W@W#2: it is about the experience... not the results... I did not get the experience I was looking for

Wednesday at Wakefield #2

it is not about the results
it is about the experience
I did not have the experience that I was looking for

week two of wednesday at wakefield

last week I raced in the 6PM Single Speed Class then in the 6:55 Clydesdale Class
it was a tight fit
with my slowing to C02 a rear flat back to life I was just able to arrive at the Clydesdale start with 90 seconds to spare

this week I figured I would try the back to back Wakefield events again
only this time I would try it a little differently
the week prior I had raced the single fast and hard
not leaving much fuel in the tank for the Clydesdale race
so this week I approached things a little differently
a little less throttle in race one allowing me to try and finish strong for the Clydesdale event
last week I finished second in the Clydesdales
it is not about the results
it is about the experience
I wanted to dictate things as such that I would have a strong Single Speed race then a equally strong Clydesdale race
that is the experience that I was seeking

things do not always go as planned

lined up with the Single Speeders at 6PM
the usual bantor went back and forth to kill the pre-race anxiety
there was some glances at the front row to see who was fighting for top five
after that... all the scrubs are scrapping for top ten
the field is usually 30 or so racers deep

at the sound of the gun the single speeds spun madly up the gravel road
only to file into the singletrack a catapilar 30 segments deep
not sure where I ended up.... but I know it was not that far towards the front

tried to accept my place
tried not to get too wrapped up in chasing racers or making the pass
I spun things like a fool
not quite as hard as last week
but I was working it
no I was not working it top five working it
I was spinning the cranks and trying to flow the single track
well spining and flowing as best I could

the week prior I had suffered a slow leak in the rear from thorn aquired on a pass that involved some prickly brush
that was easily remedied with a refreshing burst of CO2
just enough air to get me a little more than a lap to finish that race
this also
got me to the finish in time for the start of the clydesale event
this week I tried to focus more on the race at hand
knowing that I could get their in time had me feeling less prone to checking my watch
last week I made a few glances at the watch which only compelled me to make a few more glances at my watch
glances that did not change anything except my focus
energy and attention on information not as important as listening to my body and focusing on the trail in front of me

this week I finished my single speed race without having to pause for a flat
I may have ridden with less intensity... but I did not have to slow for a repair
this gave me more time to wait for race two to start
the bike was as ready as it was gonna be
I was not enjoying the downtime after the race
my body would have preferred moving to standing still

there was time to refuel
but I lacked anythinng more than the watered down gatorade in my hydration pack and the flat coke in my waterbottle cage
no food
no hard fuel
it was dinnertime and I had nothing to snack on
a fellow clydesdale gave me a power gel of some sort
I was grateful

our race started
the gravel climb felt sluggish on the geared bike
I selected a gear to fit the easy pace that my tired legs desired
this was not a good start
I was in third
I wanted to be in first
at first chance I passed number two and slid in behind number one.... kurt
not long into the single track I made a pass on kurt
but kurt was not easy to shake
I rode the first lap making passes and trying to put some ground on kurt and the rest of the clydesdales
for the first three quarters of the lap the body was not entirely there
then the last section of the first lap then into the second lap I felt my groove return
fast was no longer fighting
fast felt normal
swooshing through the trees on the bike like a skilled skier on the bumps

there was a sensation that flowed from head to toe that brought a smile to my face
the body felt good
the body felt strong
I felt a comfortable pace that I felt I could maintain for the rest of the race
there was gratification in feeling that I could achieve my goal
Ifelt cool

I am not cool
as soo as I feel cool the world humbles me
this time things were no different
I went from cool to humble
from invincible to helpless

I felt it...
that awkward squish in the rear
that slight loss of control
that lack of confidence from the bike not doing what it should be doing

I was quickly reminded that I was not cool

in first place in the clydesdales with a little bit of space behind me I went to do a flat repair
it is a short race
but a quick repair can allow a racer to get back into the game
it is also amazing to see what the body does when it is asked
so I pulled over and started in on my repair

dnf is not an option

wheel off.... tire off... tube out...
scanned the tire for puncture
felt what may have been a thorn
it broke on the pass of my sweaty glove hand
I removed my gloves and searched that area again for the thorn
no luck... must have cleared it
I hoped

tube in.... tire on... tire on.... come on wire bead... tire on
then mini-pump.... things are moving slow
everything is drentched
like rain sweat comes down from the vents in my helmets
I try to top things off with a fresh CO2 cartridge
cyclists are blurring past
assistance is offered
more cyclists blur past
what appears to be the full Clydesdale class blurs past
I snap the CO2 together then on the stem
I put things in place
I press the button to start the process
smoke like dry ice is going everywhere
not much air is going in
the CO2 cartridge is frozen onto the stem
I wrestle to get it free

eventually the airless CO2 cartridge is free and I am back to the pump
I fill things up
packed filled... pack on the back... wheel back on the bike.... no hang up from the monkey nuts... brake reconnected
body back on the bike
butt back in the saddle
two pedal stokes... not enough air
I realize that I have a better pump attached to the frame of my bike
I stop to pump things back up
more cyclists pass
I bow out

DNF is not an option
DNF is my reality

I hate DNF
DNF is not an option
DNF was my reality

sometimes you just need to let it go
granted my focus was to have a strong Clydesdale race
there were some grand moments in the Single Speed race
it is all a blur but I rode in a nice flow with what appeared to be RickyD for a bit
but he is a shape shifter so I can never be sure if it is really him
I was certain that I had passed him
then I found myself on his tail again
which left me very confused

there was some time with JoeyP
no sign of Nick Daniels as Nick was too cool to hang midpack this week
did not expect to see Camp or Cargo Mike until after the clydesdale race
got to see them sooner with my second lap blues

it was not a perfect night on the bike
I did not achieve the experience that I was seeking
but I had an experience
I had a great ride... while it lasted

I know... tubeless... I know STANS... maybe I don't know
as I really don't know
but I am really considering looking into this tubeless technology

it was a good night on the bike
it was a good gathering of people
got to see a number of people I really enjoy seeing
PVC puts on quite a party
those guys are awesome
always love to see them
always appreciate their multiple contributions to the local mountain bike scene

yes... it is about the experience not the results
but the results are part of the experience

arlington skate blog

Arlington Skate Blog

a photo blog of some local skateboarders
these shots are of my friend tyson

tyson who is a year round bicycle commuter

the shots are taken by John Falls
John Falls Photo

John Falls worked for Archer a few days before the time that people are refering to when they say... "back in the day"

PSA idea for stopping at Stop Signs and Stop Lines

a quick little Public Service Announcement idea...
let me see if I can get the thoughts out

If cars stopped at Stop Signs and Stop Lines the ripple effect would be grand
If cars stopped at Stop Signs and Stop Lines there would be a more safe enviroment for all

cars would have to slow down sooner
cars would have not be able to achieve the same high speeds in between stop signs in urban areas
cars would than maybe have more of a chance to yeild to other cars at a four way stop
(so often it is my turn at a four way stop, when a slow and go jumps ahead out of turn)
cars would have a greater opportunity to make safe considerations for people in the crosswalk

here is the basic idea....
let your imagination create the imagry

What if there was a penalty for not making a complete stop at the stop line?
What if cars that rolled past the stop line were immediately punished by a device that slammed on the hood of their car?
maybe an anvil could drop from the sky
there could be a device that crushes the front of the car from both sides
like one of those compactors that we all saw on Seasame Street that turned a big american car into a small metal box
show this device crushing the front end of the neglectful driver's car
along with their shocked expression

show a quick edit sequence of several cars at different intersections rolling through the stop sign
doing the usual slow and go
then with the crushing of the front end
the sound of the impact shocking the viewer
then the dumbfounded expression on their face
all somewhat distracted
one of the people on the cell phone

then... there can be mention that this resolve may be a tad extreme
then show the alternative
a car rolling through a stop sign hitting a pedestrian
a car rolling through a stop sign crushing a mother and child in a stroller
a car rolling through a stop sign hitting a child on a bicycle
then the driver's expression

the same fast edit
the same focus on the sound of the impact

then ask if the resolve is too extreme?
avoid the easily avoidable
an apology and a sad face would all come too late

stop at stop signs at the stop line
be respectful of pedestrians and their rights
avoid excessive speeds in residential neighborhoods
live life with common sense and common courtesy
be civilized

is this too much to ask?

it is hard... mixing the bicycle and the car

it is hard... mixing the bicycle and the car

yesterday I was headed home from work
was doing some of my usual post work bicycle thing
was headed across town through Cleveland Park
as I cruised down Reno Road I was being tailgated by a victim of the obesity epidemic
she was in her native habitat; pinned between the tilt steering wheel and the driver's seat
cell phone in hand pressed to her ear
the pork rinds were out of sight... but I am sure they were within reach

as I rolled down the hill she was following close behind
the light in front of me was yellow... nearly red
as she tried to force me out of the way I turned around and pointed at her then the changing light
she stopped at the second light that was just turning red
had I tried to stop at the first "orange light" I would have been run over for sure
she stopped at the second
I rolled through before things turned from orange to red

as I cranked it up the hill this poor victim of obesity epidemic ran the red light from a stand still
then passed me fast and close making some sort of face
maybe constipation
all the while still on the phone
her fast and close pass caused me to say words that I would not want to utter in front of my children

common sense?
common courtesy?

the actions of this driver are not good for me, her, or society
we are all embassadors for various subgroups
on the bike I can represent all cyclists
it can be up to me to mold non-cyclist's view of the cycling population
everyday each and everyone of us has the chance to be a positive representative of our tribe
dispelling stereotypes
bridging gaps
bringing the world together

there need to be some Public Service Announcements educating people about how to behave around cyclists and pedestrians

yes... it is wednesday.... yes it is summer

yes... it is wednesday
yes... it is summer
yes... tonight there is a Wednesday at Wakefield event

funny... these fun little races give me as much anxiety as any other race
if not more

the Bad Brains...

the Bad Brains at Myspace
another Bad Brains at Myspace
bad brains.com

rolling stone review of yesterday's Bad Brains release;
Build a Nation

this album is produced by Beastie Boy Adam Yauch
Beasties on Wiki... WIKI... WIKI... WIKI

Sweat: The Story of the Fleshtones

Sweat: the Story of the Fleshtones at MYSPACE

The Fleshtones at MYSPACE

a friend of a friend finished and published this book titled SWEAT: The Story of the Fleshtones
a biography of a garage band called The Fleshtones

big dave from big wheel

big dave from big wheel is no longer a boy
big dave is now a man

dave who was once a boy in a man's body has gone and grown up
grown up to do adult things all over the world

the other day I was daydreaming while out on the bike
I tend to daydream while out on the bike
I rode the Mount Vernon trail out towards Old Town
turned around before I reached the city limits
my mind filled with memories of working at Big Wheel Bikes
memories of Big Wheel Bikes and all the characters that flow through that place
memories of all the characters that work in that place

in that stream of conciousness I thought of Big Dave
wondered if he was in the military
wondered if he had died in Iraq like so many young men that stood proud and did as they were told
then.... this morning in my Inbox... a few random emails arrived from Big Dave himself

Dave is in fact alive and well
traveling the world
it appears that he is in fact still in the military
seeing things that I only get to witness on the Discovery Channel other things on the Six O'Clock News

big wheel bikes in and around washington dc for over thirty years
monkeys in india?
bike race in ethiopia?


lon at lunch in dupont


mark your calendar
DCMTB\City Bikes will be hosting a cyclocross race in DC on Sunday, September 16th
the weekend before Charm City

start working on your cyclocross dismounts!

more later...

grooming your horse...

I know nothing about horses
other than the community service I did at the Rock Creek Stables for kicking a car
I have very little experience with horses

yes, the author of Seabiscuit was in my high school home room for four years
but when she signed my yearbook with some horse references I thought that it was some kinky S&M stuff
horses have never been part of my life experience
nor has S&M

last night I did some work on my Jamis Exile
not major surgery
just some basic grooming
it is important to groom your horse

there were a few things that needed to be done
I had to fix the flat from last week's Wednesday at Wakefield event
through a quick diagnosis I found the thorn that caused the slow leak
a slow leak that forced me to get squirrelly on some turns early in the race
a slow leak that forced me to pull over and dig through my pack for some CO2 during the second lap of my race
a slow leak that held off just long enough for me to finish my single speed race and grab my geared bike to line up with the clydesdales

with the removal of the tire it was not long into the investigation that I found the root of my problem
it was not a root
it was a thorn
a long short prickley thorn

I removed the thorn then I replaced the tube then I aired up the tire
all as if I were grooming my horse
cleaning its shoes
getting something out of my horse's hoof that was impeeding its ability to run as it should

the grooming process is more than just maintenance
the grooming process is a bonding process

just as with the horse
it is important for a rider to get to know their bike
last night I got to be better acquainted with my jamis single speed

after the flat repair I went ahead and replaced the chain
not that I needed to replace the chain
but I thought I should
I am a bit of a beast
so by Spearmint's recommendation I went with a fat BMX chain for this single speed
this KMC chain is fat
I had my hesitations with this massive chain with its chainsaw like links... but it seemed to fit into place
it definitely seemed more solid than the skinny little weight winnie chain that came with the bike

it was a short grooming procedure
there were the standard delays in finding the right size tube, the floor pump, and a chain tool other than the crank brother's multi-tool
but it all came together in the end
giving me a closer bond with this moderately new bicycle
a bicycle that is still somewhat left out of the rotation
a bike that has been raced more than it has been ridden
a bike that is scheduled to be raced again with the singles speeds this Wednesday at Wakefield

I am not sure if that picture is of Seabiscuit
picture by bruce of me at wakefield
2007 W@W Results

jay moglia... dc messenger

all terrain reminds me....

this plug for all terrain on graceful edge reminds me of something from the other night...

the other night at the Manu Chao/Thievery Corp show at Merriweather I was trying to entertain myself in a long slow moving line for beer

while in line I chatted up the woman behind me

in our short small talk exchange the topic of malaria came up

the topic of the peace corps blended into the topic of malaria

peace corps people often like to bring up the peace corps

well... this story of malaria blended from peace corps to this month's issue of
National Geographic and its cover story on malaria
this woman was transitioning into the chase away story about her husband
which was funny....
as her husband's mosquito netting project in Africa was mentioned in this article
while my father was quoted in this article multiple times

small world...
I did not bring up the topic

not sure if she brought that topic up to anyone else

weird synergy

watched bridge to terabithia

watched bridge to terabithia last night with the boys

it had been a full weekend with trips to the park, swimming pools, and bicycle rides
so some time with a bowl of microwave popcorn and a movie seemed like a fair way to wind down the weekend

the movie came well recommended by other parents with children of similar ages

we popped some of that microwave kettle corn and dimmed the lights for that full movie experience
bonus... kettle corn!

the movie was fantastic
my eyes have not been so clean since big fish
I was warned it was a tear jerker so I just started crying with the previews and did not stop until the ending credits

once the film was over it was time for bed
six year old dean crashed out fast
while three year old grant was somewhat tramatized by the film
he could not sleep
he could not be alone
he could not be rationalized with
he could only be comforted with companionship

A Gwadzilla Archive about the death of a close friend who died while on his bicycle
his loss was a sad loss to so many
he was one of my best friend's brothers
he was family to me
I remember he was burried the same day my brother got married
it was tough for my life to be moving forward while his stopped in place
I still do not understand death


manu chao rocked

manu chao rocked merrieweather

manu chao on the wiki page
me gusta tu on you tube
(or is that tuba tu?)

so stoked that lisa and I got out to experience that show
it was great to get out and dance
looks like they are smiling with the crowd in bost
on tonight

remember crosstalk?

remember crosstalk?

peter nichols is showing his skills in a cervelo commercial
on cervello tv
the film by peter is 13.5
(select Peter N-thirteen.five)
then there is a vote
his film is fantastic
I am going to watch some more
and then vote
(I will try to fight my bias towards local boy)

there is a subtle use of a track by Fort Knox Five in that piece
to bring it full circle to my weekend
rob from fort knox five played with Thievery last night on guitar and sitar
while sid and steve of fort knox five are also the dj dup of thunderball who also played last night at merriweather
the music of manu chao has been stuck in my head all day
in a good way
I did not catch Sid or Steve on the speakers or the megatron
but Rob was super slick on the big screen!

results... we do not do it for results... we do it for the experience

do not do it for the results

do it for the experience

the results only tell part of the tale
just the tale of the tape
the experience is something more
the experience is the moment and so many moments leading into that moment

we like results
results tell us something

the results also help us to relive the moment
while also aiding to build for better moments and also better results

just looked at my results from last week's wednesday at wakefield
starting to wonder about the results from the 12 hours of cranky monkey that took place today
I was not at the cranky monkey event today
my brother and an assortment of dcmtb racers were there
part of me wanted to be there
while part of me did not care

I have always liked looking at the results

W@W#1 6PM Results

W@W#1 7PM Results

I think I am too tired to crunch the numbers
it is all very confusing to me

Cranky Monkey Results

slow sunday morning...

it is a slow sunday morning
the kids are still at my mom's from their sleep over
lisa is out walking brutus
I am just out of bed
simply sipping coffee, blogging, and waking up

last night lisa and I went to a show at Merriweather Post Pavillion
I am not sure
but, I do not think I have been there in 20 years
the last time I was there I must have been 20
I think I turned 20 on that night
it was a New Order show...
I went on my friend Damien's ticket... he did not show
he got hit by a car on the coastal highway in Ocean City and died at 11:45 that night
last night I was at Merriweather for Thievery Corp with Manu Chao
what a show!

Thievery was fantastic
it was a hoot to see my buddy rob on the MEGATRON
TC of ESL put on a stellar performance
then Manu Chao came in with that Latino Ska energy and rocked the house
everyone was stuck in pogo mode

The Manu Chao headline brought in a colorful crowd
Thievery brings in the DC Internationalists
Manu Chao brought in the Lation Immigrants
there was of course a good representation of White Bread
but more than likely a move diverse crowd than Merriweather usually experiences
not all Euro, not all Frat by, not all whatever

right now...
right now there are so many people several laps into EX2Adventures 12 hours of cranky monkey
the race started at 8am... the racers are already several laps into it
no way I could have bounced around to latino ska like a hairless qbert then raced today

I am totally stoked I got to experience the Manu Chao show
great energy!
good to get out!
good to get out and dance!


snakes, hornets, bees, wasps, and saddam

some things are best left alone...

in my life of hiking and biking I have encountered all sorts of animals out on the trail
for the most part I take a look and keep on rolling

if the amimal in the trail is threatened by me and my riding buddies we will work our way around the live obstacle
if the animal on the trail is a threat to the people on the trail... like an east coast rattle snake... we group and move around the deadly snake
warning other trail users as they approach the area where the snake was spotted

not trying to catch or kill the poisonous snake
respecting it and giving it space
not even trying to chase it off
knowing all the while that the snake is neither evil nor aggressive

most snake bites occur when people are trying to catch or kill the snake
give the snake some space and get on with your day

the same goes for hornets, bees, and wasps

for the most part hornets, bees, and wasps can be avoided
but... there is a time when they build a nest in close proximity to my home or the trails where I travel
so I create a plan
I do not just grab a stick and start poking
I create a plan
a plan that is set up like a chess game... thinking a few moves ahead

I go home and I regroup
I get some cans of hornet spray
usually I get more than I need
cause I do not want to be stuck out there without finishing the job
I go in there and plan my attack
there are instructions on the can
I read these instructions before hand and follow them as best I can
and I leave an out
an escape plan

it is pretty easy
the throwing of rocks at the nest may damage the nest and aggitate the hornets
but this will not solve the problem
it will make the dormant hive become active and aggressive
attacking and stinging anything that appears to be a threat
the live hornets will remain even if the nest is knocked from the tree
that is why it must be done quickly and done properly
cause I do not want these hornets to just swarm away to bulid another nest
if I want them dead I want them dead

are the hornets a threat to me?
if they build a nest in my kid's clubhouse or if they set up shop on the heavily traversed trail yes
but... it the hornets are off doing their thing away from me I just let them be
as the hornets like the snake are not evil or aggressive

and saddam?
and anyone seen Bin Laden lately?

crocs, fashion, and the president

an article in yesterday's Washington Post
the fashion and function of crocs for the bicycle riding president

I am not such a big fan of the current president
nor am I very excited about the current administration
I have no problem with his use of Crocs as a pre-mountain bike ride shoe selection
nor do I have any issue with our president staying young by staying on the bike

but I have one question...
oklay... I have many questions
has there been any positive backlash to having a mountain biking president?
has there been an increase in funding towards heath and fitness?
are there any bike programs in schools because of this president?
are there more mountain bike trails being built?
does the current administration have urban programs to get kids on bikes and then out on the trails?

I do not think so
heck... I do not think that the soldiers in Iraq/Afganistan have bicycles as tools in situation where these vehicles would be an asset to our troops

I live under two miles from the White House
from where I sit there has not been any change in growth in the mountain bike trail system in this area

less than ten miles from the White House is Fort Dupon/Fort Circle
these are legal mountain bike trails
primative mountain bike trails
this would be a great place to build a mountain bike specific cross country park
put in some "man made"
berm some turns
a few cross country bridges
leave a few natural obstacles
but what is there?
there is not much more than the law saying it is okay to ride there
not much more

I am not saying that there needs to be a big jump park... just a place for people to build some skills
then if popularity grew... it would be awesome to have a federally funded indoor cross country skills park like Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park

there are public basketball courts, there are soccer fields, there are plenty of baseball and softball fields
why is it that there is not more attention to mountain biking options?


jill is doing it again

jill is doing it again

I wonder if jill has ever seen this 24 solo film?

I am gonna get me one of them on DVD
just loaned out Off Road to Athens and Roam
great films
great films in the theater
great films on the trainer
the three times a winter I ride the trainer

saw this guy as I stumbled the Internet like a sailor on leave

saw this meez.com thing at

now I want to eat hummus
I have hot sauce
but no hummus

is animated gif moved
I wonder if scaling that image down will still allow it to move?

not the most moving... but often the most memorable Baraka has much more thought provoking situations... the cigarette rolling factory?

dc is not boulder

dc is not boulder

in dc everyone has a stick up their ass
the cyclists... they have a bike seat up their ass
a bike seat is better than a stick
still not good

dc could use some programs to entice more people to cycle as a mode of transportation
dc could use a program to explain to people how to drive around cyclists (and pedestrians)

boulder has some signs and some road markings that dc could learn from
the behavior of the drivers is also better than the dc area
the drivers are not perfect
there is fast and aggressive driving
but people seem to have a better understanding of space

dc is uncivilized like that
people tend not to respect each others space
people tend not to respect each other
dc is not a civil city

boulder seems more civilized than dc
sure boulder is not perfect
but there may certainly be a reason mork chose to land his egg in boulder instead of dc

boulder cycling campaign
oh man... the thai pie from nick and willies
dc could use a nick and willies
mount pleasant would do well with a nick and willies... franchise opportunity
any one?

dc has room for improvement
I think dc has potential
but it will definitely take some work
we would all be better for it

here are a few simple ideas...
bicycle programs in schools
I am not sure what WABA does
but I think that there should be bicycle classes in school just like there is health and home economics
a bicycle class could be so many things

everyone should learn to ride a bicycle
that is primary
then... everyone should know about bicycle safety
now... there is bicycle class for the advanced
you could go from the bike 101 to
bicycle repair 202 and bicyce riding for fun 202
economically this is a sound concept...
inexpensive transport for the young
inexpensive healthy transport for the yound

then... with the repair concept
the people who ride bikes will also know how to fix them
it always bewildered me how someone could take a 60 dollar huffy to a bike shop for two flat repairs
cause with tubes and labor you could go to walmart and get yourself half way to another 60 dollar bike

while we are in school
we can let this notion of bicycle education drift into driver's education
how many days in the semester of driver's education are devoted to proper behavior when driving around a cyclist?
how many films?
how many pages in the handbook?
how many questions on the test?
from the way people are driving... not enough would answer all the questions
none is more than likely that sad by true answer

I am rambling
a little frustrated
was just toubleshooting the television
cable is giving picture
but blurpy audio
was trouble shooting it
gave up and decided to just watch the dvd that was showing that the television will give sound and image from the dvd player
watching baraka
baraka on the wiki page

granny gear added photos to their results

granny gear's results from the 2007 24 Hours of Big Bear

that is kent and myself all the way viewer left
finishing 2nd in Men's Vet
8th overall

granny gear is not as popular as it once was
not as popular as it once was to the fast people
not as popular over all

at one point in time the Trek East Coast Factory Team duked it out with the Cane Creek pros for an exciting contest
now with no grand purse
there are far fewer fast people at these races

I would think that the word about the quality of this course would start bringing the people back
but... the field did not grow from the year prior
in fact... I think I my Men's Vet Team from last year finished 8th overall last year as well

yesterday I sent in an article for SPOKES magazine on the topic of Big Bear
it was not an easy article to write
so much to say... so much to cover
too many words
not enough said

some random bitching...

baby talk...
I have never been much for baby talk
not to my boys when they were babies
not to my wife when we were young and in love

sure there may be some pet names
definitely some nicknames
sure an occassional cute this or cute that
but the institution of baby talk into the understanding of the world?
the reinforcing of a mispronunciation?
correct it... get past it... move on
I am not sure
I do not think so

today I ran into a friend along with the younger of his two daughers
a child the same age as my younger son
I asked her a few questions
to which the father answered all*
then they told me they were going to see the "moo moo"
I asked, "the what?"
it turns out it was the cow at the zoo

*I try to let my kids answer their own questions
if they are being shy or aloof I will chime in or try to draw them out

funny that the children of a journalist and an english professor do not know that the animal is a cow

that pisses me off as much as moms calling all small dogs puppies
or dads mislabeling the animals at the zoo
yes... I told my kids that the washington monument was a rocket ship
but... I promise I will correct that and other misinformation before they go off to college

and I am not above telling the mom at the aquarium that the fish are full grown and not "baby fish"

and I am also helpful enough to direct the dad's to the signs at the zoo that name the animals and tell where they are from to aid in their educating their children

no time?

I find it humorous when people tell me they do not have time or that they are too busy

single people or kid-less adults hate to hear from those of us with kids how busy we are
but more than that
I hate to hear from them how busy they are
I have a dog, two kids, a wife, a fulltime job
I am a lush
I am a blogger.... a compulsive blogger!
I ride and race bikes on a level just above sport
and there is more

you have time
make it happen
stop telling me you are busy
you do not even have a fish
your 40 hour a week job takes the same amount of time as anyone else's 40 hour a week job

even if you get paid more or are a more important cog in the machine than I am
40 hours is 40 hours to the CEO or to the janitor cleaning the toilets

gary's photos from wednesday at wakefield number one

gary ryan has posted some photos from wednesday at wakefield one gary's too fat to race blog gary ryan's mountain bike gallery

this sounds fantastic!

the graceful edge has a gatorade smoothie recipie

Strawberry Mango smoothie
1 cup of chopped mango
1 frozen banana
½ cup of ripe strawberries
1 cup of orange Gatorade

Add all ingredients in blender. Combine until smooth.
Serves 2.

and of course...
there is the GWADZILLA GATOR-RAGE version
where you pour some RED BULL into the mix!

this weekend

this weekend

this weekend we are dropping the kids off at my mothers for a sleep over
then we are going out with the kids at merriweather

should be a good show
a great collection of acts

thievery always puts on a great show
manu chao got strong reviews in the post's weekend section
the other acts are also strong DJs
was bummed when I talked to my buddy rob
I had thought that Thunderball was doing a live instrument/live singer act.... but it will be Sid and Steve doing the DJ thing
it would have been such a great showcase for their live performance
either way
it should be a great time

wonder if I will be the oldest guy there?

manu chao myspace


over at bikecentric

I dropped this image over at bikecentric

saw becky at wakefield
she mentioned the shot
thought it was worth sharing here

I was curious to talk with rickyd about what happened on wednesday
was it the bike
was it the body
was it just not there that day
thought ricky would want to try and put his tires in the top five slot
heck... I wanted to be in the top ten
sure I know the top three is already determined by the top five

wonder what happened to rickyd?
was it the bike?
was it the body?
was it the day?

saw lots of people racing in the SSOFT Kit at Wakefield

it is hard to wear more than one hat

it is hard to wear more than one hat

it is hard to go to an event
enjoy the event
while also running around playing photographer

after the races with the rapidly dropping light
I tried to satisfy my desire to be social along with my desire to snap pictures
if I were a photographer the pictures would be better
but since I am just a guy with a camera

this is what I ended up with

got some shots of the city bikes crew

then some random shots or random people
while chatting with libbey and chris
I got a few shots of them

sorry the pictures are not better
it is hard to multi-task

the three sets of images capture something

ran into tim

ran into tim
took his picture
shot the shit

good to see tim

don't take life too seriously

I have a problem
well... I have many problems
one of my problems is I take myself too seriously
I need to relax
I need to let down my guard

it is good to let go
it is good to let out a good laugh

it is good not to take life too seriously
people take life too serious

I need to relax
I am a Type A Slacker
that is not a good thing

I was once told that I could take the fun out of wiffle ball

larry camp has a great write up from last night's wednesday at wakefield
that photo is from last year by gary ryan

now I am obsessing over whether it is "don't take life too seriously" or "don't take life too serious"

a sad weekend for the extended cycling family in the east

life it not to be taken lightly
life is to be honored and appreciated
even those of us that love our lives do not always honor them

life is risky
live at your own risk

it was a sad weekend for the for the extended cycling family on the east coast
two racers died while involved in two different races
neither died from a crash
both died from heart failure

one on road one on mountain
there was a death at the crystal city classic in a road race
then another death at the in a mountain bike race

then a retired professor had an accident on a sidewalk or a multiuse path
that accident resulted in death

life is dangerous
live at your own risk

love life
honor life

my heart goes out to the friends and family of these people who have died
to me these are just stories
I do not know them
so there is no great sadness
yet I can empathize
most certainly there are many people in great pain after each individual loss

my neighbor chris raced in the crystal city event and worked in a shop with ben pritchard
we are a small community
I know many people have lost a friend

park ave bike shop
-where ben worked
picture on the sologoat page of ben
some words about the passing from a friend of ben's on pink bike

there is stuff on the death of keith mitchell
here is a blog entry, yeagerreport.blogspot.com that touches on the death within a race report from the crystal city classic
wash post obit

life is not to be taken lightly
and no
this is not the time for me to get on my soap box saying to slow down your cars and put down your guns

gary has some shots from W@W

Gary Ryan takes some great action photography!
some gary shots from W@W

Wednesday at Wakefield

Last night PVC hosted their first race in their summer series Wednesday at Wakefield (W@W)
there was some threat of summer showers
every summer the W@W events are threatened by summer showers
but... a morning rain did no damage and the races went on as planned

for some strange reason I tried to take the fun out of things by racing in the Single Speed Class at 6PM then with the Clydesdales at 6:55
it is a close finish to start situation
but it can be done

I car pooled with my neighbor Chris McGill
we cruised in style in the HOV lane
arrived with plenty of time to register, put the number on my bike, realize I had a slow leak on my Single Speed, pumped things up, and started the race

the Single Speed race is pretty cut throat
the top ten are all fighting for the hole shot
everyone after that is scrapping for respect
passing is neither free nor easy

I was digging the Single Speed race
feeling pretty solid on the bike
having no issues
but the rear tire was losing air pretty fast
half way through the second lap I had to stop and hit the back tube with some C02

the few minute stall lost me nearly a dozen spots
but.... I was back on the trail and back to racing
it was tough to regain position
managed to pass a handful of people that had passed me

it was tough to focus on finishing the Single Speed race as I tried to factor my finish time so that I could line up with the Clydesdales

in the end there were no worries...

I was able to finish the Single Speed with at least 90 seconds to head down to the start of the Clydesdale event

once on the course with the Clydesdales I was feeling the effects of the summer heat, previous three laps, and the fact that it was dinner time and I had not eaten
I was being tailed by Doug aka Clydesdale Lite
he was gunning for the number one slot
for nearly two complete laps he allowed me to set the pace

when he finally passed I let him go
as it was more important to focus on my feel on the bike that finishing first
Doug was within site
but not within reach
the legs were losing power
the legs were losing strength
I crawled across the finish
I was pleased with my efforts

will be interesting to see the lap times
gears versus single
first race versus last

both races had the passing blues
the first race there were all sorts of beginners on the trail
some younger than others
all difficult to pass

the clydesdale race had its passing woes as well

not sure of the lap times
but I think I was 14th in Single Speed and 2nd in Clydesdale
wanted top ten in Single Speed and 1st in Clydesdale
but that is just not how things played out

after the race there was the classic mixing and mingling
all sorts of faces crawl out of the gutter for this event
there were bike lane bums, single speed outlaw scammers, pedal shop punks
and all sorts of unattached freaks
all sorts of people making the scene for what is the dc metropolitain area mountain biker's version of a softball game
I did not make it to Kilroys.... but I did stay quite a bit after the race ended

some photos by lee from W@W#1

gary ryan was there with the camera
as well as some others

DC... a history of the All Ages Shows!

Washington DC has a history of the ALL AGES SHOW!
music would not be what it is today if it were not for the enviroment in Washington DC that fostered what is known as the DC Hardcore Scene

Nirvanna? Foo Fighters? Dag Nasty rip off Blink 182? you name it!

in an effort to control behavior unassociated with music the DC Council is trying to instate summer curfew laws

dc council

Dante of the Black Cat has asked that people email the council members to VOTE NO on the the
"Youth Summer Emergency Amendment Act of 2007"

Vincent C. Gray
Carol Schwartz
David A. Catania
Phil Mendelson
Kwame R. Brown
Jim Graham
Pro Tempore Jack Evans
Mary M. Cheh
Muriel Bowser
Harry Thomas, Jr.
Tommy Wells
Yvette Alexander
Marion Barry