Zeke's got a preview of the course in KC

Zeke's got a preview of the course in KC

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yes... for some this is cross season
while for me
this is cold and flu season

hope I recover enough to put in a solid effort at the Capital Cross Classic
an effort without practice and without training is one thing
an effort crippled by bronchitis is another

Capital Cross Classic!


gwadzilla said...

what course?

if you care
you know

if you are not already thinking of it
than it is not really on your radar

I bet people have been thinking Kansas City for months now
for others it has been a year of day dreaming

One Eyed z said...

Thanks for the nod
KCCX should be a good time
I will be there all 4 days running the shop set up, swillin' some beers and watching some hot race action!
If you can get here, get here

One Eyed z said...

The BikeSource store blog is going away soon.
Managment liked my idea but didn't give me permission to do it. I had an idea and ran with it. They have other plans so mine needs to come down. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted and I think the up side is that it gave them a different set of ideas to consider. When they make the future changes to our company site.