man down...

This is Jen Rodriguez, one of Scott's daughters. I want to Thank you all on behalf of my family...for your continued support at this difficult time. Many of you have contacted us and we want to thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.
My dad is currently improving hourly at UVA medical Center. He is in the Trauma ICU and being treated for a spinal cord injury and C1&C2 fracture along with many other bumps and bruises and a few facial fractures that are very minor in comparison. Although he is unable to breath on his own yet, his other organs and brain and heart are very strong. While this is a very hard waiting game...it is just that. The staff is amazing and recognize my dad's will and passion and head strength!!!! We will get through this and he will improve. We have hope.
We appreciate any notices and updates given and prayer requests given out by our family churches.....proof that prayer works.
UVA has taken measures to make sure he is comfortable and breathing. We are looking for improvements hourly.
Thank you so much.
~jen rodriguez

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