word on the street...

today as I strolled down the block snapping photos on my lunch break I ran into a familiar face
we caught up on the Thanksgiving Day past
in our conversation the topic of Derwin came to surface
it saddened me to hear that Derwin had died some time last week

this is a shot of Derwin from a few years ago...
he was one of the first messengers that I photographed...

Derwin was always polite and respectful
we did not talk much
but he always shared a hello as he passed me on the streets

Rest In Peace Derwin
Rest In Peace

I have heard that this Friday people will be showing their love and respect for Derwin by wearing their camouflage gear


gwadzilla said...

I may never come to learn why Derwin wore camo...

nor will I ever know why he would coat his bicycle in masking tape

or why he stopped coating his bicycles in masking tape

if Bryn were around he would have some of these answers
but he vanished just as he arrived

Jonye West said...

Bummer. What happened? Derwin was one of the couriers I enjoyed seeing around town.