DCCX Poster...

the Capital Crescent Trail will close if the Government Shuts down... what about the C&O Canal?

Dean Catching Some Air at the JBomb... then smiling a few turns later!

closing trails? why? WABA has this announcement...

snapped some good shots the Diamond Derby

me... and my perspective at the Diamond Derby

Adam's Express in Mount Pleasant

Gwadzilla Sends His Love... a Crosshairs video from a few years back

John Dinn snapped these photos of me at the Diamond Derby... THANKS JOHN! all while he aided in the race coordination\event coordination\ course alterations

sure enough.... I had no idea that it was Chris Eatough

Kate and Kate on the Diamond Derby Poster!

Scud... you are in our thoughts... you are in our prayers... you are in our every move

I need to implement some tactics here...

no... everybody does not win... so why does everyone get a trophy?

Joe Foley has some words about Scud

thinking of Scud's wife... Saint Margaret

dc was a bit more seedy...

trying to figure if I can get on the bike before coaching the kids in soccer this evening...

Old Time DC

Urban Garden

there is something about Tina Fey...

moderately funny... I get this... I hate when wait staff behaves like they have never been waited on

ran into this guy downtown... I was riding home from work... he was just riding along aka JRA

Malcolm BMX?

SCUDFRIES: Help Support Scott Scudamore's Recovery

River Ride from DC to the Diamond Derby in Crystal City...

I am too old to really get it... but I laugh just the same


DCMTB hosts its 3rd Cyclocross Clinic Tomorrow Evening... Wednesday

Will of Bike and Roll...

a few more photos from the Trails for Youth bicycle race this Sunday past... THE KIDS ROCKED IT!

I brought my kids and my camera to the JBOMB... but I left my bike at home