home sick...

I am home sick...
not home sick
but I am at home sick

called in sick
not that fake call so that I can spend one more day at the beach or go riding in the woods
sick for real
real sick

sore throat/fever chills/and an over all soreness in my spine that makes me ask, "did anyone get the number of that cab?"

want to play with some images
but lack the energy

watching Big Daddy with Adam Sandler
not a bad handbook for parenting
did I mention that I am sick?
I am not thinking straight

Adam Sandler just spoke of the days before McDonald's breakfast
I recall the day that the Egg McMuffin expanded to the breakfast biscuit option
I was in high school at the time
a bunch of us cut class and got breakfast

it was a big day
I did not cut class often
there were times that called for such measures

more photos from the International Velvet show
I guess I felt that percussion section did not get enough attention in my images
so... here are a few more shots from International Velvet at Iota