pegs make a bicycle a tandem

okay... pegs do not make a bicycle a tandem
but the pegs do make the bicycle built for two

this site is everyday
I see it all around the city
two people traveling on one bike
at the same time at the same places
this is a popular mode of transport

I have seen people riding double
an interesting observation
as I watch Paul Mooney I fear my next statement to be a blanket statement that may make me sound like a racist...

I have seen Lantio boys and girls riding double on adult bikes before
I have seen this in Costa Rica, I have seen this in Peru, I have seen this in the states
but I have never seen this done with another "race"
I have seen Latino boys and girls, not so often men and women, ride two on an adult bike
but rather than have the rider pedal standing up and steer
they split the tasks
the person steering rides the top tube
while the person on the seat pedals and grips the steerer's waist