did they show the last guy?

Cyclocross Nationals 35+ B Race
an amazing video on YOUTUBE
looks like a mosh pit on bikes
maybe I should watch it again with some Minor Threat playing in the background
did they show the last guy?
had I been there the tape would have had to been a little longer
as that is my age group and that would be my class

stole this from here
a blog I am not familar with
but am excited to scroll through and maybe page back on

found that when I was checking in on gewilli at introspection section
a fantasic blog that is in my regular roatation
although I am not sure if I ever mentioned gewilli before

two mentions of ghetto cross
kerry litka and this until the snow ends character
the frankencross bike is way cooler than a gucci machine on the course and a gucci machine in the pitts
no... I am not cool enough to have a ghetto cross bike
but I am definitly a fan of the idea and the final product