I am sort of one of those guys...

in the film adaptation of James Dickey's Deliverance 70's super hunk Burt Reynolds drives around in the lead of a convoy of cars headed on a canoe trip
he does not know where he is going yet he has selected himself as the leader

I hate to admit it
sometimes... that is how I roll

this weekend as others watched the second of three football games on thanksgiving day I sat at the kid;s table and toyed with my somewhat broken digital camera
I had seen some stuff on how to turn a basic digital camera into an infrared camera
the instructions were easy enough
yet I went free form
watched the online tutorial

read a page on the subject
then ignored all the tips and tricks and just did it on my own

yes... I just wung it!
wung? past tense of wing
as in... to wing it

the cloudy day did not allow for the dramatic images I was looking for

will toy with this old camera and its modified lens later this week
hopefully my results are better than what I achieved thus far

oh... but the Burt Reynolds character is right... sometimes you do need to lose yourself to find yourself

and this spot with the old barn and shack
images from last year on my blog
the same archive linked to below with the images from the Dirt Rag HQ

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