the cycling dude knows sign language as well

had some emails going back and forth with the cycling dude
both of us have had a certain level of frustration with the drivers around us

both of us reached wits end
both responded with some basic sign language

we all must remember
in the battle between the car and the bicycle
the car is a superior weapon

blowing kisses may be better than yelling obscenities

while a simple wave with five fingers may be better than displaying just one

lets all be careful out there
count to ten before responding rashly

keep your lock in your bag and your fingers in your glove
no eyes were ever opened from sharing obscenities


Jim said...

"remember to count to ten before responding rashly."

Yeah, that's exactly what I do, Gwadz.

"1-2-3-4-5678910F************* YOU!"

I don't recommend it, but it's worked for me.

I follow a basic principle - people stupid enough to screw with you, generally aren't secure enough to get out of the car to try to kick your @55. Of course at 6 feet and north of 240 lbs, I can think that way.

gwadzilla said...

I may modify that am give it a DC Hardcore Punk circa 1981 feel to it


not to be confused with 1,2 X YOU!

Rob said...

Thats why I always enjoyed commuting at 4am and Noon out in CA.

Not sure if you saw this or not Gwad but I thought it worth passing onto you again as I know you commute and your kids are riders also.


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