Lefty? yes... Lefty

yes... Lefty... you remember Lefty

anyone who attended a punk show in Washington DC in the mid 80's most certainly knew who Lefty was...

Lefty would be another prime canidate for a DC Punk Documentary

lets see what a GOOGLE brings up when I do a search for "DC Skinhead, Lefty"

Black Punk Time at Rocktober Magazine gave me this-

LEFTY - When D.C. produced Iron Cross, who many hail as the first American skinhead band, trouble was bound to follow. With D.C.'s Black majority population, Nazi-inspired skinhead racism wasn't going to be business a usual, and one of the ways this manifested itself was surprising. Amazingly, the leader of the early 80s D.C. Skins was not an Aryan, but Kendall Hall, a hulking Black woman, better known as Lefty. Adorned with swastikas, Lefty and her violent followers disrupted shows, stole Doc Martins off kids' feet, brawled with bikers, stomped Jews, gay bashed and most shockingly, supported Reagan. Iron Cross, denouncing their skinhead past, had an anti-Lefty song, "Wolf Pack," on their Hated and Proud ep. (JA)

Chris at EX Teenage Rebel seems to have some good stuff on this era of music and culture

Greg Barbera said this on Razorcakes.com-

I do remember characters like Lefty, the butch black skingirl (can you say oxymoron?)

I am surprised there is not more on the topic

I do not feel like digging through the skinhead pages on the net
as their anger and hatred is, was, and always will be so far from how I care to see the world

oddly enough
the gwadzilla archive comes up with a mention of Lefty from last September
my mind runs in circles
like a dog chasing its tail

who was she then?
where is she now?
it is all very curious

as for Skinheads
they were always known for having more hair than brains
most of them were wimps grasping for machismo in the mob
most could never stand strong alone
as for the bad asses... well... I am not sure why they wore the uniform
as it was a set of idea from another culture which made it more of a costume than a real life persona
sort of like a white suburban kid acting like they were brought up in Compton