beach bike...

the beach bike...
it shocks me that there is no children's beach bike
maybe this is the answer to my beach comber's dream
which is a funny dream
because I am more into the mountains than the sea

yet... I can not help but think that there needs to be a small light weight fat tire bicycle that is moderately salt deterioration resistant machine
a small bike for kids so that kids could ride along side their parents as their parent's run
it would work on the hard packed sand

maybe shaft driven or a plastic chain
one speed... slow... so that it does not become a menace to the other people on the beach

the bike would have wide handlebars and maybe one of those handles on the back so that a parent could push the bike when the child gets tired of pedaling

not sure if the tires would be a hard plastic or a durable inflatable rubber compound
this would be a great rental option
and for those that are local to the beach ownership may be an option