DC Bicycle Messenger

Travis and the EVIL EARL!

BAC: DC's Bicycle Advisory Council

Dupont Circle in the rain.


AMAZING VIDEO... our children are capable of so much more

for those who are not into Suicide Girls

rachael reckless

not all roadies are bad... I like some of them

hard to justify...

name that NCVC team member

talking about DCCX...

this pump for the public is a good idea!

I never owned a Big Wheel


a few shots of people on bikes around DC

did the new breed... CARGO FAMILIES AND CARGO LIFE!

To all you Witches Out There!

Historic St. Mary's City

Happy Halloween

the spirit of the day

as a victim of an iPhone theft I found this interesting

this was sent to me... as many things are... with the aim for me to share

Push Bike Versuses Old School Training Wheels

Ernie and Bert

life in the city...


rainy days


out capturing cyclists souls

best way for girls to lose weight


cool dog.

there are times when I wish I were Canadian

I think he pre-rode the whole course the day prior

need to come back and read this later

lots of talent at DCCX

Support your LOCAL BIKE SHOP

I am not sure of this

looking at the DCCX results

Tandem Race at DCCX!