by now we have all heard... a man was charged with having sex with his bicycle

we have all heard by now that there was a man charged with having sex with his bicycle

I am not sure what the issue is...
so he loved his bike
big deal.
was it a children's bike?
no... it was an adult bike

then in the name of Bill Clinton...
what constitutes sex?
was there insertion?
did the cleaning people catching him in the act with a tube of Phil Wood grease in his hand?

was there music playing?
maybe he was just dancing with his bike
if there was no insertion... than there was no sex
I never heard mention of oversized tubing or the removal of the seat or the passing of the minimum insertion point
there was just the spoting of gyration on the part of a pantsless man

the behavior may have been lewd
the behavior may have been inappropriate
it may have been weird
it may have been a shock or gross to witness
but I do not think that he had sex with his bicycle

this guy innocent just like Larry Craig
okay... Larry Craig is a smut pedaller
but I just wanted to work in a Larry Craig joke
sorry if it did not work

what if it had been a woman?
here is a video of a woman enjoying her relationship with her bicycle
definitely not for work
did I say definitely not for work
this video will be enjoyable for some and offensive for others

the telegraph uk

the guy is a freak
penalty? probation?
how about some therapy?