fantastic film... scary world


before there was BECK... there was BMO

before there was BECK... there was BMO


this was on FACEBOOK.... thought I would share it here... 25 Things About Me!

25,000 Things About Me!
okay... 25 Things About Me
got to my blog for 25 Million Things About Me!

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

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25 Random things about me:

this is off the top of my head much like most of my thoughts
the answers are tangents
some answers are not so well thought out

on another day I would give a different set of answers
some answers that may contradict what I say here...

1. Let me start at the beginning... well... the beginning for me... I was born in Indiana and moved to suburban Boston and then suburban Atlanta before moving to suburban Washington DC for the start of second grade. I have lived in the DC area pretty much since childhood except for four and half years in college and a short stint in the west after college. I left part of me in the Rockies... maybe one day I will rejoin that part of me. Boise Idaho is always in the back of my brain

2. I went to catholic school for second to 8th grade. The experiences of these years are the basis for my disdain for organized religion. Perhaps my mother's obsession with religion was the holy icing on this holy cake. Catholic school was not so bad as most grade school experiences are traumatic to the child no matter what. The world is a scary place. The nuns were awesome in a weird abusive alien from another planet sort of way. The whole experience was like a bunch of characters in a John Irving book set in a small town in the 50's.

3. while following these tangents... I have some rules about religion... I would believe in god if god believed in me... okay... I admit that I believe in something... as a parent of two active boys prayer is part of everyday... as an outdoors men I am in awe of nature... I believe in something but it is not organized religion
I often joke that I have a deal with god: I don't go in his house and he does not go in mine. Every time I say that I fear that I am going to get struck by lightning... of course being knocked dead by the god that I do not believe in... again... hard to think past the doctrine that was jammed down my throat while I was a child and developing my impression of the world. Yes, it is true...
I am healing from the scars of the cult of Catholicism

4. I grew up with no real heroes and no real goals... I think I just figured life would work out... so far I am not entirely dissatisfied with the results... although I still wish that I had had heroes and had had goals. I will try to raise/nurture my children to have heroes and goals so that they can grow to be the people they wish to be.

5. I am a dreamer. I spend a great deal of my time day dreaming.

6. I love my sons Dean and Grant more than words can express. I tell them both that I love them everyday... I should tell my wife that I love her more often
I plan on hugging my children everyday I can for the rest of their lives. I should hug my wife when I get home from work.

7.I am Addicted to the Electronic world... if you are reading this you know enough about me to know this

8.I am the youngest of three... my older brother and older sister each have PhDs... I can hardly read... or at least I hardly read

9. I think that I thought that I would fly through this list... while instead I am snailing through it

10. I am a TYPE A SLACKER... we are a rare breed... a rare unhealthy breed

11. I love to travel. I would also love to live abroad with my family. Personally I think that my children would benefit greatly from the experience of living in another culture. The adversity would make them stronger and the gains are too many to list. I fear that my kids could be effected by the ugliness of American (United States) Culture... one of the best ways to protect them would be to remove them from it.

12.My dog Roscoe was my best friend... his death or more so his absence in my life still gives me great sadness as does the sadness of a long list of friends who died too early in life. Roscoe died a few years ago in the summer... he was 8 when he died. Roscoe was a good dog... well a little mischievous at times... perhaps I gave him too much leash... but he was my buddy and I miss him and my relationship with him

13. It is not uncommon for me to cry during movies or maybe a re-run of the sit com FULL HOUSE... I think it is healthy for people to cry from time to time. I also cry at work sometimes.
An email from a friend just arrived... his dog died... I am crying now. Rest in Peace Rocky. Rocky was a good dog. Rocky will be missed.

14. I tend not to do what is best for me

15. I always wanted to learn to play guitar... my non nurturing up bringing in my father's house was not supportive of my interests. My father's goal was for me to fit into the parameters of his self designed box. Junior year of high school I played JV soccer, ran winter track, and played varsity volleyball not so much for the love of sport but as a reason to not go home after school. I also went to the library every night... not to study... but to get out of the house. Senior year was very similar. (do I sound bitter? well, I am)

16. I am a junk food junkie... I eat it all and lots of it... NECCO Wafers and Circus Peanuts! YOU NAME IT! Twizzlers are part of my food pyramid.

17. I try not to have regrets, but in my life there have been many days that I had wished that never happened.

18. I have never fit in, at a young age I came to accept that. It has worked out for me just fine, but there were definitely some tough moments... there are still tough moments.

19. I have spent way too much time on this list... I spend way too much time on FACEBOOK... I spend way too much time on the computer

20. I am a complicated person

21. I have a chip on my shoulder. I try to diminish it... but it keeps growing back

22. In my youth I was a naturally gifted runner. Soccer was my main sport which gave me fitness for running. I could run under a five minute mile, a fifty second quarter mile, and many sub six minute miles in a row. In my twenties I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in three hours and 36 minutes. In college I played Div III soccer for all four years. In high school I was the anchor on the mile relay in winter track... when I told the coach I would not be running in the spring because I wanted to play volleyball he refused to give me the track pin for my letter. It was tough to explain... that even if I did not play volleyball I could not run on the track team with the jock assholes from the football team

23. I love my brother and sister very much. My brother is my best friend... even if we ocaasionally get on each others nerves. My sister and I do not have the best relationship... but we are working on it.

24. When I was younger one of my favorite things to do was to go out and dance. I have always been self conscious of myself when I dance which makes it hard to go out and dance... but not everything we enjoy comes easy to us.

25. I still do not know what I want to be when I grow up

I had considered two different things for this list...
1-I was going to CUT AND PASTE things from other people's lists that applied to me... while still crediting them
because so many people said stuff that I felt I could identify with and because I knew that this list would be a pain in the ass

2-I also considered just putting my blog address for all 25 spots
near cunningham falls
this was years ago
lisa was pregnant with grant
I pulled both lisa and toddler dean up and down the trail to the frozen falls
the dogs ran off trail in the deep powder

IOWA passes a bill that makes common sense the law when dealing with cyclists on the road

IOWA passes a bill that makes common sense the law when dealing with cyclists on the road


I could not even read the comments
for people to object to common sense is ludicrous
it frustrates me to even considering giving their thoughts time and respect

laws are made because people are too dim to understand the obvious
laws are made because people are too selfish to respect the rights of others



their mission statement is RISE ABOVE by Black Flag


Matt of Real Courier

Matt the other half of REAL COURIER

another shot of Ray!

nice rims...

Up the sidewalk by Malcom X Park and then on Capital Hill

snapped this shot on my way home
just finishing a vigorous cross town ride
trying to make the lights
trying to cross town at a solid pace
not trying to be stupid
just trying to get across town

taking the sidewalk on this stretch of 16th Street is the considerate thing to do unless the sidewalk is mobbed or I am willing to push the speed
in the evening this stretch of road moves at an obnoxious highway speed
for a few blocks
then I pass a good majority of the idiots and assholes behind the wheel over where Columbia and Harvard cross 16th

in the morning I try to avoid 16th
there is no real good way to take 16th in the morning
it is like sprinting through a parking lot
on and off the sidewalk I try to be considerate of the pedestrians while staying clear of the anxious and obnoxious car traffic

faded in the background in the upper left hand corner of the second shot you can see the Capitol Building
bad lighting shooting in the shadows makes for a flat snap shot

gap in traffic...


Eddie Eamon

classic photograph of an old friend
no... I did not take that

what is that 1983?

pleasant way to start the morning...

my commute is short
the ride is not long enough to constitute a work out
yes... there is the notion that life is cumulative
but it is more a matter that the bicycle is the vehicle that makes the most sense
my commute is easily a non cyclist's bike ride
no... it is not so much about being green
nor is it the effort to be healthier or fitter
it is just that the bicycle makes sense

not sure why more people do not see this reality
the bicycle is already part of my life so perhaps it is easier for me to read the writing on the wall

there are advantages to travel by bike
the world is a different place to those of us on bike than to those locked within their cages
we interact with the world around us
and we often get a chance to interact with others
we also find things... dropped things... cool things
but more often then finding something cool you have the opportunity to make contact with someone

in a car a person may see an old friend or a familiar face then email them about it later
on the bike personal contact can be made
in the car a person may see another and yearn to make contact
while on the bike there are less barriers
there is a greater opportunity to make contact
that person running, that friend headed to the Metro, or those friends having drinks on the sidewalk cafe
in the car so much of that goes on unnoticed

being on the bike connects me with the city
the bike connects me to the streets, the buildings, and the people
the camera can start the conversation
sometimes I just start the conversation anyway
I am curious about people
especially people on bikes

earlier this week I encountered a young woman on a fixed gear
I am not sure about other people who ride bikes but I look at anyone and everyone on bike
even before the whole BLOG/PHOTO thing I looked at each passing bike and its rider
I look at what they are riding and how they are riding it
over time I will see the same people around town
over the years I watch strangers grown and change or at least change bikes
I often fill in the blank of who they are and what they are doing
I am usually wrong
never even so close as to guestimate the sound of their voice

so the other morning when I was rolling down Mount Pleasant Street on my way into work I watched this young woman on her fixed gear

I tried to get an idea of how she would approach the variables in front of her
I tried to make sure that my trajectory did not intersect with hers
my path was towards the center line while she was riding more towards the right side of the road
as we approached a light turning yellow it was clear I would not make it before it turned red so I began to coast
the Metro bus ahead of us pivoted to the right taking up the center lane and the parking lane as it picked up passengers
this young woman on the fixie accelerated towards the center lane around the bus rather than slowing down or getting pinned in between the side of the bus, the curb, and the people trying to get on the bus
the rider on the fixie stopped at the red light and the impassable morning rush hour traffic coming up the Irving Street Speedway

I stopped along side of her and offered a morning greeting
she must be from out of town because she did not spray me with mace nor did she make a face
she must be from out of town because she responded back with a good morning and a smile
the light turned green and we progressed further
our morning hello moved naturally into conversation
a short exchange about this and that
before I went right down Columbia she made mention that my Surly Karate Monkey was "a nice build"
her word usage sounded so "bike"
although I am not sure if I had heard the collection of words that form the concept of "a nice build"
but I did know that this statement revealed that she knew a thing or two about bikes
well... the comfort on the fixie and the observation of the bike and the use of the words "a nice build"
the Surly is not a bike out of a box and the Karate Monkey is a frame that can accept a variety of incarnations
the Karate Monkey can go gears, single, or fixed
the Karate Monkey is as much a utilitarian city bike as it is a bike for the woods
the frame is wide enough for the 29er Knobbies
which of course would allow any 700c variety

the camera was in my pocket but I did not snap a shot
there was time to pull the camera from my pocket
instead I just let it roll
our direction or our pace broke the conversation
which was fine
my focus was really just getting across town so I can get to work
anything else is just a sidebar

then days later... this morning in fact...
I was traveling the same route and roughly the same time of day when I rolled up behind that same familiar form
only it was not so familiar... this time she was not on her fixie...
she was on a Surly Cross Check with drop bars and bar con shifters
ah... she is familiar with the Surly
the bike that is not so much a built bike from a shop
but a bike that is built through the purchase of a frame and various parts
parts by the selection of the buyer

Surly is a poor man's custom bike
the bikes have a solid reputation for being bullet proof
I have only owned the Monkey but I have heard flattering reviews of any and all other frames by Surly that people have bought with the QBP Catalog

enough on the Surly... back to my random rant from the morning ride
funny... typing this is taking longer than the whole encounter
with all the times I have been pulled away to cook for my kids or play another hand in Scrabble on Facebook
where was I?

so almost immediately I recognize her and I guess she recognizes me
I am not quite stealth and well... I have an okay memory for certain things
there was a greeting where I made mention of her bike that day
I felt that she had misrepresented herself
just when you think you know someone...
I had drawn this mental picture of this person on a fixed gear and now I see her pushing gears

then she alerted me that I was also on a different bike
I had not noticed that I was on a different bike on this day as well

she was not on her fixie and I was not on my single speed
we were both pushing gears

our path continued the same direction for pretty much for the same short duration
as again it is morning
there is not always time to slow for more than a hello
focus needs to be on the task at hand... getting to work... and getting to work on time

again I had the camera... again I did not take a photograph
my guess is I will see her again
I will get more of the story and maybe even a picture

people who draw make me feel guilty for not drawing...

my friend Pat has a clever wit

his stuff cracks me up

I need to make some ideas hit the paper

pedal power washing machine...

a pedal power washing machine

this is a good idea

more things should operate like this

I would be a much stronger cyclist if I was forced to pedal the energy for my BLOGGER and FACEBOOK TIME

snagged this from my friend heather from here

out of retirement... the bike not the rider



nice air chris...

nice air chris!

need to catch up with chris and his recent posts another time
right now I need to go to bed

a glance at the photos makes me want to give the words the time that they deserve


funny... I remember Chris on a BMX bike
but I had no idea that he could do this shit
I just thought... who the fuck is this crazy courier on a bmx bike
that mental image is old and faded

chris has bike in his blood
bike... any and all bike
I have always wanted him to take his passion to the mountain bike
last season he dabbled in cyclocross
I think chris would explode if he got a taste for the mountain bike

I love bikes
mountain biking has to be the best of the best

oh... cyclocrossers rolling their eyes

oh... the Burritto Brother's shot is awesome!
that was back when a burrito was like 3.25!

the Langster...

the Langster... a pretty cool bike out of the box!

I ride where and how that makes things most safe for me... the car drivers around me are not concerned with my well being

Drivers would have to give bicycles full use of a lane if the road isn’t wide enough for both a bike and a vehicle, for example, and give bikes at least five feet of space when passing.


I need to read this later
right now it is making me angry

chain free

chain free...

perhaps not as attractive
but more than likely not as pricey as the Biomega product

Real Courier

what Zize are you?

almost a good shot

had I been shooting with the G10 we would be looking at a different photograph

got an email from Jack...

got an email from Jack today...
my guess is that email is not the backbone of his operation

met jack selling his art on the sidewalk when I was in New Orleans with the family a few months back
I have yet to frame the scans of his paper cut art
but they are displayed in the dining room

Gwadzilla Archive with mention of Jack Wittenbrink
the archive always amuses me...
because the first archived post to show will be this one
and it has yet to be posted


the Tri Cross with Riserbars... the Nova went that way... my Specialized will also go that way

SOLD OUT! Gripped Films Movie Night is Sold Out

Gripped Movie Night is SOLD OUT
Thursday February 26th, 8:30pm
Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse

if you do not have a ticket...
save yourself the trip

ah... calendar girls

and the flickr page of SWEENDO

although I never knew Kevin Black... I am still sad

Kevin Black... a cyclist and a father... killed on his commute to work
and more specifically

I want to go home and hug my kids
oh... they are at school

The Man on the Wire

my son Dean just came over to ask me a question
is this story true
I looked at the book before I answered

The Man Who Walked Between the Wires

we are watching the trailer
I want to see the movie

you can read the book on GOOGLE BOOKS
well... I have the book so I did not page past the title
maybe you get a sample in GOOGLE BOOKS

HOV in Amsterdam

High Occupancy Vehicle in Amsterdam

I have known Scott for a long long time...


his name is Scott... sometimes I call him Scotty
I am not sure if he answers to Scotty

Scott has never seen my blog
well... as far as I know Scott has never seen my blog
we have spoken about my blog but I am not sure if he has seen it
much like many people who do not use a computer as part of their work
the computer is not really part of Scott's life

Scott and I caught up
it is good to catch up with Scott
Scott and I have known each other for a long time
over two decades long

Scott told me a story of something that had happened just a block from where we stood
it was a few years back
back when it was Senator Obama
not President Barack Obama
not president elect... not presidential canidate... not potential presidential canidate
back when it was just Senator Obama

apparently Senator Obama was out on a run during lunch when
Scotty saw him
Obama looked one way and then the other and then went to step forward
Obama almost stepped out into the cross walk in front of a fast moving car until Scott gave him a shout that caused him to stop his progression rather than getting flattened

Scott thinks he may have saved Obama's life
I like to think that Scott may have saved the world

yes... I believe

I have a story of nearly getting run over while on the bike by Ted Kennedy as he rolled through a stop sign in his blue mini van
there is another story of me and my two wheeled machine nearly running over Tip O' Neil's toe
inches from his red irish nose and head of thick silver hair I gave him a loud AFTERNOON TIP
without hesitation and without any tone of surprise, shock, or anger that I was inches from me he gave and equally loud and friendly HEY YA... HOW YA DOING?
there was the time when I shared an elevator with Tricky Dick
it shocked me how short Richard Nixon was... I had a Polaroid Land Camera in my pack
no I am not that old... it was something I had purchased at a thrift store and was giving to my sister
it had a fresh battery and some black and white pack film
it was tested and loaded
but I did not pull it out because two reasons... in the wrong light there is not shot with the Land Camera...
and I feared that pulling out this odd old camera would get me more attention from the Capital Hill Police that I wanted

my sister turned the camera into a pin hole camera
not sure how that worked for her

these are the stories of the streets of Washington DC
these are the people we see in dc
in hollywood you see movie stars
in dc you see politicians

Chris Gilmore and his cardboard creations

Chris Gilmore and his Cardboard Creations


excuse me... I think we decided to call them the rubber band shooters

I was never much for QUEEN

Stormtroopers... I WANT TO RIDE MY BICYCLE


send this cycling mom to africa

rate this mom high
send her to africa


another shot of that tall bike

it is really quite a site... I would love to film a pack of these things cruising the city streets
maybe to the soundtrack of The Doors Roadhouse Blues

let it roll...

(velvet revolver cover of Roadhouse Blues)

checking stuff out around the web...

found this here

snagged a friend from college's FACEBOOK profile shot

Hear Mount Pleasant!

Hear Mount Pleasant!

I love that sign
!Mariachis Si!
es una buena idea!

when I lived on Lamont Street I was ready to petition for a warning sign MARIACHI CROSSING... but then there was the collapse of culture that came from the music ban

bring live music back to Mount Pleasant

Asylum II...

Asylum II


in the Post an article about some exercise bikes...

in The Washington Post

YOUTUBE of the video game PAPERBOY

saw this at Urban Velo

saw this at URBAN VELO

here is the soundtrack to the next scene when they park this bike out front of the hotel no tell


pushing a hard gear...



this I have to read!

after I read this I will head over to Urban Velo
tangents related
whether they like it or not

okay... I just read it
it was CRAP
total CRAP!
the basic gist was
the way to GET FAST WITHOUT TRAINING is to not use the WORD TRAINING!
make sure that you avoid that word
now... three days a week on a device called a TRAINER IS NOT TRAINING
hold on... this article was about TRAINING!
it sounded like a mellow TRAINING SCHEDULE for the Changing Seasons
the number of days on the bike and the number of hours on the bike... well... those sure sounded like TRAINING RIDES
but that term was not used...

come on...
it turns out things are true all around
if it sounds too good to be true then... it is more than likely too good to be true
as it turns out the only way to get faster is to TRAIN
I too hate that T WORD
but I ride hard... and I try to ride often
even if I do not use the T word
it is a form of TRAINING
even if it is not with a coach and a powertap

it was a fine article but they need to change the title: HOW TO GET FAST!