bail out for the american auto makers?

bail out for the american auto makers?
this is a post I have attempted many times

in short...
from a human perspective... YES... too many lives would be changed it we let things take their course
from a business perspective... NO... the car manufacturers pushed the market in an ugly direction
the so called BIG THREE have been ignoring environmental factors, creating a market of large luxurious unnecessary machines, building a product that I am not only attracted to... but a product I object to
why would I bail them out?
oh yea... the people... the families...

maybe these production facilities could make something else?
oh... it is not that easy

this needs to be well thought out...

it is a business and it is our country
it is a business that did not take into concern the future of our country or the well being of this planet
why should we protect their interests when they did not support ours?
they were greedy and short sighted
the marketing showed a product that is so evil in my eyes... I just can not understand it
remember the HUMMER? that is the tip of the melting iceberg... and it goes much deeper than that

this is just the beginning of a thought
this is a snippet of many attempts to approach this topic
feel free to expand in the comments section