I wonder how this pans out... cyclists are outlaws

bike rage in manchester

I have felt like that
the twist of symantec
the author may have unknowingly twisted the understanding of the situation

the cyclist claimed to have been hit by the car
the writer says that there was no sign of a bike hitting a car

why would the cyclist fabricate this?
her response most certainly aggitated the shaken up cyclist more
I have been there
I fully understand where the cyclist is coming from
the sympathy for the driver and her elevated heart rate
as if a 61 year old woman should not be treated like that
it seems that this 61 year old woman may have unknowingly stopped the beating of another heart
that should get her heart rate up as well...

everyday people young and old nearly run me down...
the same goes for when I am on foot or in my car
people are not so in tune with the world around them
many years ago I got clipped and knocked over on my motorcycle
went skidding down the tarmack for half a city block
broke a wrist and lost some skin
the driver had that same...
I did not see you... I did not realize I hit you thing going
there was no damage to her car
but... there were witnesses to it all
she was apologetic
but... she was oblivious to her surroundings
and that was pre-cell phone

a few more things from Manchester
like music...The Smiths, New Order, The Chemical Brothers
I am sure I have seen a few others... but those jump to mind
maybe I should scan this list to see if I have seen any others of the bands from Manchester

but really who is the victim in that story?
cause and effect
action and reaction
the initial behavior catalyzed the aggression