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2314 18th St NW (2nd Floor)
Washington DC 20009

while on the topic of southern culture and movies

wild river
put it on your net flicks
the closing scene alone would make it worth watching

what Wiki told me about the TVA

Leadbelly: In the Pines

and of course
Wiki had this to say about that tune; In the Pines

while I am out reccommending movies
check out Elmer Gantry
Wiki has something to say about that
you can check that out on your own

Wild River and Elmer Gantry were each released in 1960
that is quite a double header

one may ask themselves... whatever happened to

one may ask google
then they will more than likely know

who was that young boy who played the banjo in Deliverence?
billy redden
where is he now?
what has he done since?
google told me this

and Wiki told me this about Jesco White

hub racing

hub racing
google it yourself!

cigarette butts and chewing gum

cigarette butts and chewing gum...
it all adds up
small as it may seem
this is still trash
this is still littering

the beach is not an ashtray
and well...
your gum can still get stuck on someone's shoe if you toss it in the street

there is a special place in hell for people who litter like this

(okay, I just recently have reformed myself and no longer toss my gum to the curb)
((karma has caught up to me... I have had gum stick to my bike frame one too many times to not realize that there are consequences to our actions))


lines have been crossed
the lines have been blurred

not sure when it all happened
some of it started when the frat boy discovered the chilli peppers
the rest of it avalanched from there

the same sorts of people that would have said... what the f_ck is on your face? are now the same people who are wearing the facial hair that was once considered counter culture

everything has gone mainstream
facial hair... long hair... tattoos
the faux hawk is weak...
although no one deserves to get beat up for their haircut
people with faux hawks need to get beat up for their haircuts

it is fine
it is all fine
it is not that I am possessive of such things
but there do need to be some simple rules
how about this...
just one rule
if your are a red state type... please leave these things alone
there are now more goatees on the golf course than in the mosh pit
but... that does not mean that I have to like it

what maynard is wearing is a goatee
add a mustache... and that is a van dyke

guess if you can get doc martins and a studded belt at the mall
then you can get your facial hair trimmed at the hair cuttery

just getting sick of seeing all the red necks and grown up frat boys with that shit on their face
parted hair and button down shirts do not mesh well with any facial hair other than a freddy mercury mustache

goatee on the wiki page


back from redlands


and I cry...

cyclist dies on River Road
news on NBC4

I do not know he full story
we will never know the full story

it has been a while since I have rocked a long road ride
when I was not so lazy
when I was not so busy with the kids
River Road would have been on my trajectory

I was just thinking last week
it must be a ten year anniversary of the death of Judy Flannery
a death that occurred on River Road

gwadzilla archive... man! I used to type a mess of words

I do not know who Mertz is...

I do not know who Mertz is...
but here is MertzWorld

some very cool skate history here...
and I never really skated

worth a look

walmart... yes... I love walmart

went to walmart tonight...
there are no walmarts in washington dc
there are no walmarts in the dc area
so... when there is a walmart in the area I like to take advantage of it

here I am visiting the inlaws
there is a walmart down the road
so, after dinner when it looked like the kids were under control
I headed down the road to walmart

timed the door to door experience
under 25 minutes to get to walmart
on the way back I saw another walmart
seven minutes closer
there are two walmarts just seven minutes away from the other

Penn and Teller have an episode on Walmart

got a few SD cards
the price has dropped since I last bought an SD card
they had 1GB cards for 25 bucks in the glass case
they had 1GB cards for thirtry bucks on the rack
I could have saved ten bucks if I could have found an employee in the photo department

so many people claim to be fast....

speed record set on bike
in Wired Magazine
81 MPH

from Hounddog to me to you
thanks dog!


more stealing from other blogs

follow me
a cool connector from the brains of the germans
stole this information from velorution

hypnotize yourself at arbito
also stolen from velorution

hand signals for drivers

stole this from martino

thanks tino!

white and nerdy


weird al: White and Nerdy
stolen from steve at thefishtankblog

steve wrote about Joe Englert
Joe has so many of the dc watering holes
Joe owns Temperance Hall where DCMTB has its team meetings

lunchtime in dupont on a spring day

do not block the box....

a simple notion for common sense, common courtesy, and law enforcement....


anticipate the flow of traffic
do not block the crosswalk
do not drive into the intersection unless you can drive completely through the intersection
do not block the box

here is a link to some technology for those trying to enter without being welcomed; RAPEX
(you will thank me for knowing that such a thing exists)


some images from the distance in dupont

some images from the distance in dupont
just part of the city's landscape

wanted to approach for a closer shot
but did not feel the flow
still wanted a picture

Madam's Organ

Madam's Organ in Adams Morgan

an article in the post by Marc Fisher


if this these breast must be covered up...
then any statue of a nude must suffer the same censorship

let marge simpson argue this point to those that do not agree with the images

I find that OFFENSIVE!
as well as some of the other businesses in Adams Morgan
how did those slip through the cracks?

district hardware is moving...

district hardware at dupont is moving
not closing

hopefully the change is positive
hopefully the change is to the right space
the right size and the right location
taking their old customers with them and earning new ones

the city center needs a bike shop
that said...
there are rumors about Chain Reaction
and I do not like the sound of those rumors


stopped by and caught up with jay moglia

we talked about a bunch of things

jay seems not to be a big fan of the picture thing
but I think that jay appreciates that mention of him and images of him brings the topic of some of his projects

jay plays music around town
and jay also has a lodge that he rents out for bicycle training retreats
where he will lead you on some of his favorite rides in his little corner of West Virginia

rambling shadows

raw talent ranch at lost river

jay on gwadzilla

jay has been riding the streets of dc for a long time
he has seen the industry change
jay told me about the concept of a line stand
it was all very interesting

you could waste some time here

robert gordon turns 60

robert gordon
robert gordon is turning 60

fishing the same spots...

fishing the same spots
catching some of the same fish

it is to be expected

there is something to the repetition
it is good to revisit certain things

today I could not resist taking some pictures of this same bike that is always locked in the same place
have put images of this bike and its markings on the page before

there are many days I pass this bike without thinking of taking a photo
but always checking to make sure that it is there
always looking at it if it is

today the lighting was not particularly good
the shadows were not neccessarily strong
there was no epic factor of situation that made me feel that I needed to photo this bike again
the short stop for a few photos is a way that I can slow for a closer examination
an examination with the camera and with my mind

as I snapped the last shot a man asked me a question...
what is wtf?
with a pause
some eye contact I stalled
then exclaimed.... what the f_ck?
with an exhaggerated opening of the arms and hand extending my question

we walked the same direction

the man then spoke of the greatness of the freedom to voice such thoughts
as we walked we talked about his country of indonesia

we talked for a few blocks
then went our separate ways
as we parted I said Salamat Malam
the said Salamat Jalan
as I knew I was going to be corrected for saying good evening in the afternoon
but Salamat Jalan closed our meeting well

Salamat Sepeda to you

cyclist jewelry

cyclist jewelry
it is not uncommon for cyclists to use bicycle parts as jewelry

part of the landscape of the city

on my ride home from work I snapped a few shots with the camera slung around my neck
here are some shots on the move

went straight home
wanted to ride but had a better plan

rode straight home and grabbed my older son dean and the trail-a-bike

had the initial intention of rolling a quick ride with dean then a quick ride with grant
but the loop I had intended upon took longer than I thought

this was the innagural ride
dean had not even know that grant and I had bought it
there was some simple first time set up
easy enough
there were tasks of fetching helmets
there were discussions about the multi-tool

the trail-a-bike is a squirelly proposition
at high speeds and at low
it is more like pulling a trailer than pulling a trailer
took some learning and adjusting
for both me and for dean

went on the bike path down to the monuments
dipped down towards haines point
zipped up to the 14th street bridge instead
crossed over into virginia on the bike path on the 14th street bridge
crossing back over into dc on the memorial bridge

there was notice of the time and my initial intention
I figured to focus on making this experience count and giving grant the full deal on another day

dean recognized various spots from the not as frequent as they should be rides in the trailer

we passed close by the lincoln then the jefferson memorial
the rowers in the river seemed to be of greater interest
the washington monument was also within view
but the early bloom of the beautiful trees (magnolia and othe spring blossoming tress) were in the forground and worth witnessing before they passed
the cherry blossoms were not yet in bloom
the tourists were making the loops just the same

the path was crowded and the traffic was bad

we warmed up the the limits and abilities of the trail-a-bike with the cross bike pretty quick
ending it all thinking that a mountain bike may work better

there is good team work
but wonder if there were a way we could communicate

does someone make an inexpensive headset
something better than the costco two way radio
but at more of a happy meal price

wonder if the metal cowboy had anything...
as riding cross country pulling to kids under 8
well... that is a lot of are we there yet?.... and can I go to the bathroom?s


on man... one leg... one set of pictures

yesterday at lunch I stepped out for a bit with the camera
walked on over to International Square and grabbed a couple of burgers from Five Guys
no fries... no soda... just two junior burgers
well... a junior cheese burger and a junior bacon cheeseburger

ate while I walked
the camera hung around my neck as I scanned the area for cyclists
various cyclists passed
no real photo opportunities presented themselves

the weather was fantastic so I just enjoyed the walk with no great concern for capturing or not capturing any images
marched up Conn Ave. towards Dupont
considered continueing up Conn. towards the WABA offices to pay for and grab the things I bought at the Silent Auction... but wanted to get back to the office
so I turned it around at the fountain

while rounding the fountain I spotted a few cyclists on the benches that creates the outer perimeter of the park
one road cyclist caught my eye
even from the distance I could see that he lacked a complete right leg
a stub was in place where a full leg should be
so I walked straight towards this man
he saw me focused on him with my camera around my neck

there was a welcoming greeting with a smile
a short exchange with a hand shake
and immediate agreement for a photo
in seconds this man was on his bike headed away then turning a tight radius turn back towards me so I could snap the shot
his balance and control was excellent
his slow speed tight radius turn would have sent me toppling over

the photos were taken
names were exchanged
discussion of my web site... then the writing down of his personal information

it was a short several minute exchange
most of my exchanges tend to be short
as I am just trying to pass through

I left...
still with the camera
but not capturing any more shots
just thinking of this man as I returned to work

that day after work I did not feel much like a ride
but the day was so nice I decided to ride with the camera dangling from my neck
I rode for just under an hour.... and did not snap one set of pictures

I returned home and jumped off the bike and leaped into my role as father

once the boys were in bed asleep I poured a glass of wine and went to the laptop to play with the images of the day

I played with the images of this one man with his one leg
once the images were done I investigated his web page
nothing short of inspirational
his journey and his efforts
his understanding and his compassion
his ease and acceptance

ibrahim wafula

it was a pleasure to meet ibrahim
just as he feels it is his quest to share his understanding
I feel it is my purpose to share him with you

in addition to the image here
I posted about Ibrahim earlier

wish we had time to talk
abraham is from kenya (and yes... I know it is Ibrahim)

Bicycle Commuter Act

again from the American League of Cyclists.... Bicycle Commuter Act

check it out!

as my brother said when I posted on this a week ago...

DC is not a STATE!

that does not mean that our voice can not be heard

a start to slowing traffic...

it the DC Mayor Adrian Fenty wants to slow some traffic here is a good place to start....

Mayor Fenty can give instructions to his direct staff to drive within the limits of the law
to have the people who work for him and are driving DC Government Vehicles drive in a civil manner

Mayor Fenty can then ask all the DC residents who have the honor to have a low number tag to drive in a legal and safe manner
there are 1000 tags ranking 1-1,000
these people are friends of the Mayor... they should drive as ambassadors to the mayor
or they should lose the plate
as they are easily identified

from there...
the DC Mayor can instruct the DC police to drive within the limits of the law
as the law applies to them as well as anyone else
if the DC Police were driving at a rational speed it would not only make the streets more safe
but... it would give the Police a more clear perspective of the crimes and potential crimes around them

then take it further...
the Mayor could mandate that professional drivers drive like professionals or they lose their license to drive professionally in the district
start with Metro Buses and Taxi Cabs
PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE and PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER.... well, you get the idea
no need to play show and tell about my experiences within the last 24 hours with these menaces to the road
we all know that they drive like a drunk teenager headed back from the prom
the fatalities caused by Metrobus drivers could have been avoided had the drivers been more alert to their own actions

that is a start...

not penalties

issue the penalties after you have made the request

there should be some Public Service Announcements
make a friendly threat then come down hard

to rush out and start this program of issueing tickets
that is energy and overtime pay
let that same energy and same pay be used more effectively
let life be a chess match... lets try to think a few moves ahead

cell phones....
rolling through stop signs and red lights...
failure to yeild to pedestrians...
passing cyclists fast and close...
these are all issues that could be approached with these mentioned groups
the actions of these drivers could ripple futher
if nothing else
if each member of each group went at a rational speed... they would act as a pace vehicles to the vehicles around them

mark your calendars... a few trail days

12 Hours of Lodi Farms: April 7th

Greenbriar: April 14th

these are the trail days... not the race dates

here are some "mega" deals from Nashbar

coming soon....

24 Solo

coming soon!

protect before punish

the pedestrian and cycling behavior in this city has developed as a response to the vehicular traffic in this city

in short...
it is inappropriate to punish pedestrians or cyclists for their survival behavior before trying to protect them

use the laws to make the streets more safe for them
make it more safe to cross at the crosswalk than any random place on the block
then consider penalizing them for jaywalking

it is completely unfair to consider using laws to punish these two subgroups before trying to protect them

work on the motor vehicle issues
once the the motor vehicle chaos has lessened
then put the request in for the pedestrians and cyclists to behave a certain way

as a cyclist I ride in a fashion where I am putting myself where I am most safe on the road
riding to the right of traffic in between a line of parked cars and the moving traffic is not always the place to be
riding all the way to the right of moving traffic pinned up against the curb is not always the most safe place to be
the only one looking out for my safety on the bike is me
the only one who cares about my wellbeing on the bike is me
it is my obligation to make decisions for cars around me
as they will often make the wrong decision
as they are dictated by selfishness
they are trying to get where they are going at any and all costs
the freak on the bike is none their concern

in my short commute to work if I were to trust the actions of the car drivers around me
well... it would be an even shorter commute
my rights?
no one grants me my right of way
so... I am forced to take what I can
until the laws act in a way to protect me
it is unfair for the laws to punish me

this goes for cycling on the city streets as well as crossing the road as a pedestrian

control the car chaos
and order will file in


wish I had more time to talk

ibrahim has energy
ibrahim is inspirational

ibrahim's story

there is definitely a story here
if I were a film maker I would do a quick Q&A for a documentary
but... I am not a film maker

abraham is from kenya

excuse me... that is ibrahim not abraham
ran into ibrahim in dupont

wonder if he rode with a big lunchtime ride at haines point or if he just rode it alone

ibrahim wafula

K Street

K Street


this bike has some HOV potential
got this link from kirk as he was sharing some of his highlights from his family's trip to amsterdam

would love to get over to europe with my kids
but I lack the excuse of having family over there
velobio or was is that jellybio

definitely check out the wide variety of bike options

the word is spreading on this Paris bike rental program

the word is out on this Paris Bike Rental program
saw this article reprinted in a florida paper

I wonder if the spreading of this word will carry over to a spreading of ideas
then ideas leading to action

dc could really improve its commuter issues

too many cars
too many cars with one person traveling in that car
there are too many adjustments made to facilitate car traffic

thoughts like HOV... when did two people in a car that seats four become HOV?

pedestrian and cycling issues in dc

pedestrian and cycling issues in dc...

last week there was an announcement in the washington post that mayor fenty was working with DDOT to actively calm traffic

sure enough...
before that week was up I spotted some of DC's finest out on a corner stopping skoff laws and issueing tickets


okay... a start
but... this again falls into the misconception that punishment (the ticket) changes behavior
when in actuality... it is the threat of punishment that changes behavior

how many people have been pulled over for drunk driving?
then in the following years... what percentage of those people get pulled over again?
an extreme example... but even in these cases the behavior is not altered
and those are just the people who have been caught on the first and second occassions
(does hitting your dog stop them from misbehaving? no... the threat that they may get punished is what curbs behavior)

a number of years ago my then girlfriend and now wife and I went up to Nova Scotia for a wedding
while in Halifax I was amazed at the pedestrian behavior
no one jay walked
but... the pedestrian had the right of way
if it looked like the pedestrian was going to raise their foot to step into the street then oncoming traffic would slow, stop, and yeild

here in Washington DC things are a little different
pedestrian traffic is out there looking out for themselves
it does not matter what the lights are doing or what the cross walk says
the pedestrian needs to take a serious look around before they step off the sidewalk
crossing in the crosswalk is not always the most safe place to cross
which leads me to my thought...

control the car traffic before getting worked up with the pedestrian and cyclist traffic
the people on foot and on bike have adapted to the chaos
understanding the danger of car traffic they have learned to cross where-ever and when-ever
just trying to get across the street safely
just putting themselves out of the point of intersection of the moving traffic
just trying to keep out of harm's way

until it is safe for the pedestrian to follow the law
it is vital for the pedestrian to do what is most safe
even if the most safe thing to do is to cross outside of the cross walk
and to... cross when it is clear rather than when the cross walk signal grants the foot traffic their "right of way"

just my disjointed thought of the morning
good morning
have a nice day

happy monday


up and around lamont street

up and around lamont street
back from heller's bakery I find dean riding the stairs

he as focused and confident
lisa said he had been doing it since I left
I asked if he could do it a few more times so I could take a picture

will have to have him understand that not all stairs are created equal

WABA Silent Auction at the House of Sweden

the waba silent auction was held at the house of sweden last night
I was pleased to attend (as a volunteer)

there were all sorts of great people from the washington area cycling community
legal, street, and dirt
all sorts of bicycle people
commuters, racers, messengers, recreational cyclists, and life long cyclists

the list is too long to mention
I was just happy to be in their presence
so many people that do so much for our cycling community
for our community past, present, and most importantly future
these people are working hard to make the washington cycling experience part of the plan

WABA: Washinton Area Bicycle Association

it is a trick to ride and eat a glazed donut

the family went to heller's baker this morning for some donuts

love those donuts from heller's

one handed with a choclate glazed donut
that is a smooth move

shaved the legs and trimmed the beard

the mirror in the bathroom shot
just can not get enough of the mirror in the bathroom shots

went to the waba silent auction last night
shaved my legs yesterday
trimmed my beard today

found Ultra... with a great link for Cool Disco Dan

ultra at myspace

watch an interview on youtube... said to be cool disco dan

the "cool disco dan" tags are sure to decline and go extinct
has a subculture mapping geek gone ahead and drawn up a list of the remaining tags?
yellow arrow?
coffee table book?
at least an ADC map with scribbles from a SHARPIE
someone cooler than DCist should pull this together

ladies night

SMASH: New Management... New Location

SMASH at myspace
more on smash as their grand opening approaches

kevin... back from vacation

sounds like a great trip

stealth training...

the dreaded "T" word
training is not really my thing

but... I do like to ride my bike
and well... I do always want to be faster, fitter, and more technical on the bike
but... I do not always like to do what it takes to get those goals achieved
mainly because I am lazy

today there was that small window of opportunity
was not so concerned with the conditions of the trails as I lacked the time to drive anywhere and did not have the time to call anyone to ride with
so a road ride was in order
had thought I would launch out mac arther blvd out to great falls on the maryland side
work the hill from old anglers a few times
work the hill down to the great falls parking lot a few times
but then I altered my trajectory
realized that grant needed and nap
figured he could nap just fine in the fresh spring air

so I gathered up the burley trailer
there were a few toys, a few drinks, and some animal crackers
not for me... for grant

not sure how long into the ride grant fell asleep
there was not much conversations
some complaints about the potholes
but not much chatter... which is for the best
as it is difficult to carry on a conversation between an adult on a bike and a small child within a trailer

not sure how long into the ride before grant fell asleep
but I do know but somewhere around an hour grant chimed in with something
not sure what he said... so I asked what he said
he repeated
it was not what I wanted to hear... it was the I want to go home
I stopped the bike and quickly tried to alter his attention to the animal crackers
then turned the trailer around and headed towards home

my route had taken me down the classicly crowded capital crescent trail
the spring day can really bring the people out
so I turned it around and went head on back into the human traffic

the way back was slightly uphill

got back
grant had asked a few more times about when were were going to get home
then he recognized the section of rock creek and issued instruction
then got aggravated as we missed our turn
but.... that turn was good for car traffic or bikes without trailers
traveling with this cargo has me moving more cautiously and less aggressively
so I passed park and went up the sidewalk of porter

got home in a little more than two hours on the bike
with a few few minutes stops I figure I rode two hours solid pulling the trailer with my younger son

a good ride
a good work out
a good example of stealth training

bike friendly concept

an article in the washington post about a city wide bicycle rental program

last night I saw Paul of METROBIKE
he was already aware of this article

WASHCYCLE has already posted and commented on this issue
hey WASHCYCLE how bout a shout out when you steal my stuff

saw these folks and many others at the WABA Silent Auction last night

another article in THE POST
odd to think that some rowers got arrested for illegally crossing borders when just trying to get in a work out
also amusing... I do not really think in terms of TRACKBACK


jonathan blum

jonathan blum

the other day this artist who I do not really know passed through my brain
in this short passing
I wondered... what was his name? what is he up to now?

david costabile... also in nyc... looks just like he did in grade school... only less hair
was not really thinking of david costabile, was more curious about googling some random names
let me bring it back to the bike
as I like to let my tangents travel full circle
david costabile has done a number of commercials
david was in that commercial where the guy just gave some presentation and it went well
then after the compliments flow the co-workers leave the elevator
leaving david alone in the elevator with a messenger
there is a short exchange... I recall some sort of final compliment from the messenger

some kid from AU with his BMX bike

some kid from AU with his BMX bike

there needs to be a shared objective

a piece of political pop culture on YOUTUBE

it is moderaltey clever
it is exactly what the DNC does not need
the DNC needs to work like a team
putting their best man (or woman) forward
putting forward a combination of who will do the best job
taking into account that it is primary that this person is able to win the election

Al Gore?
I am not sure... maybe he can serve the world better by traveling about and showing his slideshow

flower basket

a classic raleigh gran prix
my bet
it is a pre-taiwanese raleigh
but... the parts on it are a mish-mash upgrade
some solid bullet proof stuff
not what you would expect from a bike with flower baskets front and rear

passing the postal truck

same guy...
different day
passing a different truck
only this time going with traffic

but... turning the same corner
only to go head on into traffic down the exact same path

listening to some music... listening to the kids

listening to some fort knox five
listening to the kids

not sure why
but the wife is still hanging around
while I was thinking I would watch the kids

I am blogging and playing with images
the kids are playing with some neighbors and about to break for lunch

fort knox five on myspace

a block of order tucked into many blocks of chaos

yesterday I left work early...
was not feeling well
was having a hard time making it through the day
so I requested to get out early
my boss abliged

not feeling well I meandered on the bike towards home at a slow pace
drifting around the city, not pointed directly towards home

stopped for a few photos
would have liked to have stopped for more
rolled through the parks caught up with some friends
caught up with some familiar faces
was trying to get home in time to rest before getting the boys from school

it all worked out well
arrived home to find the wife with our younger son
we went together to pick up our older son
then we drove across town to play in a park that I had scoped out earlier this week on my bike
in my mind I thought I was bringing the boys to OZ
I was certain that we were about to enter the world of NARNIA
but when we pulled up at the park the boys told me that that mom had taken them to this park before
I turned to the wife... she confirmed that she had taken them to this park before
they were excited just the same
as this park is pretty fantastic

we climbed on the rope pyramid together as a family
dean racing me ot the top
we hung out at the top and surveyed the area around us
being overprotective I issued various orders of caution
there was racing and an excess of spinning that children love and adults can barely endure
the afternoon carried a threat of rain that never came
some drops and nearly a drizzle, but never any rain
after a decent amount of time was spent at this park we loaded up the element and rolled on

we left behind us an interesting scene
a park pressed against interstat 395
with kids playing basketball while other kids skateboarded under the highway
within sight there were trains and there were horses
the park was vast by urban standards
and strangely vacant for such a beautiful day

before leaving "the hill" we stopped in at The Eastern Market
grabbed some hot dogs, some sausages, and some kraut
as our block was sceduled to have an informal alley party

on our drive home we had one last errand to run
I had promised the boys that I would buy them each one of those key chains that a man with a great number of keys would wear around his belt
the retractable kind
the kind they saw on a neighbor who is a dog walker's hip
so we mandered through the city back into mount pleasant up to the main strip
the chaos was its usually third world chaos
then at the intersection of Lamont and Mount Pleasant there was something different

at this corner there were two police officers on foot
standing in the intersection
it appeared that they were issueing tickets to those that were failing to stop at the four way stop
even the Metro buses were making complete stops and yeilding to pedestrians

there was order on this corner
there was order and there was safety
but only on this one corner
as the rest of the strip had no threat of ticketing... people acted as they wished
but on this one corner.... there was order and safety
it was a tad chaotic to have order surrounded by such chaos

it was good to see
as it is an effort pointing in the right direction

there needs to be a change of behavior at the intersections at all times
not just when an officer is present
the metro bus needs to stop at the stop signs and yeild to pedestrians not just at this corner but at all corners
and yes.... all the time... not just durning the times when police are present

it is like raising children
I do not want my kids to play with fire or mess with guns
but... this aim is not just for when my children are in my presence
this desire of my children stay clear of these things even when the are not under my supervision

the hardware store had the keychains... they were more expensive than I wished to spend
so we left without buying anything

we arrived home to an alley party
the was a grill going
and all sorts of children on scooters, skateboards, and bicycles racing around the alley

it looks like the mayor and the police chief are getting pro-active in making changes in pedestrian safety
but... it takes more than an afternoon of issueing tickets to change behavior
we need people to behave even when the officer is not within sight

on monday I am going to review the Bicycle Master Plan