this looks like a good time... and the price is right.

Sunday July 17th, 2011
Artscape Festival
Baltimore, MD


preventible tragedy

it sounds like people are starting to understand

not an "accident"
a "preventible tragedy"


sadly... it would be better if this man were still alive
this is not justice
this is punishment
nothing can right this wrong
nothing can make things as they were

I am looking forward to this

See-I Debut Album

one of my favorite DC LIVE ACTS.... SEE-I!

this band jams
hard to put your finger on the sound
hard to stop your feet from moving when the music is playing

my training rides are often at the pace of a 7 year old!

a shot from my work out this weekend!

my bicycle training is similar to my swim training

Danny is Back...

Mud and Gears shares with us another film staring Danny MacAskill

Danny Mac is the Mac Daddy!


Ron Winters

Ron Winters

working vacation for me is done... back to the tasks at hand

Ricardo of Edible Arrangements!

shots of people on bikes

unicycle... I do not know how to ride a unicycle

the unicycle...
I do not know how to ride a unicycle
I need to practice... practice... practice...
I have not been practicing

People's District on Unicycles

http://peoplesdistrict.com search BICYCLE
and then search BIKE


Speedy's #44 Hot Sauce

yes... it is Hot Sauce Season!

Bike Relocation Program

The Bike Lane in NOVA had to moved their new bikes to a new store location...
Local Bikers help The Bike Lane Relocate

photos by Bruce

The Bike Lane

no cop no stop.

no cop no stop...

no car... no need to wait for the green


with gas prices as they are...

this is an odd little scooter...
not sure if it should be on the streets
it appears to lack the lights to make it street legal
while it also may lack the engine size to merit the need of a license or a tag

either way...
I am not sure what to say

at least it is on the road rather than the bicycle path!

history lesson and a lesson in diplomacy

did a short mellow spin in Rock Creek Park on Saturday
Rock Creek Park and Beach Drive was experiencing its multi-use glory

people on all sorts of bicycles moving at various paces with a wide array of objectives
pleasant... but potentially chaotic

ran into this young man on my way out
we rode and chatted

it was like an episode of HOW THE STATES WERE MADE
only it was... a special International: Why Country Borders are as they Are!

nice ride... nice chatting
good kid... smart kid
good bit of information passed to me on this ride
some information about history, politics, and diplomacy


the journey is the destination...

started this
am not going to finish it
yet I will post it just the same...
sorry if it does not make any sense


ah.... Memorial Day Weekend
a three day weekend without a plan
no soccer games or bicycle races to offer structure
instead we follow the design of a few birthday parties... a few sleep overs... Saturday morning karate... and what ever else we can manage to organize in between

oh... sure Monday would have the requisite bbq and swimming pool
but the days leading up to that would lack a certain amount of structure
so many people leave town... we tend not to leave town on these three day weekends
somehow we think we can manage without a formal plan

there is plenty of in between time enough time that we could have scheduled something enough time that I should have scheduled something

where does the time go?
what did we do Friday after school?

I can not remember that far back
I hope it was fun!
I am certain we did something... yet I can not recall

today in the morning I went for a run... I am not a runner
in my youth I was an efficient runner
that was many years ago
that was also many pounds less ago

running is only fun for runners
it takes a good deal of running to get back into running shape
I am far from anything that resembles running fitness

I took it easy did a little stretching then did a mellow trail run
spent a little under an hour in the woods of Rock Creek Park only about 40 of that was spent running walked the hills and walked the final mile home in an effort to cool down and not tighten up too much

back at the house I got involved in some intense LEGO PLAY
I worked to build a tower that got demoted to a castle
as it turns out... more LEGOS just creates more confusion

the kids have too many LEGOS someone needs to invent the LEGO SIFTER!

my older son was at a Birthday Sleep Over while my younger son was linked up with a kid from down the block
my wife Lisa had taken the boys up to Target in the AM
they walked so they were not without some exercise but after they each finished building their new Lego sets I felt it was time to get out

so... I proposed a bicycle ride
there was an effort to make this adventure end at another cash register
I suggested the rope swing
the rope swing is a winner nearly every time

the kid's trick to get soft ice cream was scrapped and the boys got motivated to ride to the rope swing
I played through my head on what I believed would be the most fun
in my mind I scripted rides that
involved short climbs and winding descents
then I backed off instead... I tried to select the most flat most direct route for the boys
to our pleasure the road that I selected was shut off for repairs

ah... the pleasure to ride virtually car free!

we made our short ride in no time
not sure why I try to push the pace
I guess that is me just being me


my seven year old son is faster on the bike than the average non-bicycle riding 10 year old
or so it seems on our rides with neighbors and friends
I guess that is what happens when the kids do not have an overbearing bicycle dad to crack the whip and push the pace on every bicycle ride

the journey is the destination
for the boys... the rope swing is the destination
but really... whether they know it or not... the journey is the destination

the boys enjoyed the bicycle ride as much as they enjoyed the rope swing
the ride was short and they wished that the time at the rope swing was longer
it can be good to keep it short
a shorter ride usually ends on a high note... leaving the kids wanting more
while a long ride can tarnish any memory of fun

the same goes for the rope swing
keep if fresh
no need to burn out on the rope swing!

okay... I did extend the ride home a bit
and yes
this was met with munchkin objection
I maintained our trajectory
our reroute took us on some dirt... "social trails"

the boys loved when things got a little twisty and there were some kid quality technical obstacles
once again reminding me that Washington DC needs some sort of bicycle for sport infrastructure
a pump track... a bmx track... legal mountain biking

we got home

my older son Dean was back from his birthday party sleep over
lisa and I gathered the boys and took them to my mother's for another sleep over
which allowed lisa and I to go out dancing... See-I and Empressarios LIVE at U Street Station followed by a Thunderball DJ set
Lisa kept me out until 3PM
we rode our bikes to the club
a good weekend all around

They Call Him The Hunter...

well... I think they may at least call him Mr. Hunter
or maybe Steve Hunter
hard to say... I forget these things

either way... check out this guys custom set up
fooling the untrained eye to think he is on a motorcycle rather than a bicycle!

in the name of Memorial Day

when Pat Tillman died...

well... when Pat Tillman died I did not understand things as I do now
I thought about the money Pat made as a football player
and how he could help if he continued to be a football player while also being war family philanthropist

well... I am not Pat Tillman
no one else is Pat Tillman
Pat Tillman made the choices for Pat Tillman
I was arrogant and naive to question the actions of Pat Tillman

Pat Tillman is a hero!

Pat Tillman instills the meaning of what it means to give to your country
Pat Tillman helps a civilian appreciate better what Memorial Day means

Thanks to all who have served in the US Military
Thanks to all the families who suffered because they had a family member die serving their country

It is Memorial Day Weekend!
Remember those that lost their lives while serving this country

Seven Years After his Death... Pat Tillman


Is that an Owl on your bike or are you just happy to see me?

good use of useless space

we have seen this before
we see it again

it is true... LITTLE KIDS ROCK!


there is a music program called LITTLE KIDS ROCK
this year DCPS John Eaton Elementary School in Northwest Washington DC was lucky enough to become part of this program

my two children are students at John Eaton Elementary School
this spring my older son Dean participated in this program

through the efforts of the John Eaton music teacher Mrs Walson John Eaton Elementary School was able to qualify for the Little Kids Rock program
this brought the funding and the instruments needed to start an optional after school program where the children could be introduced to guitar

this is a FREE Program... no cost to the school... no cost to the families
without this program... so many children would not be given this opportunity

last week for the last after school session of guitar there was a music performance for each of the guitar classes... I attended my
older son Dean's class to witness what the children had learned

John Eaton music teacher Mrs. Walson explained the Little Kids Rock teaching philosophy as well as the Little Kids Rock program as a whole
I had not realized how lucky John Eaton Elementary was to get a chance to participate in this program!

without the donations from the various supporters of this program this would not happen...
as mentioned... if this were not a FREE program for the students... most of these children would have no exposure to playing guitar or any music what so ever!

the LITTLE KIDS ROCK guitar teaching style is interesting to me...
I am not a musician so it is an appreciation from an outsider
it seems like a subtle and slow introduction to music

giving each child a comfort level with playing music with others... singing while playing music... and creating your own music
learning the basic chords... becoming comfort with the guitar on the basic level

I liked this philosophy and felt like it made good sense

the kids followed the patient instruction from their music teacher
as a group they played simple one chord songs while each child got an opportunity to create their own guitar solo
everyone got a chance in the spot light
everyone got to jam with the group

I was not only proud of my son... but excited for the school and all of the activite participants
this program seems to be an excellent building block for young budding musicians
John Eaton Elementary school is lucky to have been selected to participate in this program
it is great how involved Mrs. Walson is with the program and its students

thanks Mrs. Walson... you show great patience in working with your class
the results are AWESOME!


Thanks Mrs. Walson!
Thanks to the LITTLE KIDS ROCK organization as a whole


Respect to those that have died serving Our Country in the Military


give a little extra respect to those that have given their lives serving this country in the US Military
there are many that have given more than their time
so many have given their lives

and yes...
there are others that survived, but not without sacrifice
they too deserve our respect

this weekend is a time to reflect on this country's history
we would not be here living the lives we live if it had not been for the lives sacrificed in so many battles and so many wars

it is confusing... but there have been fights for peace

On the road and on the web!

they are on the road
they are on the web


cycling from Washington DC to Santiago Chile picking up recipes along the way!


once purchased... it would be a great hand me down

The KinerBakfiet!

these guys have some nice Cargo Bike options
I really dig this KINDERBAKFIET!

the initial purchase would be expensive
but to get one as a "hand me down" would be awesome

this set of random tangents is well worth a glance... I love the random connections on the gwadzilla page!

I am a dog person...

I am a dog person...
definitely dogs over cats fo rme

certainly drawn to some dog breeds more than others
usually finding a greater kinship with the larger dogs... not the massive ones
definitely not the small

the smaller the dog... the smaller the connection
not sure why

is it me? is it the dog? is it jut too far between my face and theirs when I am standing tall?

pugs? an interesting breed
I have known many people to love pugs
some people even buy them by the bunch
but me... pugs? I am not so sure if this breed appeals to me

so many breeds out there... it is curious what draws people to certain breeds
it is sort of ironic that those who adopt grey hounds are often against dog racing
without dog racing... I am not sure if there would be grey hounds





Dan of WABA

following suit...

Small Wheels

the right size bike
the right size wheels

it appears that this woman could use a larger bike... a bike with larger wheels
those look like 24 inch wheels... she could step up to the adult size bike with 26 inch or 700c wheels

the other day I was talking to a parent and they told me about their child's disinterest in bicycling
they talked about buying the child the bike at an early age but the child never took to the bike

I looked... it was clear... the bike that the child was on was too small for him
I thought about the age that they bought the bike for him
at that point... the bike was too large for him

then I thought about things a little longer and realized
my kids are getting too big for their bikes
it is time for them to each move up to the next size wheel!

the fountain at Dupont Circle

just like new... well sort of


I have this pair of Lake Winter Shoes
the shoes have seen use
there was some damage to the shoes that was more of a defect in manufacturing than wear and tear... the stitching on the heel evaporated early in their use
I tried to set things right with a glue gun... that worked for a minute
then I just rode them as they were

over the winter after years of riding with these shoes I noticed that Cargo Mike had the same pair of shoes
Cargo Mike aka Coach said his shoes had the same issue and he got them repaired at the shoe repair place just down the block from Edible Arrangements

so... working for Edible I decided to have my shoes fixed
for 30 buck the crew at Liberty Drycleaning and Shoe Repair made my shoes "like new" again



the cargo rig captures people's attention

the Frankenbakfiet catches people's eye
people shout stuff
when locking it up people strike up conversation
the obvious DIY nature of this ride really appeals to people

ran into this guy Mark Stewart
Mark was in town playing a show with Paul Simon




It is Memorial Day Weekend.

It is Memorial Day Weekend
not just a time to grill and jump in the pool
not just a time to mark the start of summer
Memorial Day Weekend is a time to reflect and give respect to those who have served and gave their lives for this country in the military

I do not know this guy... just saw the image on FACEBOOK
I asked if I could share it because I liked the themes of his "ink"
that is Geoffrey Millard

thank you Geoffrey for use of this image and more importantly thank you for your service to this country
thank you to any and all who have served
Never Forget and Always Remember all those that gave their life for the freedom of this nation
Happy Memorial Day