rainy week here in dc

Dean's first race as a Junior...

now you may sleep

rainy day here... will it clear up enough so that we can have soccer practice today with the kids?


so I have been noticing more electric bikes around town... saw this one in Mount Peasant

in the Times

listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers

a video

cheat cheat lie and deceit

raining here in Washington DC

K Street

a few weeks off from cross

put words here about photo after uploading image

PROOF... we all like PROOF!

I really wish I had a nicer camera with a snub nose lens

cross results... cyclocross racers like to crunch the numbers

in a meeting.

Bond... Biker Bond!

from Miami... the comments are always amusing


I am skeptical

one more set... man... a better starting position would have made for a different day!

by my last year's finish I should have been given a better starting position... yes... I am bitching

not sure if there are many shots of me racing...

waffles on the "back nine"

a few more photos from NCVC's Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross Event

truth can be stranger than fiction

Race Report: Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross Event 2010

jim has some choice words about yesterday's race

some photos from NCVC's Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross Event at Lily Pons