a slow day.... a good day... there should be more days like today

it was a good day
got out of bed early
had to get the boys up and active and out the door with their mother with military effieciency
which anyone who knows two and five year old boys knows... there is no such thing as effiecieny when dealing with two and five year old boys
like directing a mule
the harder you pull
the greater resistence they show

yet... it was a good day
as much as I may have desired to go back to bed I did not
instead I finished my coffee and took brutus out for an extended hike
well... extended for a prework hike
we hit a section of the melvin hazen

soon my morning that could have sent me into work early had me rushing not to be late

on the bike wearing significantly more gear than the day prior
as yesterday was summer and today it is feeling closer to winter
while rolling down the main strip in mount pleasant I saw a small familiar form a few blocks ahead
I chased the figure getting lucky with the lights
over spinning the single speed that is geared for dirt not for road
yet a long red light stalls her long enough for me to roll up just as she is starting to move again

it is libbey sheldon mother of four and stellar mountain biker two thirds of the way of her solid daily commute
to catch up I tag along
we build on the conversations that we started on our two meetings just weeks prior
as it turns out libbey's route takes her down through malcom x
not my usual route
apparently it is hers

the park is two levels
with a great number of terraces and a great number of stair connecting each terrace

a bit of a rocking horse ride on the rigid single speed for me
but a pretty bouncy ride for libbey as well... as she took it faster on her squishy rocky mountain double banger
I picked up the speed but kept things in control
the 29er picks up fast
the clydesdale does not break to full stop with immediacy

the day went as many days do the days before christmas
not much activity
not much action

strolled at lunch with the camera
the sun dropped fast as it was a late lunch
did not get any shots that thrilled me

then a little more time at work only to get the green light to leave early
left early enough to get some time on the bike
zipped around and across town on the surly karate monkey single
was not moving to fast
got a taste of dirt where I could
did not seek out playing superman and racing the train
tried to avoid traffic as much as possible

got home early
could have ridden more
but figured I would walk the dog before dinner and before I freed the babysitter
offered to the boys to go hiking
pushed the issued
the babysitter got to leave early
the boys went hiking
it was an unusual hike
the boys did not want to do what we think of as the rosemount loop that passes the fort and the water tree
dean wanted to cross the street and move deeper into Rock Creek Park
I consulted with Grant on his willingness to hike further
grantman was game

we hike
I kept the dog and the boys on the side of the street away from crazed commuter traffic
we crossed each street cautiously in a pack... daddy holding hands tightly and crossing safe and fast
commuters honk at the cars in front of them
wondering why they are stopped at the stop sign

the boys were troopers
brutus got to dip into the creek just as he had at the start of his day
the boys wanted to hike the off camber trail along side the creek
I took them inside towards klingle mansion
by this point the petzel headlamp I was wearing was almost vital
grantman requested a piggyback ride a few times
I joked with him on it
then offered to carry him after the next section
when we hit the hills holding his hand was enough
we looped back on a fireroad
taking a break on the path
all the while I was enjoying my children's observations and their questions

got home and called mommy
she was still heading home from work
I asked if she wanted Pho
she thought it was a good idea
I ordered way too much Vietnamese food

after some clean up and some getting ready for bed
there was some N64 before bedtime
want to read this over... but there is one more set of photographs I want to play with

and some relaxation

sure I want this post to make sense...
but I also want to put up my feet