perhaps my favorite band... Queens of the Stone Age... definitely the only band that I know I would want to see live

Queens of the Stone Age

live music is not on my list of priorities
occasionally I will go out to see a band
usually a friend's band or a band I listened to\followed in my misspent youth
but honestly
standing for that long... well... it makes me feel old
old and tired

it also makes me feel old to have to interact with young people...
young men and young women
I hate having to walk through the crowd and deal with the testosterone
testosterone and smart phones
bumping chests with young men... people who I am old enough to be the father of
a measure they do not understand

if I lost my virginity at 17/18... yes, I was late to the game
that would give me the potential to have a child of roughly 27 or younger

but alas no... I have 9 and 12 year old boys
not 27

that was not my point
but that is the tangent that surfaced

good morning... time to pack up the gear and go coach a group of 9 year olds on the soccer field

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