what are the numbers? who is holding the current count?

who at the census bureau keeps track of the number of female bicycle messengers in the district?

with kim taking some steps towards a new career
then with a few of the other fixed gear felines taking their lives down the path of motherhood
how many woman bicycle messengers are there in washington dc?

with meredith working in the office
saw mary on a scooter in my hood... have not seen her downtown on a bike
who else is there?
could marcia be the only women representing?


Joseph "Danny" Koniowsky said...

hmm... theres marcia, amy... another woman whose name i do not know who just came back... theres Kristen... hmm, maybe thats it?

gwadzilla said...

danny the boy-

the numbers are low...

the winter often alters the numbers

today felt like winter
one of the first actual cold days of the year thus far

but it is not the cold that the folks on the street need to worry about

it is the wet and the cold
and of course the cars


gwadzilla said...

now I recall the other faces....

of course

Amy and Kristen who have each been represented on this page many times