Fort Reno 2007: last night's show at fort reno...

Fort Reno 2007

last night I blew off the
DCMTB team meeting at temperance hall to catch the show at fort reno
last night the free summer concert series hosted local hot shots the evens
it was all that I expected

the gathering at fort reno was a meld of young and old
there were cameras flashing and frisbees flying
it was fort reno as I remember from decades past
from a time when I was still young
showing up on my bicycle with a frisbee in my pack
HOLD ON! I showed up last night on my bicycle with a frisbee in my pack!
and I am yet to be old! at least in my eyes

the show was fantastic
the gathering was positive... a mix of kids and people with kids
parents of an era long since past existing as alterna-dads and indy-moms
watching kids dance to the same off beat sounds that they danced to decades ago

joe lally opened up with his thing
then the evens got up and did there
ian spoke in his parental tone reminiscent of lectures he gave at shows past
the absence of port-a-potties was brought up
how fireworks in the port-a-john ruined it for anyone
stupid kids
just like the stupid kids who destroyed the urinal stalls at the black flag show at pierce hall in '84
stupid kids ruining it for everyone

the music was awesome
the evens front man ian mackaye described the sound system as being self managed
(loose paraphrase)
if you want more guitar you move to one side of the stage
if you want more drums move closer to the other side of the stage
if the music is no loud enough.... walk in closer
if the music is too loud... then drift on back

the even songs were simple and clear
there were various songs with messages about the current administration
ideas that we all could agree with

the show went from sunset until dark
the frisbee never left my bag
the camera got some use until the battery wore down

after the show I raced past the parade to the metro onto chipolte
then rode my bicycle home where my wife had already put the boys to bed

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megA said...

mmmmmmm i loved summer fort reno concerts. and the interference from the tv towers coming through the speakers on stage. and the vibe. and the warm. and the sound. mmmmmmmm tonight, reading this, i envy your night my friend. thank you for sharing it with me.