the children's museum...

the children's museum
I must say... I love the children's museum
the children's museum... where a kid can be a kid
I know that that is the slogan for Chuck-E-Cheese
but I am stealing it
as I am confident that it applies better hear

never been to a Chuck-E-Cheese
but I have heard that they could fax you the pizza
and that the threat of germs is only out weighed by the threat of small children demanding more quarters


one day I will go to Chuck-E-Cheese
than I will have more ammunition to explain my avoidance response

I do love pizza and video games
yet somehow I fear the land of Chuck-E-Cheese

it was a year ago on this day that I went from the Children's Museum to the Dirt Rag HQ
where I traded my woolie in for the correct size
while getting a tour from Brad formerly of Dirt Rag currently of Urban Velo

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