metro says no bikes...
WTOP (I think)

then there is the closing of SMARTBIKE that week

I think they are confused
they should say no to the cars
and allow the bikes

is it all about where will the bikes park?


coming in a little close... I think that call that buzzing the tower

bikes and the inauguration and waba

Inaugural Bike Valet?

January 20, 2008

WABA is working with local authorities to establish free bike valets as part of the inauguration festivities. Keep checking back for more updates.

Interested in volunteering?

Click here to volunteer>>

cutting through the park without stopping...

no SMARTBIKE loan options the week of inauguration?

Mark at BLACKNELL.com has some words about the shutting down of the SMARTBIKE SYSTEM during inauguration

my question...
when is SMARTBIKE going to take advantage of the massive sidewalk space in Adams Morgan at 18th and Columbia
great redesigning of that turn by removing the curb
a fantastic spot for some SMARTBIKES!

gwadzilla and smartbikes


the economy... the economy and the bike

the economy
the changing economy is more than likely showing its effect on your world in one way or another
lives are being changed
layoff is a word on the tip of too many tongues
the corporate chopping block has been dusted off and getting plenty of use
too many people I know are scrambling to get back into the workforce

everybody knows somebody who recently got laid off
these are definitely going to be tough times for many if they are not tough times already

how are these economic times going to effect the sport of mountain biking or cycling in general?

last season mountain bike races all over the mid-atlantic were filling to maximum capacity
even the granny gear 24 hours of big bear with its reputation of high registration fees showed an increase in racers

what are we to expect for next year?
there will be a number of people who will have to cancel out racing as a weekend objective
who knows what the numbers will be?
it could be slight... it could alter racing as we know it
race promotion is a labor of love... a business... but a labor of love
so many promoters have had to move away from mountain bike racing because it is hard to pay the bills... while others have remained stable
will this change in 2009 after a brutal 2008?

bicycle shops are a business
will the utilitarian market rise to make up the decline in the recreation market?

what about bicycle manufacturers?
will INTERBIKE be a ghostly scene?

and sponsorships?
I have heard talk of VW dropping from the sponsorship of the Trek mountain bike team as well as some smaller squads losing their big sponsors
how about the grass roots sponsorship? will that take a hit?

I am not an economist
I do not have a crystal ball
but I anticipate some visible changes
what am I saying... we are already witnessing changes

just throwing this out there
please expand in the comments area

a shot before asking... a shot after asking... action is different than posed

my electronic addictions...

me and my electronic addictions
it is funny how the electronic addictions connect and intertwine
the blog... FACEBOOK... and Scrabble
Scrabble on FACEBOOK

the basic electronic Scrabble game
there was an electronic Scrabble game at Games Dot Com some time back
that game offered chat along side of the actual game
the FACEBOOK version appears to be similar
there are public and private games
in the times of Games Dot Com I seem to recall lurkers
as well as all sorts of internet game ethics and obvious breech of ethics
the online is a culture
a culture with countless sub cultures

but I must focus
trying to put my boys to bed and play four games of Scrabble simultaneously
getting stomped by Justine 136-112
just learned that the challenge is friendly and the computer says TRY AGAIN
which allowed me to put down a work that is actually a word
my turn again at 183 to 171

FUNNY... my younger son just turned off the power strip to the computer
one time is curious
two times would be malicious

back to the games where I am fighting to keep up with Justine
she had one off turn which allowed me to bridge the gap to 157-163
it is my turn against Che... but I think she took off til tomorrow.... I may have to dump... crap letters
dump? crap? I made a scrabble funny

gotta go get my Scrabble fix.. it has to happen now... there is no letting that FACEBOOK SCRABBLE MONSTER into the work place

my turn

oh man... I am such a space cadet
a game was started by me and it was my turn
sorry aden... not the fastest start
learning the interface.... CLICKED on MY GAMES... a list of games with scores/ game name/ and whose turn and guess what... it is my turn

CHANGE DOT ORG: Ideas for Changing America-Promote Bicycle Transportation

it is a disorder
I write stuff and refuse to proof it
the extrovert in my can be beastly at times
the energy controls me and I give in to the momentum
sometimes I need to slow down...

let me re-read this

okay... back
I read it... it is fine
I could have expanded on each sentence
wanted to be concise in case someone cared enough to read it

CHANGE DOT ORG: Ideas for Changing America-Promote Bicycle Transportation


power to the people
take it to the streets

the innovations of the japan are wonderful examples
this country needs to be re-examined

for a decade the car culture dominated the mind of america
pushing for larger and more luxurious

people go from their offices to their cars into their houses

there needs to be some change

the bicycle can change lives
dying on the bicycle can also change a life

the streets need to be made more safe
people need to learn to behave
now... not everyone needs to get on a bicycle
all I ask is that those not on bicycle to respect those on the bicycle
it is that simple

a little common sense
a little common courtesy
this would make the world a better place

the dedicated keeper of a bicycle blog from washington dc

a look at that blog could change your life
I know keeping it has changed mine

bail out for the american auto makers?

bail out for the american auto makers?
this is a post I have attempted many times

in short...
from a human perspective... YES... too many lives would be changed it we let things take their course
from a business perspective... NO... the car manufacturers pushed the market in an ugly direction
the so called BIG THREE have been ignoring environmental factors, creating a market of large luxurious unnecessary machines, building a product that I am not only attracted to... but a product I object to
why would I bail them out?
oh yea... the people... the families...

maybe these production facilities could make something else?
oh... it is not that easy

this needs to be well thought out...

it is a business and it is our country
it is a business that did not take into concern the future of our country or the well being of this planet
why should we protect their interests when they did not support ours?
they were greedy and short sighted
the marketing showed a product that is so evil in my eyes... I just can not understand it
remember the HUMMER? that is the tip of the melting iceberg... and it goes much deeper than that

this is just the beginning of a thought
this is a snippet of many attempts to approach this topic
feel free to expand in the comments section



Episode One of Season Two can be viewed at WIRED

M Street Northwest Washington DC

the lady in black...

on the way into work...

limo service!

limo service... if you are not careful it will take you straight to the hospital!



I had no idea I even owned a vest... what is this? 1985?

I had no idea I even owned a vest... what is this? 1985?


cyclists cyclists everywhere.

passing in front of my camera

that NYPD officer has been charged

in treehugger
that NY police officer who relived the football career he never had on a unsuspecting cyclists has been charged


and this today...

Officer Patrick Pogan, 23, whose cheap-shot tackle of cyclist Christopher Long was captured on a gotcha YouTube video, was also charged with afelony for filing a bogus police report.

sadly... had there been no video tape there would have been no justice

here... there.... everywhere

12 Hours of Lodi Farms moves away from the MIDNIGHT START!

12 Hours of Lodi Farms moves away from the MIDNIGHT START!

The race format for the 12 Hours of Lodi MTB Endurance Race has changed. It will now have a NOON START and a MIDNIGHT FINISH. A midnight finish will provide a better atmosphere for good stories, good times, and even a good night's sleep on the farm post race. Everyone will still be able to get night laps in, but will be rested and able to get home safely on Sunday to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

gwadzilla mention of LODI

I need to read this again... read it again slowly and listen to the words


-- written by Max Ehrmann in the 1920s --
Not "Found in Old St. Paul's Church"! -- see below

Go placidly amid the noise and the haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.

As far as possible, without surrender,
be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
and listen to others,
even to the dull and the ignorant;
they too have their story.
Avoid loud and aggressive persons;
they are vexatious to the spirit.

If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain or bitter,
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Exercise caution in your business affairs,
for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
many persons strive for high ideals,
and everywhere life is full of heroism.
Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection.
Neither be cynical about love,
for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment,
it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years,
gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

Beyond a wholesome discipline,
be gentle with yourself.
You are a child of the universe
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God,
whatever you conceive Him to be.
And whatever your labors and aspirations,
in the noisy confusion of life,
keep peace in your soul.

With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.

got this here