waba holiday party on W.I.T.G.

WABA holiday party sysnopsis on Wrenching in the Gears by Iconoclast
a party where the man of mystery WASHCYCLE entered and exited like a villain in the shadows

in that picture I am chatting with a neighbor and friend who is a commuter, a tri-athlete, and a cycling advocate

the camera created some red eye
the red wine gave me red eye for the full next day

some images of the teeter totter at Fountainhead
and an X-Ray of an injury
I think it is Mrs SS Outlaw

and a Spearman Image on CICLE.org

AMENDMENT: Iconoclast has cleared things up... it was not Mrs. Outlaw it was RickyD's Mrs. D
either way: Sorry about the injury... hope you are not in too much pain... hope you heal up and get back on the bike quick