maybe I need to start the process... even if it is not my craft?

here is an ambition idea for a slacker with no free time...

another blelvis site-ing
(no I can not spell)

ran into Blelvis tonight

it was short and almost weird
there was an overlap with another local street personalty
well... a person, not a performer
but a person with some personality just the same

I was on the corner talking to tommy
on a previous encounter I had mentioned to tommy that I had some clothes that I was trying to get rid of
a bunch of jackets, pants, shirts
along with some other random stuff that is taking up space in my basement
tommy was interested
we were trying to nail down a time when he could pick the stuff off or I could drop it off when Blelvis passed by

blelvis looked good
his hair and beard were clean and sharp
there were some serious muttenchops
blelvis is still alive, well, and active
if not on the streets of dc
at least in the mind of what the Internet tells me is a man named Ron Wooten

tommy and blelvis has a positive yet awkward exchange
they clearly knew each other
it was a friendly exchange... but not by friends
maybe blelvis was giving tommy some room... as so not to disrupt a possible hustle
when blelvis walked away Tommy and I talked for a second about blelvis
tommy said... "that guy has one hell of an imagination"
I said... yes... "his mind is like an encyclopedia of elvis"
we laughed, but not in a judgemental sort of way
I should have asked Tommy if he knew Blelvis' story

in the notion of a documentary it would be more interesting to interview other local heros instead of a bunch of drunk frat boys
although drunk frat boys are funny to watch
someone like tommy may know blelvis well... an alternate perspective
doormen, bartenders, and bar owners of Adams Morgan would be good subjects for the interviews
then there would be the officers of the law, vetran officers of the law would certainly know a different history

there has to be footage from performances
definitely some stills
maybe this is a project that someone started before
not sure what sort of personal archive Ron Wooten has of his Blelvis career
I do recall him walking the streets with an autograph of Tom Jones
either he owned a stack of those images or that photo is torn, tattered, and long gone by now

there is a documentary
the film could be five minutes
the film could be fifty minutes

start with a trailer on the topic
then expand from there
it seems like a story that would write itself

tommy had a different bike on this day
the bike in this picture was stolen days prior
tommy has yet to get his bike back that was confiscated by the police