it is new year's eve

some stuff that is entertaining me as I sip my coffee

more hats...

a good year on the bike

a photo from earlier this year...

I can not weld... but adam can

but I was shopping for my wife...

blog blog blog



looking back on the year....

photo book: new orleans bikes

leadville.... I guess not

short commutes... short rides... no real riding to speak of

an image to sum things up?

clean and lube your drivetrain on the cheap

any requests?

accept no imitations

the end of the year and it BEST OF lists

a conversation about MS had me thinking of Jim Rapp

it is late... it is crazy late

bicycle lift?

fun sites

Mother Fuddruckers!

a quick adjustment than back to work

holiday lull.... holiday madness

a break for repairs in dupont

really liking this hat

google search.... blog search

scanning the Internet about the bike

common sense...

world news and the bike

showdown in leadville?

got dimples? rocket science?

post work over spin

a greeting for the GIS map geek in you...

people suck...

is it too late to add this to a christmas list?

peter... a brompton... my boys

watching: The Man Who Skied Down Everest

it is always a strange feeling

this is a brompton

tc at 930.... plus the hours before and the house after