respect... we are all brothers on the bike

we are all brothers on the bike

today messengers all around washington dc are going to show their respect for one of their own
a veteran of the streets died last week
he died at home not at work
today there will be messengers dressed in camouflage in memory of derwin

who was derwin?
why did derwin wear camouflage each day at work?
did derwin wear camouflage when not at work?
was derwin ever in the military?

what was up with derwin and "the mummy bike?"
for years derwin rode his bicycles covered in masking tape... why?

derwin was an avid reader
what was he reading?
what books was he buying at second story books?

why did derwin die so young?

rest in peace derwin

you were a part of the city scape

your presence will be missed

rest in peace derwin
derwin's death was not bicycle related
but his life was