rolling down 16th towards work...

rolling down 16th Street heading into work

had the camera dangling around my neck
so I snapped some shots on the move
a red light allowed me to capture on standing shot

safety is sexy!


James T said...

I am glad that you keep that camera around your neck. great shots seem to be all around in DC.

JOY said...

What a unique way to take pics! Nothing like getting a birds eye view.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Blue-eyed Devil said...

I think I'm in love. ;)

gwadzilla said...

like so many of my photographs

things are taken on the move
with a quick snap of the shutter

we went down 16th Street by Malcolm X Park
she was moving at a pretty good clip
she had no fear splitting lanes
so it was tough to get the shot

I had to watch her and the traffic around me

to my favor she had to stop at a Red Light
then I got to get at least one shot well cropped within the camera

my guess...

after I see a person once
I tend to see them again and again

then again, the photo game is a warm weather activity

crs said...

Ya think she likes guys with shaved legs???

Yokota Fritz said...

Nice captures. Do the girls think you're weird that you take their photos? Photography is more difficult with the evening commute. Even slightly longer exposures are catching my on-bike camera shake.

Unknown said...

Her bars are too wide, but her junk is perfecto.

2drunk2shift said...

Her bars are too wide, but the junk is perfecto. love the orange shoes.

gwadzilla said...

the correct fit

they may be a tad wide
but a tad too wide may be better than a tad too narrow