tastes like chicken

here it is the holiday season
when that sweet old aunt of yours wants to buy a chicken for a family in nicaragua
or when that smelly old second cousin wants to have a mass said in your favor

personally... if you want to give a gift to me

ask them to give a gift in your favor for a charity that represents your interests


I have nothing against feeding the poor

in fact I am very supportive of such causes

but if your gift is for me and with me in mind
maybe you could support a cause that speaks me

if you do not want to donate to the listed causes above
there are many others that would work internationally or would be directed towards the poor or less privileged

trips for kids
bikes for the world

as for the mass said in my honor...

well, that is a different story

I believe in the power of positive thinking

yet I am cynical enough to think that that money going to the church is going towards the AC bill or the pastor's next carton of cigarettes

just a thought
now that I have pissed some people off I am going to get back to work


Unknown said...

I was overseas last week and had ostrich goulash. Surprisingly, it did not taste like chicken.

gwadzilla said...


never had ostrich egg
never had ostrich steak
never had ostrich goulash

I bet it tastes like ostrich