it is always a strange feeling

it is always a strange feeling

post party depression

most certainly the cross racers of the united states may be feeling some of that same emptiness that the parents of the world who celebrated christmas may be feeling right now

there was grand preparation
the kids have been asking questions on the topic of christmas for months
there have been letters to santa
questions about santa
the leverage of disipline that the concept of santa offers

now we have rock-em-sock-em robots, more magnetix, more duplo lego, star wars mr. potatohead that adds to our already impressive mr. potatohead collection
of course there us clothes
as unexcited as the kids can be about getting a box of clothes
this is the time when kids get slippers and a rob.... only to wear once or twice then then they outgrow it

more toys unmentioned
no bicycles
no puppies
but a good christmas just the same

the wife got some ear rings and a necklace from the family
while dad got some super casual pants looking knickers with chamois and some winter bib tights

it was a good holiday weekend
a good gathering of the family
was good to see some friends