while on the topic of southern culture and movies

one may ask themselves... whatever happened to

hub racing

cigarette butts and chewing gum


back from redlands


and I cry...

I do not know who Mertz is...

walmart... yes... I love walmart

so many people claim to be fast....

more stealing from other blogs

hand signals for drivers

white and nerdy

lunchtime in dupont on a spring day

do not block the box....

some images from the distance in dupont

Madam's Organ

district hardware is moving...


you could waste some time here

robert gordon turns 60

fishing the same spots...

cyclist jewelry

part of the landscape of the city

on man... one leg... one set of pictures

Bicycle Commuter Act

a start to slowing traffic...

mark your calendars... a few trail days

coming soon....

protect before punish

wish I had more time to talk

abraham is from kenya

K Street


the word is spreading on this Paris bike rental program

pedestrian and cycling issues in dc

up and around lamont street

WABA Silent Auction at the House of Sweden

it is a trick to ride and eat a glazed donut

shaved the legs and trimmed the beard

found Ultra... with a great link for Cool Disco Dan

ladies night

SMASH: New Management... New Location

kevin... back from vacation

stealth training...

bike friendly concept

jonathan blum

some kid from AU with his BMX bike

there needs to be a shared objective

flower basket

passing the postal truck

listening to some music... listening to the kids

a block of order tucked into many blocks of chaos