THE SECRET... Pedros and Vinny's goes south

one day I was the only person in line at the burrito stand on the sidewalk at 15th and K Street...

15th and K? Vermont and K?
either way...
not the one at 17th/Conn. and K

in the short exchange while purchasing a large burrito, black and tan (mix black beans/refried beans), with a standard tortilla, guacamole, fresh salsa, and a mixture of fresh mango sauce with a dash of fire there was mention of THE SECRET
the exchanges with the sole proprietor of Pedro and Vinny's burrito cart can often go the way of the soup nazi
you need to know what you want and you need to know how to order it
but... if there are a few spare seconds you can break through the ice and have a pleasant exchange with the man making the burritos
this was one of those days
there was mention of his eminent departure and a vague mention of a business plan
part of that business plan was inspiration and motivation derived from THE SECRET

I am sad to announce that Pedro and Vinny's is now closed
not for the season... but for good
it seems that the owner of this sidewalk goldmine has headed south to pursue greater ambitions
I am not sure what those ambitions are
but... I do know from speaking with the man in the stand that the inspiration derived from THE SECRET is part of the equation

Pedro and Vinny's!

I better just watch this clip
the loop of music is creeping me out
good luck with chasing your dreams
DC will miss you and your burritos!

the music of THE SECRET sort of sounds like the music from THE BRIDGE

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