Ray Bones Rodriguez

Ray Bones Rodriguez
no mention of Ray BONES Rodriquez in the BONES Brigade autobiography
what is up with that?
what is the story here?

Ray Bones in the bowl in 1980

loved the Bone Brigade: An Autobiography
but like so many documentaries
it is not the entire story
all the details can disrupt the flow

life is complicated
not always as simple as a Hollywood movie

interesting talking to my old friend Mike Mapp aka Micro
then hearing about Ray Bones Rodriquez and the absence of any mention of him in this film


Day Two of the Salad Days Hardcore Battle of the Bands Reunion at the Black Cat

 "Salad days" is an idiomatic expression, referring to a youthful time, accompanied by the inexperience, enthusiasm, idealism, innocence, or indiscretion that one associates with a young person. More modern use, especially in the United States, refers to a person's heyday when somebody was at the peak of his/her abilities—not necessarily in that person's youth.

and also the last release by Minor Threat

yes... who WON this DC Hardcore Battle of the Bands Reunion?

the answer...
those that attended
and of course
those that performed in the bands on stage

better than "earth ball"
the game where everybody wins

snapped a good number of photos
but their were cameras and video recorders all around
so... this event was well documented enough that I did not need to do much more than snap a few shots for my own pleasure

more photos from the Salad Days Reunion Shows at The Black Cat on the GWADZILLA Facebook Page
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and of course
Salad Days Documentary on FACEBOOK

film makers of similar topics...

the maker of the DC Salad Days documentary striking a pose with the maker of Hardcore Norfolk Movie

Hardcore Norfolk

another local New Years's Day MTB Ride Option...

3rd Annual New Years Day Greenbrier MTB Ride

Shaft Drive?

after closer inspection... it is belt drive
belt driven?

DC's Battle of the Bands is Over!

a few random shots from the Salad Days Battle of the Reunion Bands this weekend at the Black Cat
more photos from the Salad Days Show on the Gwadzilla Facebook Page


for those about to rock... we salute you

Brian Baker
some how a symphony comes out of that one guitar
a beautifully angry complex symphony

Brian Baker playing with the original Dag Nasty line up
27 years later


the band possessed a power that possessed the crowd

smart phone video by Allen Wallace at the Black Cat Salad Days show 
Dag Nasty plays "Never Go Back" 27 years later

DC's Six Degrees of Separation may be a few degrees less than six

Brian Liu filming King Face at The Black Cat's Salad Days show

a message to Greg of WABA on FACEBOOK

the other day I ran into Greg of WABA
we exchanged Holiday Greetings and then went into basic "how ya doing?" small talk
then leapt into a quick discussion about traffic
bicycles and traffic
and urban design

I can not slow and stop for every person on the bike

this is an overly cropped shot that I took while stopped at a stop light in the car

Jake Starr

my old friend Jason aka Jake Starr

Jake Starr and The Delicious Fullness

Jake Starr on the Gwadzilla Page


Happy Birthday Nichelle!

no such things as "bad weather" just an issue with "bad gear choices"

the other day I pulled the parental "bait and switch"
I knew the boys wanted to go to the movies... 
I wanted to get the boys out on the bike

so... with a little grumpy discussion it happened


Urban Velo

Urban Velo

Tiny had the rights to the name Urban Cyclist
but I do not think he is doing anything with it



20 Years of Punk Rock... a film about the LA Hardcore Scene... music... history... whatever

funny... movies and song

movies and song can be read and understood at different levels
I find that as a person in a different stage of life I now understand certain movies and songs in different ways

always loved Endicott by Kid Creole and the Coconuts

in the same way I now view Henry Rollin's Family Man in a very different light
although he never became a "family man"
I bet he views the world differently than when he wrote and performed this

I like it
very Jim Morrison The Doors The End

image not originally from here... but stolen from here

Wolf Pack...


some fun videos here... maybe all personal jokes


these guys seem to be enjoying themselves

three key players in the Bike Arlington bicycle advocacy pedal powered machine
Bike Arlington on FACEBOOK

Sean on Eye Street... there is no J Street... Why?

is that the same shot with a different background in each frame?

small wheels and pink gloves

and lots of black...

Rodney Smith... DC Bicycle Messenger with a cargo rig

it is exhausting to ride a bicycle around town all day
it must be UBER EXHAUSTING to ride a bicycle pulling a trailer all day!

Rodney Smith
one of the handful of messengers who have found a niche doing larger downtown deliveries
Rod Smith on the Gwadzilla Page

I like this photo
love when the "scan and snap" gives me the cyclist in view and the background blurry

I can see how easily Alice Swanson was killed...

Alice Swanson died on the streets of Washington DC
she was riding her bicycle to work in the early am
mention of Alice Swanson on the Gwadzilla blog

I never knew Alice Swanson... I never will
but I am certain that a family gathered over the holidays
even among all the holiday cheer
I am certain that there was some sadness due to the void that Alice Swanson left 

my current work schedule has me up and out of the door in the early am
not insanely early but early just the same
it is early enough that the streets are nearly vacant
there are cars... trucks... and buses traversing the city
but no "traffic"

if DC had tumble weeds... they would be blowing down the middle of the road at this time of day

it is a strange time of the day
there is a certain type of lawlessness to it all
white vans... delivery trucks... buses... taxi cabs... and trash trucks move about the city a little bit too fast and a little bit too loose
I know.... my interactions with them are scary


Chris... as a rookie he answered to "hood ornament"

fast and furious
or maybe
fast and frantic
fast and frenzied
fast and freaky

8PM show... no opening act

The Evens at the Wilson Center this Sunday
a Benefit for NEXT STEP scholarship fund

a list...
top 50 albums

Woven History... Where Big Wheel Bikes once had its Eastern Market location

I was blown away by the BONES BRIGADE film

the Bones Brigade have a huge impact upon the the subculture I was a part of
but... I was dim to it
it was on my radar
but not in my VHS player

that may have inhibited my growth as a skateboarder
while having the inverse effect upon so many of my peers
these skaters and their moves and then their videos influenced a generation... well... a small subculture within a generation
with such a ripple effect that their efforts have changed the world

The Bones Brigade: An Autobiography
Stacy Peratla is AWESOME!
he molded these people as athletes and as human beings

a moment of silence for the loss of Stacy's 22 year old son Austin

Stacy is clearly an intensely loving individual
I am sorry for his loss
life has once again proven that it is not fair

SINGLETRACK THE MOVIE... a feature film with a skeletal plot of the mountain bike

yes... a feature film... not a documentary

check out the info about SINGLETRACK
the written word tells more than the video trailer
but watch the trailer just the same

if you feel so
support the project
make a donations

thanks for listening

I am not sure...

I am not sure if he told me he was a homeless vet...

in fact...
I am not sure of much

DC Bicycle Messenger...

photos of nothing are photos of something

where is this shot taken from?

missed the shot

but captured the expression of the rider after the intended photo opportunity

the basic shot of a biker in the bike lane with the US Capitol Building in the background

if you scroll down you will find a much more interesting shot at roughly the same spot... maybe a block down the road
and facing the opposite direction

it is Wednesday... See I Wednesday for those who know

I need to get out more often...


Thievery Corp on the Gwadzilla Page

Keith... a cyclist without his bike

I find dog walkers...
and maybe just people with dogs to be interesting subjects
but... alas no
I can not take a picture of everything I see

or can I?