looking back on the year....

looking back on the year I can not help but glance at the low points after glorifying the highlights

just as I marvel at the growth and development of two young boys
I can not look back on this year without thinking about the death of my dog Roscoe
the days before his death were painful
the days in his absence are not without pain

before I had children my wife and I just had the two dogs
the dogs made our house our home
the dogs made our union a family

dogs are said to be man's best friend
roscoe was my best friend
sure.... I had two dogs
but my relationship with brutus is different than the relationship I had with roscoe

I miss that dam dog
my family misses that dam dog
brutus... who is part of the family misses that dam dog

I think it is time for the puppy
we do not have time for a puppy
but... I think it is time
time to start finding the right dog

roscoe and brutus