another shot of skandar

from my wiser older brother...

cyclocross advice from simon

cold, wet, clanking cowbells, and crashes

respect... we are all brothers on the bike

rodney king in the news

not feeling much like words right now

what is vanderkitten?

ran into chito on my way into work

an unusual commute

a graphic geographic image

unique commuter gear

back from a long holiday

Single Speed Outlaw


a ride to consider...

moderation... everything in moderation

Ms. Highlander?

what are the numbers? who is holding the current count?

still dragging...

activity on the streets

Ahearne Single Speed

tastes like chicken

death at a young age

devil bikes rule!

stopped by the discussion about traffic in mount pleasant

some shots of derwin from last winter

yes... Bell Boy... we are all bell boys

Zeke's got a preview of the course in KC

one less car

word on the street...

Helmets... something to be thankful for

pretty in pink...

driven and ridden dvds

Mount Pleasant Traffic Study Meeting Tonight

THE SECRET... Pedros and Vinny's goes south

Maxa Claus

photos from Brad of Urban Velo

home sick...

I am sort of one of those guys...

the children's museum...