it is saturday morning

it is saturday morning
I am not in my car
I am not driving down to Richmond
I am not participating in the Exterra Mountain Bike Event today
it hurts

last night I played the course over and over in my head
I remembered all sorts of pleasure and all sorts of pain
the uniqueness of the urban surrounding
the energy of the various events of the day
the challenge of such a technical course tucked right in downtown Richmond
it made me crave that race experience again
but I am not there

had to weigh the scales
the body is still a little worn from last weekend at the 24 hours of big bear
still a little tired
on the bike my legs felt rather sluggish
but... honestly... the body steps up for race day
the body would have been fine
nothing that can of Red Bull could not correct
the real issue pertains to other aspects of life
with the family visiting the grandparents in pittsburgh I have a few days to play with powertools without any diminutive assistants

so I am choosing to work on the basement, the garage, and the backyard while they are gone
managed to do some solid cleaning in the basement with the assistance of my friend chris
moved some bikes, frames, and wheels out of the basement and into the garage
tossed some trash
shuffled some junk
then last night I started in on a flower box project
could have hammered through the night
but ended at 9PM in an effort not to offend my neighbors
have yet to touch the garage

went to bed early
slept late

now it is time for action

by this time I could have had to been at the registration tent
then wandering around with a number on my bike and a number on my back waiting for the race to start
but I am not there
I am here

along with adult life there come a certain amount of responsibilities
there will be other races
in fact... I think there is a Wednesda at Wakefield race next week
so I will be racing my Single Speed soon enough


chris d said...

Want to say you missed a great race and no doubt you did, but the danger of urban trails ripped my tire and I was done in 45 seconds. Meet you someday.

The Old Bag said...

FINALLY the basement....