International Velvet at IOTA

International Velvet at IOTA
last night International Velvet got together at IOTA to jam
it was an organic gathering of some very talented artists
a piece from here and a piece from there

it was an eclectic group of individuals
bass from thievery
throat from see-1
sitar from fort knox five
tambura from pearce's mom
three people contributing different forms of percussion from various sources
as well as other vocalists I am not familiar with

the music built up as the evening progressed
slow psychedelic grooves and dance-able dubs
a dj set from sid of fort knox five raised the energy in between sets
lisa and I had to evacuate just as things were picking up and people were really starting to move
dancing was tempting
but we had to head home
as it was a school night
and neither of us wants to run the risk of turning into a pumpkin

give it a listen now
international velvet
fort knox recordings
fort knox five
catch it live later