is this what happens when you name your child Bear?

does the man make the name or does the name make the man?

nicknames are to be earned than applied
rather than attached prematurely
or self selected

Man Versus Wild

I have just been introduced to this Discovery Channel show
very dramatic

reminds me that I have yet to see the film Into the Wild


Mike said...

i hate bear and that show, although i'm not sure why. he just drives me nuts.

ridethewomble said...

@Mike - ...because Bear takes crazy chances that will get you killed. It makes for "exciting" TV, but do the exact opposite of what he does in a survival situation.

For my money, the survival king of TV is aka, "Survivorman."

ridethewomble said...

Oops. Looks like operator error on that anchor tag. I meant to say, "Les Stroud, aka, 'Survivorman.'" I got all excited about dropping hrefs, and forgot to actually write.

gwadzilla said...

others have mentioned Surviorman
will have to remember to set my DVR to record

thanks for the heads up

BicycleXC said...

I've heard Bear is a phony.

it isn't hard to see sometimes if you look closely and you have a little experience in the back country.

I agree with ridethewomble Les Stroud is the non pre-madonna survivor or all time.

watch and learn.

gwadzilla said...

caught SurvivorMan tonight...
both shows have their merit

the James Bond accent and good looks on Bear do detract a tad
I have no problem with the whole production
it is all entertainment
not a handbook

if I get lost in the wild
I will just call my wife
she will come rescue me

I do not anticipate having to gut a camel and crawl into its chest cavity any time soon

ridethewomble said...

gwadzila said, "I do not anticipate having to gut a camel and crawl into its chest cavity any time soon."
When's the last time you rode Catherine Furnace/Liberty Furnace/Big Schloss/Wolf Gap? That's a tough ride, there! I ALWAYS bring my camel-cuttin' tools when I attempt that one!