I want to work creating PSAs

it would be cool to work creating PSAs on the cycling/pedestrian safety issue


DC needs to get a campaign this cool!
this too was stolen from here


Anonymous said...

It's not really a good campaign if you look at the who thing, although it's good that they're doing something. I don't like the jokey nature of the accidents.

gwadzilla said...


I guess you do not care for the roadside memorials campaign


I think it is about getting someone's attention
getting people talking
getting people thinking

and hopefully
changing behavior


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how this relates to roadside memorials. I think those are effective.

If you come to NYC and look for this campaign you'll mostly see it in places where there's little effect, like ugly postcards in restaurants and the posters on bus stops. It's better than nothing but not a big part of the solution in my opinion.

gwadzilla said...

wolfey go back and watch the Videos for THE ROADSIDE MEMORIALS