Harry Chapin...

an odd part of my growing up was taking trips to visit my step mother's mother for thanksgiving in Connecticut 
on those trips my brother and I were exposed to Harry Chapin
not like that... sicko
my step mother's brother was a big fan and dubbed my step mother... yes, home taping, a collection of Harry Chapin's albums

Harry Chapin was nothing shot of genius
poetic and clever
profound if not just plain insightful
while also being almost but not quite being corny

Flowers are Red

if I remember correctly Harry Chapin died in a car accident
alcohol related if I remember correctly

I totally forgot that Cats in the Craddle is Harry Chapin.. listening to now... going to listen to it again without my typing
it deserves my full focus

Cats in the Craddle

Harry Chapin was a story teller like no other
American Folk Hero!
I am going to give this a listen and a few others
then bed