SHORTER DAYS: lights equal life... get a life

shorter days are here....
I think that there are only a few more shorter days
then days are about to get longer
either way
short days are here

which means it is vital to cycle with lights to see and be seen

it boggles my mind how many people opt to go out into the darkness without lights
people who may be completely sensible with most everything else they do become total idiots risking their safety and the safety of others when they go out onto the unlit bike paths without some sort of lights
it blows my mind!

getting caught with a dead battery sucks!

but some of these people go out into the darkness knowingly every night

and reflectors....
that is not good enough
you need lights to see and be seen

get a clue
get a life
get a light

a news story from the UK about them cracking down on lightless cyclists