just back from vacation

just back from vacation...
I have always thought that there is only a short period of time when you can talk about a trip, a vacation, or an extended journey not sure what the measure is but an estimate of twice as long as the vacation is the duration you can talk about it
the stories can arise anecdotal but there is a limit to how long you may answer when people ask... what are you up to?
me? I am just back from vacation... spring break in florida visiting the inlaws etc... etc... etc... that is the answer you get at the water cooler when you ask me why I am so tan I just got back from a week's vacation in florida my tan is starting to peel spring break in florida was a week of leisure that may have allowed me to not only fall out of shape but also put on a few pounds I tooled around on an old beach cruiser just about every day but the duration was short and the intensity was not high and the seat was way too low it is good to be back good to sleep in my own bed and good to get back to my bikes got out of work and onto the streets about ten minutes after the hour wanted to get out on the bike needed to factor in the obligations of the evening a seven o clock coaches meeting for my five year old's soccer team and the need to walk the dog before that lisa usually gets home from work and picking up the boys a little after six figured there was time for something the bike of the day was my Jamis Nova cyclocross bike with its mountain bike riser bars left out and took to the street I had drank a couple of glasses of water and fueled up with some chocolate covered espresso beans in the late afternoon on the bike I did not feel particularly fast felt as if the wind was in my face no matter what direction I pointed the bike it was as if my rear wheel where rubbing the brakes there is a good chance that the rear wheel is rubbing the brakes this was one of those days where a little more air in the tires and some lube on the chain would have been a nice little help life was already putting up enough resistance did not try to go into the big ring just spent my time spinning down m street not sure where i was riding too but figured I could ride while I figured it out measured the time in my head and the speed I felt like traveling and the distance I wanted to go thought about the day light and the absence of a bright lighting system thought about getting to a seven o clock meeting means not getting home at seven but getting home with enough time that I can get off the bike... walk the dog... change into some civilian gear and then drive across town to make it to this meeting I am going to coach my younger son's soccer team... this is a meeting for that it is going to be cool it does not come without responsibilities, commitments, and sacrifice as much as I want to ride it is more important to be on time to this the cross town drive factors in the evening's post work traffic there is not that much time did not spend my time in traffic just zigged and zagged a few blocks of urban traffic to get to the Capital Crescent Trail had considered passing through the Cherry Blossoms I knew that I had to ride and would not want to spend my time with the camera instead of the pedals perhaps a trip to the Jefferson Memorial will happen over lunch this week a few blocks and into georgetown the lights were with me those lights that were not with me were with me in spirit there was no reason to break pace I arced a turn off m onto 29th street it was not like i was buzzing the tower but I was splitting the crowd a crowd of adults... no small children and no one elderly... some people who could have looked right before crossing the street being more aware of their surroundings and my approach would be less of a shock that was the gap that fit best into the equation it just did not make sense to go in front of them or behind them or to break pace so I passed through with a pleasant excuse me then I gave a wave as I could tell that someone had been startled the scream was more fun then fear I smile as I put my hand back on the grip it is good for us to get our heart rates some time the pedalling to get to the multi-use car free trail involved the usual hassles cars pulling out of parking garages under Whitehurst Freeway cars making U-turns and blocking my path pedestrians stepping out into traffic more concerned with their cell phone conversation than me on my bike headed their way the specifics of this can not be recalled because these series of near misses are the way things happen in these parts of town I passed a number of cyclist of various bikes and various identities before I passed the two boat houses and then onto the trail as soon as I got onto the trail a cyclist passed without warning at a pace faster than my own I moved over further to the right as this tall gentleman in street clothes rolled past he was taller than me and I noticed that he had no toe clips over his street shoes I wondered if he had a motor assisting him but more than anything I hated being passed everyone wants to be king of the capital crescent trail even if I am not pushing big gears I like to day dream that I am fast on this day I day dreamed going through the process of rebuilding my hubs the resistance was coming from all directions got onto the Capital Crescent Trail and worked it up and back to Bethesda Avenue wanted to work the final stretch of gravel to Conn Ave... but did not even have time for that there would hardly be time to say hello to the family as I grabbed the leash to walk the dog before getting in the car and crossing town to go to this meeting the time with traffic was slight more than the majority of my ride... okay... that does not make any sense an effort to be poetic often makes little sense the majority of my ride was on bike trail just a few blocks through georgetown to get there then the trip back was nearly all on bike path towards the zoo and then onto the streets in mount pleasant yet... in my few blocks of interaction with cars I had my fair share of aggravating situations the rush car moving blindly through the city at the point where the Capital Crescent Trail crosses Little Falls Parkway by the Bethesda Pool I saw that it was pretty much clear well... the logic seemed such that the left turning from the traffic would move at such a rate that I would be clear for the first half and then well... solve the riddle of the second half of the road when I to there well... the left turning traffic made their turn left hand lane slowed coming out of the turn seeing me and maybe a jogger or a walker also approaching but the white bmw in the right hand lane accelerated continued to accelerate bad boy club.... tokyo drift totally unaware of anything other than his reflection in his rear view mirror the point of intersection was visible to me I was force not just to slow but to stop as he finished his approach and his pass still accelerating

this left me day dreaming about the identity of the bmw motorcyclist versus the bmw driver
riding a bicycle offers plenty of time to day dream
day dreaming can really drop the pace
I had set things such that I was in no great rush
my arrival home was early enough to have a few seconds with the family as I gathered the dog for what was pretty much the standard loop then off to the U5 coaches meeting

any hour fifteen on the bike and fifteen minute walk with the dog
and then the meeting there was pizza at the meeting that really hit the spot but I decided that anchovies are one thing too much on an everything pizza

I hope you got outside today... spring has sprung

a folding bike is good for taking in the office and for taking on the metro

I like this shot... something about it is very dc

a beautiful day to get out of the office for lunch

DC STATEHOOD... a call to action.


From 5:30pm to 8:30pm

On The West Lawn of the United States Capitol.
1st . Street NW Between Constitution Ave. & Independence Ave.
(Union Station OR Capitol Hill South Metro)


Congress wants to put guns on the streets of the District of Columbia, without regulations, even though the people of Washington, DC have voted against it.


Congress tells us how to live and tells us how to die. In a recent D.C. appropriations bill, Congress placed 70 limitations on how D.C. residents could spend our own money, including limits on reproductive freedom, HIV / AIDS counseling & prevention, Domestic Partnership Benefits; and restrictions on medical services. Statehood would change that.


Max in town for the weekend... always good to see Max

It was good to see Max
it is always good to see Max
only I do not see Max very often since he no longer lives in Washington DC

I talked really fast because the visit was brief
well... not brief
but rather because I have a lot to say
well... I have nothing to say
yet I said a great deal... a great deal of nothing
all in a short amount of time

we shot the shit

would like to see more of Max
I liked having Max in DC

It is good to see Max moving around to and through so many beautiful parts of the country
not sure where or when I will see Max again
maybe next time I will be passing through his home turf

***OH SHIT*** I should have shown Max the condition of the bike that he had welded back to life
he never saw the painted build
it is a sweet 1971 Colnago that has lived various incarnations in my bicycle quiver

guess I should give a sample to get people there...

did I post this yet?

more matt... expect more matt

taken from pretty much the same spot

passing in front of the camera...

not the best shot... but still worth sharing

do you like photography?


some beautiful shots by Kevin Dillard
go to the MARY JANE GALLERY for some portraits
that is where he shows his talents




Announcing MORE's Spring Skills Clinic Series for 2009
MORE's successful clinic series is back in 2009 and with a special feature this year. Expanded with more offerings and locations than ever before, members will have more chances than ever to come out. From Towson to NoVA, there will be a clinic near you.

A champion among us

Professional endurance racer, Six Time 24 Hour Solo World Champion, star of 24 Solo, and, local rider Chris Eatough, has volunteered to lead an advanced riding clinic. There will be limited space for this clinic, so sign up quick when registration opens. In return for this chance learn from one of the best racers in the world, in addition to being an active member, there will be a $25 fee, 100% of which will be donated to the club.

Members can sign up here:

link coming soon!

Schedule of clinics:
More clinics are in the works, so keep watching.

2o Years of DIRT RAG... Issue one of BICYCLE TIMES

Dirt Rag turns 20...

Bicycle Times is born...


Bicycle Times

sharp afternoon sun... fast moving cyclist... good shot... nice push of a button

stepping out the office to grab something from Trader Joe's for lunch

walked over to trader joes
ended up getting some yogurt and some granola bars

that was a second course
the left over curry dish I brought from home was excellent
not enough quantity for me
that is why I stepped out the door for more


have you seen this bike?

have you seen this bike?

this bike was stolen
I do not know the owner
just saw this posting on FACEBOOK

wondering if I can facilitate the effort

fun in florida...

sunset on Marco Island...
these shots taken just after sunset

great shot... as long as none of that sand goes into my camera

Driver's Education...

Driver's Education...
What is taught to the Student Drivers about how to behave around cyclists?

more than likely nothing

this week my children were playing with two kid's whose father is a Driver's Ed Instructor in High School
I hesitated before getting into a discussion about TRAFFIC with him
after some thought... I avoided it all together

it does seem that the discussion should start there
shamefully the bicycle most certainly gets no mention in Driver's Education

Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety should not be a concern only of DOT Agencies
the Department of Health and Human Services should get involved in a Public Service Campaign as well

who is going to get on this?

if I only knew some people involved in bicycle advocacy....

Andy Singer is the Man!

The Bicycle Kitchen!


this looks really cool... whatever happened to Chain Reaction?
it seemed to be working from where I stood!

Island Bike Shop: Marco Island




fantastic rental prices!
next year... I may just rent a ride for the week
not the four wheeler... a two wheeler

some shots by sam...

great shots sam!
it is a three step process that takes a second

I should enter my skating images from Inauguration Week!

perhaps Sam can confirm... are these shots of him?
shot one and shot two

WVA Paper has Jeremiah Bishop in the news...


Hardy County Paper in West VA has Jeremiah Bishop in the news!


from the WABA Auction!

"First Inaugural Track Bike"
as donated by Larry Black of College Park Bikes and Sean Price* who is a avid Track Bike rider/racer


*Sean Price raced his first season of cyclocross last year on a track bike
**Sean Price and I played soccer together in college... small world!

more images
additional images


Spring Sale at The Family Bike Shop!


this weekend... head over to The Family Bike Shop in Crofton...
it is an impressive little store with a wide selection of gear!
time to clear out all 2008 Model Bikes!
entry level bikes
as well as hard core mountain bike and road bikes

gear for riders of all ages and all levels
including a great variety of kid's bikes
from a kid's first bike with training wheels to a kid's first mountain bike or bmx bike!

Stop by the shop this weekend March 27-29, 2009 for our Spring Sale!
20% OFF All 2008 Bikes
10% OFF Select 2009 Hybrids
20% OFF All Winter Clothing
10% OFF All Comfort Saddles
10% OFF All Child Trailers
20% OFF All Trainers
10% OFF All Bike Racks
25% OFF All Bike Locks
40% OFF Select Helmets
and take an Additional 25% OFF Jogging Strollers


this information came to me via RIDERX aka The Single Speed Outlaw!

You love it. You ride it. But you've never had a chance like this before. How about cutting 1 mile of new legal singletrack in the Frederick Watershed? MORE and PATC have been working with the City of Frederick to get permission build a big chunk of new trail to replace an old road bed that passes it self off as a trail. The current trail is an eroded scar that is 8 - 10 feet wide in places and filled with water bars and check dams. The new trail will be singletrack that contains a mix of rock gardens, bench cut trail, loamy soil and will go through hardwoods and mountain laurel.

We want to get at least 40 workers out
on Sunday April 5th to put a major dent in this project. That's a lot of people but this is a major opportunity to show the City what we are capable of building. Building a mile of trail is tough work, doing it at the Watershed is even tougher, that's why we need a big turnout to get things moving quickly.

If you want to work but can't make it
on Sunday a smaller crew will be going out on Saturday April 4th to do some corridor clearing and get the site prepped for Sunday's army of volunteers. We welcome help on either or both days. Please RSVP so we know how many people to expect each day and can plan accordingly.

Why is this such a big deal? Until now, authorized trail work in the Watershed has been confined to doing band-aid style fixes on the poorly laid out blue trail, fixes that should be large reroutes due to poor trail alignment. This is the first time the City has given the OK to build a major chunk of new trail. We have a cycling advocate on the City staff that is very much behind this project and has helped push this through, setting a good example with this pilot project will lead to more opportunities in the future. This project will take place between Sand Flats and
Fishing Creek Road. You can see a map of the reroute here.

We are working on a food and beer supply for the workers. Stay tuned.

Also, if you work at a bike shop or some other business that would like to donate cash or swag to help us feed our workers or reward them for their hard work please contact me at joewhitehair AT
yahoo DOT com. We will make sure everyone knows your business helped us with this project. Thanks!

Contacts/Watershed liaisons:
David Kegley - dkegley AT gmail DOT com
Phil VanWerkhoven - phil_vw AT yahoo DOT com

What to bring:
Gloves, water, snacks, sturdy shoes. If you've got tools, we might need extras so we could use: shovels, picks, loppers, McCleods, rakes (mark you tools so you can identify them).

Date and Time:
April 4th and 5th, 9:00 AM - arrive a bit early if you can so we can do our start our safety talk at 9am, then we'll be car pooling to the work site since there is limited parking where we will be working.

Sand Flats gravel parking lot. Gambrill Park Rd, approximately 3 miles north of Hamburg Rd. Directions from the I-70/270 junction can be found here.

Question? Just ask! Thanks!

RSVP for the Sunday work day here. If you want to come out Saturday, email any one of the addresses above.


another good ride on a less than perfect machine

if this bike for 7.99... 8.50 after tax has shown me anything
that the bike snob in me is wrong in thinking that people need to spend a good deal of money on their bike

two wheels good...

Marc Daniels... not Mark Daniels


Marc's wife Beverly wanted to let people know that services will be held
this Saturday
Popes Funeral Home
5538 Marlboro Pike District Heights Md
Viewing 12-1
Memorial Service

I have also heard talk about there being a candle light vigil Friday afternoon in Farragut Square
check the street to confirm that

another image of Marc Daniels from that same day...
if I had known Marc were sick... I would have tried to make contact one more time

it is sad when someone so much alive dies... especially so young
Marc Daniels was a lover of life... expressing his zest for life on the bike

do you remember Club Skull?

from here

extra... extra... watch all about it!

my brother has an impressive resume
my brother has an impressive race resume
my brother has an impressive resume as an extra... specializing in playing a rower
I guess this is character acting

an american express ad
some film with jennifer anistan
and this that was filmed this week
(there may be other stuff... but I have never seen his resume)



more on YOUTUBE

boys will be boys

KLUNKERZ... still winning awards... finally made a trailer

know your history...

Klunkerz finally has a trailer... WATCH IT!

now... go ride your bike!
(some cool shots of Bill Savage and a weird comment on my page)


Mark Daniels: DC Messenger... a positive force to those who knew him...

Mark Daniels
DC Bicycle Messenger
Alley Cat Racer
and friend to many passed away earlier this week

the news on the electronic grape vine is that Mark Daniels died of stomach cancer
from what I have heard Mark had been off the street for a few months and had been going through treatment

Mark Daniels died at the start of this week

post earlier this week
take a glance... a different photo and some comments worth reading

if I find any information out on funeral or memorial services I will certainly share

the DC Bicycle Messenger community is a family
the passing of Mark Daniels not only effects relatives by blood but also Mark's brothers and sisters on the bike

Peace to Mark and Peace to all who knew him...


apparently there has been some training to DC Police on the issues of Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety
which will involve ticketing to people on foot or on bike
which of course is not entirely the problem


When it is safe for a pedestrian to cross in the cross walk.... then you may ticket them for crossing mid-block!

When it is safe for a cyclist to ride with traffic... then you may ticket them for riding against traffic

Currently the task of the Bicyclists and Pedestrians is to put themselves where they are most safe...

Create Order with the Cars... then everyone else will fall into line

SPEEDING! Control the excessive speed of cars
STOP SIGNS AND STOP LINES! Enforce the rolling stop and the stop after the stop line... the cars in DC rarely yield the pedestrian the right of way... thus causing the Pedestrian to cross where ever they wish... as they are no more safe in the areas designated for them to cross

HANDS FREE CELL PHONE DRIVING! The silhouette of the drivers as I approach so often have the driver yapping on the phone. TICKET THEM! These drivers are not focusing on the task at hand... "I never saw them" is what the driver says after they hit a cyclist... well... they may see the cyclist if they were looking for them... so often a cyclist is passed unseen... if the car passing the cyclist were aware of them when they pass them... then they may be more aware of them around them as they move forward



Enforce the Parking and Standing in the NO PARKING/NO STANDING during Rush Hour... these cars impede flow
they also take the right lane where cyclist travel
it these lanes were clear... there would be a greater flow to traffic
if a car is taking a right turn and they facilitate flow by taking the bike lane so that they can scoot forward and take the turn
but too often the cars line up in the bike lane never considering that they are blocking the bicyclist that they just passed

Ignorant behavior on the side of pedestrians and cyclists can contribute to an accident/injury
but... usually it is the lack of focus on the part of the car driver that causes the accident
lack of foresight... no consideration of their contribution to the chaos

there needs to be a shrewder approach to this problem


ticketing? well... that is more a tool of punishment and revenue generation... not so much a tool of changing behavior

is that concept too difficult to understand?

this is funny no matter where you stand on lance and the issue of doping...


good stuff
yet still funny

I guess it is the objectionable nature of the joke that makes it so funny


Bishop takes a ride at the RAW TALENT RANCH!

Jeremiah Bishop Rides at the Raw Talent Ranch!

JB is now riding on the Cannondale Squad as the economy caused the collapse of the Trek\VW Squad

Jay Moglia and the Raw Talent Ranch

I wonder of Russ was part of that Harley group in that ride... or does Russ always ride alone?