DCCX Poster...


the Capital Crescent Trail will close if the Government Shuts down... what about the C&O Canal?

this shut down is insane
then the backlash
closing reaction so that we are punished when we have to stay home from work
it is like we are being grounded and they are taking our allowance away

I rode the C&O Canal in a day once
it would be awesome to have a heads up about this shutdown
if it is going to be all week
like my fortune cookie said
if i am taking a day without pay
let me take a vacation day without pay
putting the effort to close the Capital Crescent Trail?
I hope you close all Federal Highways... tolls and whatnot

my neck is still sore from my wreck at Cabin John

I love the National Parks and their capacity to isolate and maintain this ant farm piece of land so we can see history as it was

like a living diorama 

Dean Catching Some Air at the JBomb... then smiling a few turns later!

closing trails? why? WABA has this announcement...

WABA has learned that if the federal government shuts down tomorrow, the National Park Service intends to close many of its properties, including regional trails, to the public.  We have been provided very little detail, but we have seen preparations for closure on the Capital Crescent Trail.  All or part of the heavily-commuted Rock Creek Trail, Anacostia Riverwalk Trail, and George Washington Memorial Trail are on NPS property.  While we cannot provide additional information on the impacts to these trails because NPS has not been in contact with us, please be prepared for the possiblity of closures in the event of a federal government shutdown.
We will continue to seek additional information and provide updates as availalble at www.waba.org/blog and through social media.


snapped some good shots the Diamond Derby


me... and my perspective at the Diamond Derby

Larry having fun at the Diamond Derby

Adam's Express in Mount Pleasant

be patient

you get your food when you get your food
no matter how long they estimate
you called?
arriving can be like ordering again 

there is no queue
they write the order at different parts of the page each time

Gwadzilla Sends His Love... a Crosshairs video from a few years back

photo by Jay Wescott 

Gwadzilla Sends His Love... a Crosshairs video from a few years back
on youtube

John Dinn snapped these photos of me at the Diamond Derby... THANKS JOHN! all while he aided in the race coordination\event coordination\ course alterations

John Dinn on the Gwadzilla Page
great randomness
thanks for the shot
thanks for your contribution to the local cycling culture!

DC is a better place because of John Dinn's contribution
John Dinn on the Gwadzilla Page

Diamond Derby on the Gwadzilla Page

sure enough.... I had no idea that it was Chris Eatough

photo of Chris Eatough by Kevin Dillard

Kate and Kate on the Diamond Derby Poster!

and Kate on the DCCX poster

Kate on the Gwadzilla Page


Scud... you are in our thoughts... you are in our prayers... you are in our every move

The Scott Scudamore Recovery Fund

Scott's injury and current condition detailed here

the mountain bike\tri\ cycling culture as a whole in this region would be a different place if it were not for all that Scott Scudamore has done
his advocacy
his inspiration
his friendship
his leadership 
his guidance

Scott Scudamore is a mountain of a man
larger than life
yet humble just the same


I need to implement some tactics here...

skimmed this... need to read later

How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids

no... everybody does not win... so why does everyone get a trophy?

Losing is Good for You

this is simple and clear
our "everybody wins\everybody gets a trophy" model is not working
the "just for fun" way to introduce kids to sports\activities is not working
the "soccer playdate" and the parents low level of expectations
well... it has tipped the scales in the wrong direction

correlation or causation?
we have this removal of competition and an obesity epidemic

nonathletic parents not wanting their children's feelings to be hurt they way their feelings were hurt
well... it is setting their kids up for failure
it is also removing the chance for their child to be the best that they can be
competition is about trying your hardest

children should learn to try their hardest, develop and improve, and then take winning and losing in stride

The Slowest Generation



Joe Foley has some words about Scud

Scud Fries on the Joe Foley Photography page

thinking of Scud's wife... Saint Margaret

Martin made this image of his friend Scott Scudamore

Scott aka Scud is in the minds of so many mountain bikers in the Mid Atlantic 
right now I am thinking of Scott's wife Saint Margaret

Scud would introduce his wife as Saint Margaret
these are tough times for Margaret
just as we need to send good thoughts or pray for Scott
we need to do the same for Margaret

pray for Scott
pray for his wife Margaret

and if you want to help there is a fund to raise money to aid with the hospital expenses
this is just the beginning of a long road for these guys
we hope for the best
but no matter how things unfold... we know it will be expensive

Scott "Scud" Scudamore Recovery Fund


dc was a bit more seedy...

Old Time DC

funny to think about all of triple x movie houses and such
peep shows?
live acts?


the removal of these places ups the Royal Palace on the list of seediest places in DC

trying to figure if I can get on the bike before coaching the kids in soccer this evening...

No Handlebars

Old Time DC



Urban Garden

Old Bicycle Re-purposed to become a fountain in an Urban Garden

there is something about Tina Fey...

Tina Fey
funny... smart... quirky...
and yes

Tina Fey Wardrobe Malfunction

lots of great randomness
click on the link below

moderately funny... I get this... I hate when wait staff behaves like they have never been waited on

this guy is angry about is poorly built burrito

like when the bus boy comes and grabs the tip but does not clear the table

or even that waiter I mentioned
the one that does not take your drink order or bring you your drink
or ask you if you need another drink
life is stressful
we want\need a drink

ran into this guy downtown... I was riding home from work... he was just riding along aka JRA

Malcolm BMX?

SCUDFRIES: Help Support Scott Scudamore's Recovery

Scott "Scud" Scudamore Recovery Fund


River Ride from DC to the Diamond Derby in Crystal City...

or as it is called
The Crystal City River Ride
I have heard the route... it sound fantastic
I recommend it
it will be the best way to get to the Diamond Derby

Crystal City River Ride on Facebook

I am too old to really get it... but I laugh just the same

"Haha! Get it? The Freeloader Fork? So funny. I’m going to buy it with my parents’ credit card."

look at this f_cking Hipster on Tumblr


DCMTB hosts its 3rd Cyclocross Clinic Tomorrow Evening... Wednesday

3rd 2013 DCMTB Free CX Clinic, September 25th @ 6 pm
 Folks, Wes Schempf (SEAVS-Haymarket) is back from China right on time for the last CX clinic!
 Wes will cover techniques key to finding and keeping speed on the course -- cornering, momentum, run/ride decisions, and keeping speed thru barriers. If you want to get faster and don’t have lots of time to train, attend this clinic. Wes’s tips are very helpful!
 The clinic is open to racers of all levels. Jrs, advanced, intermediate and rookie racers are welcome!
 Bring a photo ID. It is required to access the AFRH campus
 All clinics will be held at the Armed Forces Retirement Home - Rock Creek Church Rd, NW & Upshur St, NW. Enter at Upshur Rd. gate and follow signs to clinic site. Please arrive early to register. Clinics will start on time. 
 * If you hold a current USA Cycling license you pay a $1. If you don’t have a license, you pay the $1 fee but you are also required to buy a 1-day license for $5.
** After the clinic, participants will have the opportunity to ride around the race site/course to practice the newly learned skills.
 *** All riders under 18 years old need to be accompanied by his/her parent/guardian to sign their waiver.
Clinics and DCCX race info is at DCMTB.com
Questions can be directed to Raul Rojas rojasrau@gmail.com

Will of Bike and Roll...

Bike and Roll


a few more photos from the Trails for Youth bicycle race this Sunday past... THE KIDS ROCKED IT!

great race
great effort by the kids
fantastic fall day for being on the bike
I spent my day with the camera

I brought my kids and my camera to the JBOMB... but I left my bike at home

super fun day
lots of smiles
thanks to Pat, Julie, and all the Trails for Youth Volunteers
another great TFY Event!

will try to make it again this Sunday!
the boys want to do it again
lets see if life allows

Trails for Youth on FACEBOOK