yes... Bell Boy... we are all bell boys

Quadrophenia movie trailer
Quadrophenia on the Wiki page

I currently lack the energy of the passion to try and dig into this rant
lyrics here

Bell Boy! I got to keep running now.
Bell Boy! Keep my lip buttoned down.
Bell Boy! Carry this baggage out.
Bell Boy! Always running at someone's heel.
You know how I feel, always running at someone's heel.

in so many all of us are just "bell boys"
I know I am

Bell Boy video on YOUTUBE
not clips from the movie, some videos pieced together by some Quadrophenia fans
fun to watch while listening to the tunes

gwadzilla archive where I brought up the topic of bell boy


Blue-eyed Devil said...

On my Shuffle right now, (which--*gasp*--I occassionally listen to while riding sans helmet); I never tire of it. The Who's most brilliant album, bar none.

Townshend agrees (from Wiki): "The music is the best music that I've ever written, I think and it's the best album that I will ever write."

Saw this one performed in concert a while back and (moved by certain exogenous influences and my usual passion for the poignant) it really struck me as being verrrrry depressing, more so than under more casual listening circumstances.

gwadzilla said...

mr classt-

when are we getting that beer?

I could do to blow some steam

one night next week?

right now I am still healing up from this cold


gwadzilla said...


I had a Bell Boy moment yesterday
I always keep my lip buttoned down
best I get running now
got to carry this baggage out

-mr bell boy

Blue-eyed Devil said...

Next Tuesday or Wednesday--you choose, at Pizzeria Paradiso on M Street, downstairs. Happy Hour runs from 5 to 7. I'll even learn ya a thing or two about good beer, ha.

Got a wee bit of a cold I'm shakin' off now, meself.

Check this out. Interested?

gwadzilla said...

threw me a bone...

the man that made me feel more like a bell boy than the ace was extra nice to me

perhaps he realized how small he made me fee yesterday

Blue-eyed Devil said...

Never mind that maudlin shit, you in for the beer?...the Enduro?

Answers, man, answers.