rainy week here in dc

another shot in the rain

Dean's first race as a Junior...

Bruce Buckley has some photos from Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross Event

this weekend past without my formal planning it was decided that my older son would step up from the Lil' Beligian's Race at Ed Sander's and line up with the juniors in the 10-14 group
although Dean is only nine years old... his cyclocross age is 10
so... he would fit right in
but not really

originally I had thought that my son would ride with his cousin Eric
Eric was a no show
even without his cousin Eric present Dean did not back down... he said he was going to do it... so he was going to do it
even after some scrapes, bruises, and cuts that happened in a crash while warming up
Dean was still game

Dean and I took a pre-ride together
both of us in street clothes
both of us with flat bars

the effort by my sons on this day made me proud
I am proud of my boys for who they are

Dean lined up younger and smaller with less experience than the other around him
dressed in street clothes on a low end mountain bike with no prior cyclocross practice

more images and words from this day in my race report

now you may sleep

45 is too young to die
ultra endurance cyclist dies at 45 in a training accident
in the New York Times



rainy day here... will it clear up enough so that we can have soccer practice today with the kids?


a photo of a goat

so I have been noticing more electric bikes around town... saw this one in Mount Peasant

that looks to be an electric bike
they are so sleek
they are so stealth
it is hard to tell the electric from the standard bicycle

that is a nice advantage to the cyclist with the battery and the motor
I know I have been passed more than once shocked at the speed at which the other cyclist passed me with such a subtle pedal cadence
only to search the bike for what appeared to be a battery pack and motor

I am not sure who is carrying the widest variety of Electronic Bicycles in the area

but I have been meaning to stop by and check out THE GREEN COMMUTER in Takoma Park


not everyone is training for a race
some people just want to ride their bicycle to work
so... the 16 mile commute each way...
well... I can see where the electronic assist would become an asset
but not on the bike path

in the Times

The New York Times has an article
Bicycle Chic Gains Speed for Women in the City

listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers

my music collect growth slowed some years ago
most of what I listen to now is what I listened to then
there was some stuff in between
but the old cds seem to be the current cds
even my Pandora stations repeat what I have on cd

listening to Blood Sugar Sex Magic
would not mind listening to Mother's Milk
gotta love the Chili Peppers

dave navaro speaks out against wearing fur

personally I find peta to be entertaining but extreme
life is not all or none
not for me... not for them

animal testing?
your life depends on it
well... we have other options

a video



cheat cheat lie and deceit

cheat cheat lie and deceit

thanks for the link

raining here in Washington DC

I am not so sure that the umbrella in the hand is the best way to pay this
also not so sure that the umbrella hat is such a great option either

two links with other umbrella images

yes... end mountaintop removal

K Street

a few weeks off from cross

I need to look at a calendar
it looks like I have not registered for any cyclocross weekends in the near future
best I get my mountain bikes in order
get out on the single speed

some seasonal links
like candy corn in the fall
enjoy these links

In the Cross Hairs
Cyclocross Magazine

put words here about photo after uploading image

PROOF... we all like PROOF!

we all love PROOF!
I am not a big fan of "watermarks"
some nice shots just the same

so here it is... PROOF!

PROOF that I dabble in cyclocross

PROOF that I ride a flat bar cyclocross bike

PROOF that I am hectically out of shape and a few more than a few pounds over weight

PROOF that I am twice the size of your average cyclocross racer

the PROOF is right there on the page

photos by Andrew Burnette from Ed Sanders

I really wish I had a nicer camera with a snub nose lens

I would not mind shooting some of this close encounters with a fisheye lens

cross results... cyclocross racers like to crunch the numbers

I like to look at the numbers
I like to crunch the numbers
I like to play with the numbers

it is fun to look at the tale of the tape
it can play into all sorts of comparisons
there is some measure to it
then there is some fantasy

when I look at the numbers there is always a visual image in my head
a reality and a fantasy
all displayed in the numbers
the resuts and the actual times
lap times can really add in some recollection

at the Granny Gear 24 Hour races I would always play with my numbers... compare the times... fastest lap... lap times night versus day.... the average time
then take the average time and make that a four man team
factor where that imaginary person would fall in a hypothetical overall

this can be done with any or all multi lap races
or series held on the same course
then also that same course on different years

I have not toyed with the technology
it amuses me... I need to dig around
CROSS RESULTS... CROSSRESULTS DOT COM "we wrangle the data so you don't have to"
this is a fun one
there is a ranking of teams in the MABRA Series

links to photos from Ed Sanders

in a meeting.

in a meeting.
at work.

Bond... Biker Bond!

James Bond Bike?

from Miami... the comments are always amusing

Why Your Neighborhood Cyclist Hates You.

as per usual
the comments amuse
then the comments begin to infuriate

the short answer to the statements attacking the behavior of the cyclist...
everyone bends the law... car drivers tend not to bend the law but break the law

there is an accepted parameter for which each of us may break the law
the SPEED LIMIT would be the perfect example of this
as far as the bicycle causing traffic... THE BICYCLE IS TRAFFIC

and it is easier for a car to pass a pack of cyclists then a line of cyclists
so a group of cyclists is to the advantage than a long single file line of cyclist




what is the cyclist's relationships to businesses in DC?
does WABA have a relationship with the area businesses?
what is the line of contact?

cyclists are consumers...
just as car drivers are consumers...

I think it would benefit businesses to embrace the bicycling consumer

WABA could create a relationship where storefronts have a sticker that reads
WABA BIKE FRIENDLY BUSINESS or something to that effect

then there could be coupons for WABA members like Living Social or Group Ons where cyclists have a week of discounts at that bike friendly business
starting in September there could be discounts focused on holiday shopping

businesses that feel that they have a decent bicycle clientele should have ample bicycle parking near by

it is easier to shop on a bicycle than in a car
much easier to go from store to store
yes... it is tough to carry the larger items
but the small stuff... no worries
and no money in the meter

I know that certain bicycle shops give a discount to WABA and MORE members
but... where is this information?
who else gives discounts to WABA members?


check out the NEW AND IMPROVED WABA site



I am skeptical

this looks a little sketchy
but... I like the ingenuity
it makes me want to build a bike
but... I want one that I can arrive alive on

one more set... man... a better starting position would have made for a different day!

a few more photos from the 2010 Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross Event

there is a story in there somewhere

check out the photos here!

by my last year's finish I should have been given a better starting position... yes... I am bitching

some more photos from NCVC's Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross Event

my race report from the day

not sure if there are many shots of me racing...

one lone shot of me racing at NCVC's Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross Event

the camera lens seems to turn away when the large man on the bike with flat bars passes
last week at Charm City there did not seem to be any photos of me racing my bike


waffles on the "back nine"

this guy is a waffle making machine!
your effort was greatly appreciated!

a few more photos from NCVC's Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross Event

THE FASTEST OF THE FAST at Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross Race this weekend past
check out Matt Bailey (I think that is his name) placing 6th on a mountain bike

truth can be stranger than fiction

although I am not a fan of the Segway... this guy did seem like a stand up guy

owner of the Segway company dies in freak accident
when his "off road" Segway goes off a cliff

Race Report: Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross Event 2010

several years ago Ed Sander an employee at Lily Pon's and a member of the NCVC cycling club died in a bizarre training accident
riding the rollers in his house Ed slipped and crashed through a glass table
found dead and bloody on the floor by his ex-wife

yes... life can be more strange than fiction

I never knew Ed Sander but from what I have heard he was a good person with a warm heart

it pleases me to see his name attached to this race
people gather to race an event where Ed worked
the event is hosted by a team that Ed raced with

some of the money earned at this event goes to a college fund for Ed Sander's children

Race Report: Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross Event 2010
Sunday morning was met with a slight drizzle
with the morning still dark I worked my way through the mist and loaded three kids bikes into the Honda Element
then put my cross bike on the rear rack
I still have not ordered the parts to fix my rack after the parking garage valet shamelessly broke my roof rack

with the windshield wipers pushing aside the lightly falling rain I drove the short distance out of DC on Interstate 270 headed west towards Frederick

as I drove I fueled my body in anticipation of my second cyclocross race of the season... my second race that acts as the first race in the MABRA Series

I had not ridden my cross bike since Charm City the week prior
no cyclocross practices
no mid-week work outs
well... nothing more than riding my bike to get the kids from school and then our short ride across town together

after packing helmet, gloves, socks, shorts, and jersey the bike got a glance
there was still dust from Charm City's race the week prior
no more than a second in the bicycle repair stand and things were good to go
with a WABA Bike to Work Day shirt I cleaned and lubed the drive train...
pulled the rear wheel and tossed it in the trueing stand so that I could tightened some spokes...
and with a spin of the cranks I checked the brakes and gears
everything seemed ready to rock
everything seemed ready to roll

the bike seemed to be working as it should
I felt confident that I would be as ready for Ed Sanders as I was for Charm City
not race ready... but ready to race

with a painless drive in the falling rain I arrived at Lily Pons

I cursed myself for the shortage of gear
for some reason I did not bring a raincoat... an umbrella... or any clothing options
no knickers... no arm or leg warmers... nothing

how could I pack the car in the rain but not be lucid enough to think to bring some sort of rain gear?

but then after I registered and got my race number the rain stopped
everything would be fine

I had been anxious for nothing

as I pinned my race number on my DCMTB jersey I wondered why my number was so high... 861
(or something like that)
had I really registered so late
or was I being punished for some bad blogging?
had I slandered the NCVC name one too many times?

861 would put me pretty far back

sadly I would be too far in the back to really make any sort of charge for the front
last year I think I had a top twenty finish... I doubted that would be possible on this day
oh well... such is life... or really such is cross racing
my race would be the race within the race
not the race for the top spot on the podium

some socializing with familiar faces and old friends as I warmed up on the road then took a lap on the course
there had been some changes to the course... but no real surprises
it was the characteristic Lily Pons Cyclocross Course... a grass packed path weaving between the man made canals that act as the home to exotic aquatic plants
then the long double track jeep road that goes to the area that has been come to be known as "the back nine"
with its steep run up... equally steep drop in... feeding into another set of turns and then a short steep climb that passes a second announce booth that is usually surrounded by an assortment of hecklers

the rain had dampened things.... but not really any worse than the standard morning dew
the course would be good by the time my race was to begin at 10am

the C Race started and finished then the Men Master B 35+ gathered for their call ups

my head was not entirely in the game
it was hard to think "race" with the race so many rows ahead of me
anxiety filled me as I feared a pile up around me

I thought about where and when I could possibly try to get closer to the front
I realized that the first lap would be the deciding lap
that was no genius discovery
in most cross races the first lap is the deciding lap
the first lap... and then the final lap

there were some words from the officials then we were set to go

there may have been a countdown... I was so far back I am not sure if I heard anything except for the sound of the start
the bicycles in front of me stood still
I stayed dormant as well... trying not to collide with the wheel in front of me
then we were off...

bikes moved and there was the sound of cleats clipping in pedals and then the sound of countless skinny tires with little knobs rubbing against the pavement

the race started with a short 100 yard dash on pavement before the turn onto the prologue on the grass

I tried to maintain composure
I did not want to be caught in a crash
I did not want to cause a crash
I tried not to get too wrapped up in trying to pass people

it was congested
I did not need to say this
but it was congested
about 125 racers congested

we looped onto the main course then took to the barriers

bikes and bodies were everywhere
it was tough to get a fluid dismount and remount with all the racers packed in so close
the cluster of people kept our pace a little slow
back on the bike I figured I best start working forward
the main group seemed to be going a tad slow
while the leaders were more than likely pulling further away

I could not really tell what the leaders were doing
all I could see was the sea of cyclists around me

on the tight winding turns on the grass path between the lily ponds I tried to work my way around the racers
instead of staying on the main path I made my pass around the racers on the grass on the outside
I worked to get around people
all the while trying to be respectful of the other's racer's space
while also trying to not go so hard that I blew my load too early in the race

it was hard to say where I was in the game

I was not too far back
the leaders were in sight on the hard pack double track jeep road
I worked to try and catch them

I wanted to try and get into the top twenty on lap one

as it turns out

my secret strategy of going fast on the jeep road was not an original concept
as I passed a number of racers
even more racers passed me

heading into the back nine it was still pretty congested

no one was willing to let things string out... which was smart
it seemed everyone wanted to get closer to the front
knee to knee
elbow to elbow

on the so called "technical sections" I tried to make a few passes

I tried not to get stuck at the other racers' pace
after each aggressive pass I was often passed back
on the off camber downhill with the powerlines to the right I accepted the moderate pace of the long line of racers in front of me
a pass at this point was too risky

in my mind I felt that their tentative pace was better than me trying to make up ground and over cooking a turn

leaving me on the ground

at the start of lap two I was feeling pretty okay

I had worked my way up
cheers from the sidelines gave me an idea where I stood in the pack
someone on the sideline told a racer behind me that they were 24th
this gave me energy
I felt that there was some hope for me after all

even if I had not broken the top twenty
I was still putting in a good effort

I worked hard to catch the racers in front of me

making a few passes here and there
only to be the victim of someone else's effort
again on the double track jeep road I got passed by the stronger and more fit road cyclists
this so called "mountain bike" course was not at all technical
this was a fast and flat hammer course that favored those that had the powered to hammer the straight at high speed

not sure if it was lap two or lap three

but somewhere early in the race there was a downed rider
3/4 of the way through the double track jeep road that leads to the back nice there was a racer
flat on his back refusing to get up
scrapes on his forehead
some blood and a look of anguish of his face

a number of racers from our event had stopped their race to lend assistance

no one tried to move him
there was a buzz about neck injury
the racers passed the downed rider but did not work to pass each other on this section
it was a designated "neutral zone"

the downed racer was a grim reminder of the risks of racing
on each lap it was a rude awakening to the fragility of it all

there was some friendly banter between racers

DCMTB's Darren Biggs passed me... then faded in front of me
a classic roadie maneuver
then on a little technical rise and then turn Darren bumped another racer then crashed in front of me
thanks Darren

Darren would then regain composure and pass me again

then pick up a number of spaces on me
anyone with any road training had the advantage over me
it irked me for Darren to beat me... but it did not shock me
that jeep road was such a disadvantage to me that it favored all who had logged the road miles in the months leading up to this day

the bike and body felt good

I was riding hard

but did not feel as if I could ride any harder
the long double track jeep road seemed to be the deciding factor of this race for me
years prior I had witnessed my weakness here
never have I altered my riding to compensate for my deficiency in speed or endurance
all I do is ride my bike

I ride it hard... but usually for fun
intervals are not part of my vocabulary
I thought to myself... some interval training would helped me
alas... training is the dreaded T WORD
I regret not training

the laps went passed
I did not have my usual "I AM GONNA DIE" sensation
my race ended and I felt I had a little left in the tank
there was not that I HAVE GONE SO HARD I AM GONNA PUKE sensation
no... I had ridden hard... but I may have not gone hard enough

the final laps were fast and fluid
I shared these laps with a 55+ racer who was really digging the course
he cornered fast and hard and ended up crashing harder
he launched nice little hops on the humps and really seemed to enjoy it all

across the line and I felt a little bit of a victory that there were racers behind me
I had finished ahead of a few of my team mates
but behind others

off the course I saw my family
it looked as if they had just arrived
not soon enough to cheer me on
oh well... their voices would not have changed anything
but I would have liked to have seen their faces on the sideline

I gathered my wits and altered my focus

back to the car to get the kids their bikes and to start getting them thinking about their races
six year old Grant was excited to get on his bike but told me he was not going to race
while nine year old Dean was willing to try stepping up from the lil Belgians to the 10-14 Juniors race

the boys suited up... well... they put on their helmets

then I gave them each a juice box
once properly fueled we went down to the lil Belgian's Course
the boys did some laps
Dean crashed and scraped himself up pretty bad

I gave Dean a few minutes to lick his wounds

with a band aid on his knee I told him to mount up
sore with fresh blood on his knee we went for a father son pre-ride
in street clothes we rode the course together

this sixty-six pound kid has trouble lifting a 40 pound bike over the knee high barriers

we moved at a casual pace around the course
I knew that the racers around him would push is pace during the race proper
we took the pre-ride so that there would be no surprises
and so that he would know where he is in his race on each lap
I was not trying to make him too tired to race

then lil Belgian's race happened with Grant as a willing participant

all his "I am not gonna race... I am not gonna race" vanished when it came to race time
Grant raced and raced hard
it was a good contest where he landed second
the experience was awesome to witness
and he got a medal

Dean's effort was admirable
as well
younger and less prepared than those around him
on a mountain bike in street clothes Dean lined up around kids on cross bikes in lycra
it was a tough... two long laps for a young child
two long laps in the heat

I worked the course and cheered for Dean at various points

taking photos in between cheers
trying to lend encouragement
showing my pride

I stayed late after Lisa left for home with the boys so that I could watch some of the Men's Elite

walking the course with the camera
it amazed me how much faster these guys attack the course than any of the other classes

after snapping some shots it seemed like it was time for me to get in the car and head for home
it had been a good day
an exhausting day
it is tough to wear so may hats
to race... to parent... and to take photographs

it was a good day

my race... my parenting... my photographs
they were all pretty good
although I would have had a better race... been a better parent.... or taken better photographs had I focused on just one activity
but that is not how it happened

a good day all around

thanks to NCVC for a stellar event
a great course with fantastic competition

A preview of the course with a video shot during the 2009 race
lots of Gwadzilla butt in this

jim has some choice words about yesterday's race

The Unholy Rouleur has some words about Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross Event

yesterday in the Men's Master 35+ race a racer crashed
I am not sure of the severity of the injury
he was conscious but immobile
there was talk about an injury to his neck or spine

thinking good thoughts
sending well wishes to the downed rider

we are out there to have fun
it saddens me to hear that there could be such a disaster on the course

I am not sure of the specifics
if anyone knows more... please share

some photos from NCVC's Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross Event at Lily Pons

more photos of from this event on the GWADZILLA FACEBOOK page
I did not take as many photos as years past
most of these images in this set are of DCMTB racers