lee likes bikes... I want a pump course

lee likes bikes!
just as dogs love trucks
lee likes bikes!


I tell ya every time I go to Lee's page I start drooling
I have never ridden a pump course
yet for some reason I feel that this is something that should be brought to the DC area

Fort Dupont could be the place

I have often thought that Fletcher's Boat house has some ignored green space that would do well for this purpose as well

anyone at IMBA, MORE, or NPS reading my blog?

I hope not... but if you are can happen the cycling community would prospore from it

we have baseball fields, soccer fields, basketball courts, and are starting to get skateboard parks
now we need to get a pump course

there is so much about where not to ride
where can a mountain biker ride?

what about the kids
shouldn't the kids of dc be exposed to the great things in this world
we may not have mountains
but we can have mountain bikes