an informal gathering for a mock cyclocross race in the park

this afternoon a few of the boys of DCMTB got together at fort reno for an informal cyclocross practice

what could be more fun than Fugazi at Fort Reno on a monday or thursday in the summer?

yes, that is right!
riding your cyclocross bike around fort reno on a sunday in the fall!

and yes...

it was a small gathering
just my brother marc, fellow dcmtbers dave and chris, and then myself
it was a mismatch gathering
my brother and chris being significantly faster than dave or myself
but... we were there to be on our bikes
everybody was able to get out what they put in
after all
most things in life are about personal best
it is just that some people's personal best is better than other people's personal best

we did a few slow laps to familiarize ourselves with the race loop
with things almost committed to memory we took off in an unstated yet understood pace line
my brother, chris, myself, and then dave

things spread out pretty quickly in the first lap
my brother lunged ahead
chris pulled away
then dave and I drifted back

I think I was getting a pretty good work out because I wanted to quit the whole time
I was not pushing things race pace
but I was pushing things hard enough to know that I wanted to stop

as always
it was all smiles when it was over
the layout of the course was pretty good
cyclocross is always about the breakdown of many sections
the demands and the efforts of the individual to try and push each section as hard as they can

we finished our workout in the order that the paceline had established
my brother lapped dave and myself
had the we ridden any longer than 45 minutes there is a good chance that chris would have lapped us as well

after our ride dave dashed home on the bike while I had Chris and Marc re-ride a few sections so I could take some beauty shots

No Taxation Without Representation

Fort Reno Summer Series

yes... Fugazi is on a permanent vacation

maybe next week we will gather to climb Pancake Mountain

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