the Capital Crescent Trail will close if the Government Shuts down... what about the C&O Canal?

this shut down is insane
then the backlash
closing reaction so that we are punished when we have to stay home from work
it is like we are being grounded and they are taking our allowance away

I rode the C&O Canal in a day once
it would be awesome to have a heads up about this shutdown
if it is going to be all week
like my fortune cookie said
if i am taking a day without pay
let me take a vacation day without pay
putting the effort to close the Capital Crescent Trail?
I hope you close all Federal Highways... tolls and whatnot

my neck is still sore from my wreck at Cabin John

I love the National Parks and their capacity to isolate and maintain this ant farm piece of land so we can see history as it was

like a living diorama 

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