never easy... but I caught Larry with the camera

Larry... long time DC Messenger

Edible Arangements

Edible Arrangements

DC Bicycle Messenger greets me as I snap the shot

people on bicycles in the city of Washington DC

photos of nothing are photos of something
every photo tells a story

Capital Bike Share Bikes are EVERYWHERE...

well... everywhere in Washington DC

beautiful cinematogrophy

Strength in Numbers by Anthill Films

Anthill Films the group formerly known as The Collective

nice... I feel this way... I get bullied by car drivers each day... everyday

last night...

I went to National Geographic to catch a collection of films in the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

films that inspire creativity
films that inspire life

nice boots...

I think she would be more comfortable if she raised the seat

I am digging the beard...


beards and bikes

bikes and buildings...

cool architecture in Adams Morgan

if walls could talk?

Happy Heather Graham Appreciation Day!

Everyday is Heather Graham Appreciation Day

American Woman

so much crap... just carrying all this baggage

too many bikes
too much bike stuff

I have more than a couple bikes
then the other members of the family each have more than one bicycle
and yes... there are few unicycles as well
something comes in... something needs to go out

right now I am trying to be sensible
I am trying to donate or throw away anything and everything that is valued less than 20 bucks and is not used semi-regularly

The Other (Cooler) Super Bowl..

article in the Wall Street Journal about the Cyclocross Worlds

the one man black Beatle...

Lenny Kravitz... cooler than cool
Lenny Kravitz overhears a band playing one of his songs in New Orleans
watch to see how he responds

Metalica would have shut them down... hit them with a law suit...and complained to the media if they would listen



share from the folks at REVOLIGHTS


Cyclocross Worlds are this weekend... GOOD LUCK!

listening to Soundgarden right now...

in this digital age...
I often just play YOUTUBE to get what I want to hear

Soundgarden covering the Beatles

a few photos by me from 2013 Snotcycle

my photos from SNOTCYCLE
a few more photos from SNOTCYCLE on the GWADZILLA FACEBOOK page

and my words on SNOTCYCLE
PART TWO: Better to Reach for the Brass Ring and Fall than to just clutch the unicorn in fear

if you read PART II
the number I called up 217.
he won it... I often take a glance at the competition
people I know
people who I know are fast
people I think may be contendors

as far as I know... Dan has nothing to do with this business venture...

"Cooll" Disco Donut?

if Disco Stew does not advertise
how do you think "Cool" Disco Dan feels about the donut man ripping of his signature tag


Bicycle Friendly Businesses... we need more bicycle friendly businesses

"Change" needs to start at the top

Jesus on a Bike?

Michael Pearce
aka coach
aka Cargo Mike
aka Mike


Sid... I have not seen Sid in a while

Is that Sid?

Moon... I think that is Moon.

today's temps are very different from last week's temps

RACE REPORT: Snotcycle 2013 Part II

the results are up for 2013 SNOTCYCLE
I have yet to look at MY handful of photos from SNOTCYCLE
I have been to self absorbed in finding photos of myself on the bike to care about what I did with the camera

last night the results for SNOTCYCLE were posted online
I had not checked the numbers
I am pleased with my effort
I am satisfied with my results
not a bad first lap... too bad I could not maintain that for the duration of the race!
either way... on with PART II of the report

Race Report SNOTCYCLE Part One

as I neared the race location I started to see cars loaded down with mountain bikes with race plates pinned to the the handlebars
this site gave me relief
relief because it assured me I was headed the correct direction
relief because I was seeing clean bikes rather than muddy bikes
the printed directions from MAPQUEST were guiding me to the right spot without any creative shortcuts
the drive was free and easy
no panic to make the registration
plenty of time to arrive at The Freedom Center and get suited up and do a little socializing and then also some warm up
but really... warm ups are not my thing

warm up?  

I feared warming  up and breaking a sweat and then standing around in a damp chamois
so... I did minimal pedaling around

then drank a Red Bull as my warm up

it was a casual atmosphere at The Freedom Center
there were multiple bonfires
people from the earlier races chatted with those about to race
there was talk about the glory of the earlier races and what to expect of the trail in the Single Speed race to come

it was starting to warm up
the course was changing

some randomness... on CEDAR CREST

Cedar Crest...
Cedar Crest Country Club and its steel skateboard ramp
CCCC Ramp... Skate Cedar Crest


Dave Tobin.
Photo by GBJ Photoworks

who would you say was at the center of the Cedar Crest scene?
contact me direct if you have any images or footage from Cedar Crest
a friend of mine is considering a documentary project
but I think we may need more of a perspective

some very cool stuff from FIXIE on FACEBOOK!


different times...

yes... I was a paperboy

my boys want to buy a WiiU
or whatever the new Nintendo Game System is called

only one problem... they do not have any money

they do not get an allowance
we usually just buy them what they want
much like most kids today
they have so much... they have too much
they more than likely have most anything\everything that they want

but since they are getting older
I am trying to institute a "credit" system
a way for them to earn money by doing things that they should already do
like walking the dog... putting away folded laundry... unloading the dishwasher... cleaning their rooms and so on and so forth

the credit system is pretty simple


they get a credit for walking the dog...
they get a half credit for putting away their folded laundry
but there are big bonuses for other things
I try to have them go to Tae Kwon Do a minimum of two times a week, but... if they go three times... they get 5 Credits

trying to reward them to do things that they should already be doing

my contention is that it is a kids job to be a kid
so the credit system continues
reward them for what they should already be doing

they will get credits for exercise
if they throw the lacrosse ball for 30 minutes... credits will be earned
the same would go for passing the soccer ball 
then there are big scores... big incentives

Grant could earn 25 points if he learns to ride a unicycle

any thoughts?
any suggestions?

rewards for good grades?


Chip Cashel
too young to die
Chip Cashel's committing suicide is nothing short of a tragedy...

I am not sure if it is my right to tell the story
I was neither Chip's best friend
nor was I in that inner circle to witness things first hand
but Chip and I were friends
and this photo is EPIC!
so I share just the same

Chip Cashel took his own life.. suicide
if I remember correctly he jumped off the roof of an apartment building at the corner of Wisconsin and Calvert
across from the gas station in Glover Park

I am pretty confident he was living in a group house in Glover Park at the time
oddly enough...
Chip was going to take my room on Girard Street in Columbia Heights while I rode my motorcycle across the country
but Jason Farrell filled that void instead

Chip was working as a bicycle messenger at the time
we would catch up in the park
Chip would tell me I should wear a helmet or that I was taking unnecessary risks
it was interesting his respect for life... his concern for my life
then for him to take his own

Depression is not a rational thought
rarely does suicide involve rational thought
Chip had his whole life ahead of him
but... the pain must have been SO GREAT
he just had to stop the pain

thinking about this makes me sad
I was hanging out with John Garrish in Berkley California when Dave Stern called to give John the news
chilling... ABSTRACT... yet chilling
life is a mystery
death is even more of a mystery

Rest In Peace Chip
the world would be a better place if you were still around
sorry that you were in such pain
hard to imagine you just sitting on the edge of that building... feet dangling over the edge... smoking a cigarette and looking at the cityscape in front of you
then having another cigarette... and then another
then jumping to your early grave

no... that is not me


why am I shouting?
I do not know

what will C3 be wearing in 2013?

Pee Wee Herman Skin Suit?

here is a glance into the mind of FATMARC...


I used to read his blog everyday
I used to read many blogs everyday
who reads blogs anymore?

it pleased me at SNOTCYCLE when a few people I never met before told me that they read and enjoyed my blog
not sure if they check in daily... frequently.... or just once
but it is still a nice sentiment

Rev Phil took a video of me on his tall bike


getting ready to kick the boys out of the family room so I can have the television

a glass of wine and then some

HBO does it again!

information of Bicycle Activities in DC

DC Bicycle Hub on FACEBOOK


these photos remind me of an old Yeti saying...
"what happens in the Himalaya stays in the Himalaya"

in case you can not see the watermark...

yo bruce... good seeing you
thanks for the shots
as you implied in your hello
my showing at races has grown too sparse
need to change my attendance in 2013

so far so good
on messenger race and on mountain bike race
and it is still January!

plus... I just saw my lap times in the results for SNOTCYCLE
I feel good about my effort
hope to see you guys soon!


I am trying to put a little Mr. Rogers into my routine

when I get home I am trying to hang my jacket and put away my shoe
instead of kicking my shoes in the corner and tossing my jacket over the chair

it is soothing for things to be more orderly
a little step like this makes all the difference

but forgive me
I am making baby steps