have you seen this film.... NOW THIS IS HOW YOU USE A GO PRO

not sexual or smutty as the thumbnail depicts
it is a tad violent
think Guy Richie meets Pulp Fiction
sure Quinten Tarintino is amazing... that is not the point

think chase scene of a James Bond film... only less delicate and more bloody

it is an effort to get you ready for something intense
I started it this morning
paused it and saved it for tonight
this was not at all how I wanted to start my day

Now This is How You Use a GoPro

sadly today was violent... ultra violent
a shooter shot 12 people at the Navy Yard here in DC
sad day for the USA
these mass killings should not happen
yet they are happening too often

In the WaPo a break down of the Navy Yard shooting

there is something about the violence in our lives
the movies we watch
the games that our children and some adults play
our language
our gruff interactions with strangers

the volume has been turned up
it is time to draw things back

but watch this film
as violent as it is I do not think it will make a person pick up a gun and shoot someone
that said... I would not share this with my children 
definitely an intense film...
the GoPro and its POV gives it a little bit of reality feel to it
while being videogame-esque all the way

and the story
the story ends with a twist

treat yourself to some ultra violence
well... it you are into that sort of thing

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